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October 9, 2015


Alex Trebek, Simon Cowell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have surprises for us

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Mar 19th 2007 1:31PM
Alex Trebek needed some excitement at work. When you think you know something so well, you don't realize that there might be some surprises waiting for you. Sure, surprises may be a bad thing, like when the love of your life tells you that they have been with someone else, but in terms of television surprises that is thankfully not the case, we have been privy to some great surprises this past weekend.

First off, you've heard. Jeopardy had its first three way tie in its decades long history. Alex Trebek's job must be as predictable as a bowl of cornflakes, so it's understandable and nice to hear him yelp in a cry of genuine surprise when the quick math was done and all the contestants would return to Jeopardy next week. In a mostly unexciting show, this was a very exciting moment for millions of Jeopardy fans everywhere.

In other surprising news...

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More pilots, more casting

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 19th 2007 1:02PM

tvJaime Ray Newman has been cast as the lead in the new CW drama pilot I Am Paige Armstrong. Newman plays a congressional aide who decides to run against her crooked boss.

The comedic drama Babylon Fields, about a town where the dead have come back to life, recently added Kathy Baker to the cast. Baker will play a housewife who must contend with her zombie husband, whom she killed with an ax.

Kevin Dunn has been added to the ABC comedy pilot Sam I Am, about a woman (Christina Applegate) suffering from amnesia who must piece her life back together.

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The Amazing Race All-Stars: You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 19th 2007 12:56AM
oswald; danny(S11E05) Who are you rooting for? The race is narrowed down enough that it's easier to pick a favorite. Right now, I'm partial to Oswald & Danny but I think this episode was edited in their favor.

This week, the teams all caught the same flight from Argentina to Mozambique, Africa, where they found rats. I actually thought this was one of the more interesting challenges since I had no idea that rats were used to sniff out land mines. And the names of the rats were quite funny: Tupac, Nelson, Twinkletoes, and Xena? Hilarious!

The second challenge was a lot more along the lines of Amazing Race-style challenges (finally!). Teams had to either give manicures or fill 45-pound bags with coal and carry them to a location. Most of the teams opted for the porter challenge and I think that's because they were afraid to interact with the locals.

Anybody know why the teams had drivers while they were in Africa?

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Lost's Cynthia Watros gets another CBS pilot

by Erin Martell, posted Mar 18th 2007 11:40AM

Cynthia WatrosFormer Lost co-star Cynthia Watros has landed a part in a new CBS pilot. The actress will be playing Marisa Tomei's best friend in the comedy The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud. Tomei will play the lead role of Penelope Cloud, a "brilliant" writer. With such a long title, the show is sure to be a huge success, right?

Watros, who played Libby on the second season of Lost, also had a part in a failed CBS pilot called My Ex Life last year. Her career has failed to take off since her abrupt departure from Lost following a DUI arrest. Since leaving the show, her only major acting credit has been a supporting role in the movie Frank. Watros made her final Lost appearance on the season two finale, "Live Together, Die Alone."

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Talk Talk: Jeff Goldblum, Pete Yorn, Terry Bradshaw

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 16th 2007 6:04PM
  • Miss USACharlie Rose: Chris Rock and Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Billy Bob Thornton, Rashida Jones, and Barenaked Ladies (repeat)
  • Jay Leno: Terry Bradshaw, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Musiq Soulchild
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Artie Lange, Bryan Greenberg, and The Feeling
  • Tavis Smiley: Sam Moore and Phil Ramone (repeat)
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Jeff Goldblum, Pete Yorn, and Ivanka Trump
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Danny Bonaduce, Ioan Gruffudd, and Gordie Brown (repeat)
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Tara Conner and Say Anything

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Talk Talk: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ricky Schroder, Dan Rather

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 15th 2007 5:39PM
  • Charlie RoseCharlie Rose: Prime Minister of France Dominique De Villepin
  • The Daily Show: Sandra Bullock
  • The Colbert Report: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Peyton Manning, The Cat Empire, and Dan Horn & Orson (repeat)
  • Jay Leno: Dan Rather, Andrew Zimmern, and Lloyd
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ricky Schroder, Amber Valletta, and Omarion
  • Tavis Smiley: Bill Maher (repeat)
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Harland Williams, and Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Tom Lennon, Ben Garant, Ami James, and Patrick Keane (repeat)
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Oliver Hudson and Grizzly Bear

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Simon Cowell to be profiled on upcoming 60 Minutes

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Mar 15th 2007 12:30PM
Simon on 60 MinutesAmerican Idol's most outspoken judge, Simon Cowell, will get a taste of his own medicine this week when a group of judges critique him on this week's 60 Minutes. The critique is part of a profile on Simon Cowell that will air on Sunday, March 18 at 7 PM ET.

In the interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Simon reportedly discusses a variety of topics, including his enormous wealth, and the appeal of American Idol.

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TV Squad lists your season and series premieres and finales

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 15th 2007 10:31AM

the shieldHola, mi muchachos and muchachoettes! It is I, Schedule Boy, back from wherever the hell I was. I'm here this time to present a comprehensive list of upcoming season and series premieres and finales for you, my adoptive TV Squad family.

