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October 8, 2015


Commander in Chief: First Dance

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Oct 20th 2005 5:50PM

becca calloway, first daughterThese titles are getting a little dull, no? First Choice... First Strike... and now, First Dance. What's next, First Kiss? And while, certainly, the dance was lovely, the scene was a bit ridiculous. I love, love when the political shows do state dinners. They make me long for a job where I would have to regularly dress up in formal wear. (Hey, Jason, any State Meetups planned?) But this one hit a few wrong notes.

First, there was all the cleavage. I haven't seen photos of women at Bush state dinners recently, so I suppose I should reserve judgment. But surely half the staff doesn't show 3/4 of their collective bosoms? Nathan Templeton's assistant... my God, if your dress shows your belly button from the neckline, you know something's gone wrong. And the press secretary (much though I love her) wasn't much better. And she doesn't even have the goods to support such exposure.

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Weird rumor of the day: Commander-in-Chief getting a male Prez?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 17th 2005 4:27PM

Commander-In-ChiefThat's what I found in this online chat with Washington Post TV critic Lisa de Moraes (scroll down a bit). She says that many TV people are saying that new showrunner Steven Bochco will put a male lead in the President spot around the February sweeps period. Not even remotely sure if this is true or not, but it's an interesting possibility to discuss. Even if there aren't reasons why or indications that this will happen (if anyone has any inside scoop, feel free to post below).

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Commander in Chief: First Strike

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Oct 12th 2005 2:38AM

commander in chief press secretaryIn the opening scenes, while the conflict is being set up, for a minute I thought the show was about to turn into a cliche. Mackenzie Allen asks her sit team to tell her the names of the 12 DEA agents who were executed by the fictional Latin country, San Pasqual. Closeup on her face and... I really thought there was going to be a tear. But no tear, the show can continue without going sour.

Tonight's conflict was interesting, and Allen's solution was actually a bit novel. But I thought this episode wasn't as well-buttoned up as the last few, with lots of stock dialogue and explanations done a bit too prosaically. And Geena kept dropping the "president" bomb here, there and everywhere - which is totally the opposite of the character they tried to develop in the pilot - no? The humble woman who doesn't want power, she just believes in her ability to get things done? She might as well have walked around with a t-shirt that said, "Hello, I'