What a crazy season its been! Shows that had so much potential (The Nine, Studio 60) struggled to stay on the air, while others (Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights, Jericho, 30 Rock) surprised us with their growing fan bases and popularity. Then there were shows like ER that made a sudden comeback and ones like Gilmore Girls and Scrubs that didn't seem to find their way for the first half of the season. Well, at least we could be confident that hits like Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, 24 and Lost would carry us through the season. Then again, maybe not. Like I said, crazy season.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this fine presentation, presented in color with limited commercial interruption. You can find the list of premieres and finales (as well shows returning from hiatus) after the jump. Remember, dates are subject to change, so we'll be updating as time moves forward.

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Jericho: Semper Fidelis

by Paul Goebel, posted Mar 15th 2007 9:21AM

Gerald McRaney(S01E15) The Marines have landed and it's about time.

Tonight's episode of Jericho reminded me why I loved this show in the first place. What always drew me to this show is the dramatization of how the average American would survive in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. I got more than I bargained for tonight.

When the military rolled into town in their big tank it seemed like the town of Jericho was back on track. They were bringing the power back, bringing communications back and in Hawkins basement, he was busy bringing sexy back.

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CBS specials to raise money for children

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 15th 2007 8:03AM

CBSThis July, CBS will broadcast two specials geared toward raising money for disadvantaged children around the world.

The first special, Why Listen, will follow six different celebrities to different countries where they'll meet children and learn about organizations designed to help them.

The second special, Listen Live, as the title indicates, will be broadcast live and will feature the usual celebrities and music acts synonymous with these kind of television events. Viewers, of course, can also call in and donate. There is no official word yet on who will appear on the two specials.

The specials are both tied to the Listen Charity, an organization that doles out funds to over two-hundred different charitable organizations for disadvantaged children.

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Talk Talk: Richard Gere, Tori Spelling, The Shins

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 14th 2007 5:59PM
  • Andy RichterCharlie Rose: Rep. John Tierney and author Kurt Andersen
  • The Daily Show: Zbigniew Brzezinski
  • The Colbert Report: Ed Viesturs
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Richard Gere and Aqualung
  • Jay Leno: Michael Clarke Duncan and Finger Eleven
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tori Spelling, Jensen Ackles, and Evanescence
  • Tavis Smiley: Chris Brown and Common (repeat)
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Andy Richter and The Shins
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Virginia Madsen, David Steinberg, and Unwritten Law (repeat)
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Olivia Wilde and Peter Bjorn & John

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More pilots, more casting news

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 14th 2007 12:02PM

tvI'm starting to run out of headlines, but here's a little more pilot casting news, via the Hollywood Reporter:

Dean Cain and Tamala Jones will both star in the CBS drama pilot Protect and Serve. Dean plays a veteran cop in this drama about street officers in Los Angeles.

Polly Walker (Rome) has joined the untitled CBS drama pilot from Cynthia Cidre. The series will focus on two powerful and feuding Latin American families: the Duques and the Samuels. Walker plays the head of the Samuel family

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Talk Talk: Sandra Bullock, Andy Richter, Jeff Goldblum, Eric Roberts

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 13th 2007 6:03PM

John Waters

  • Charlie Rose: artist Chuck Close
  • The Daily Show: John Waters
  • The Colbert Report: Michael Eric Dyson
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Jeff Goldblum and The Good, The Bad and The Queen
  • Jay Leno: Sandra Bullock, Andy Richter, and Evanescence
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Brad Garrett, Julian MacMahon, and Ted Nugent
  • Tavis Smiley: P.J. O'Rourke and Audra McDonald (repeat)
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Chris Rock, Christopher Meloni, and Mary Weiss
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Peter O'Toole, Joely Fisher, and Dierks Bentley & The Grascals (repeat)
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Eric Roberts and Hellogoodbye

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Still even more pilot casting news

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 13th 2007 1:02PM

tvHere's yet another rundown of who's been cast in network pilots for the upcoming season:

Christina Applegate and Jean Smart will both star in the ABC comedy pilot Sam I Am, which is not, one assumes, a televised sequel to the Sean Penn film I Am Sam, though turning that movie into a comedy would be really funny. Well, to me anyway. Actually, Applegate plays a woman who has to piece her life back together after suffering from amnesia.

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Michael Jackson or Amber: Who is more amazing?

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Mar 12th 2007 8:01PM
Michael Jackson is singing and living largeHe's baaaaaaack!

Sure we've heard about Michael Jackson's $3,500 per person meet and greet in Japan, but did you see the King of Pop receive an award at the World Music Awards broadcast, rocking a hairstyle very similar to my mothers and throwing his very expensive looking clothing into the audience?

No offense Mr. Jackson, but word on the street is that you're having a bit of money troubles. Don't you think you should go to your nearest Ebay reseller and have them make you a couple thousand? Is that just an amazing camera trick or are people still crying for you too? Does that still happen?

We really are the world. We are the children (shudder)...

In other interesting television moments...

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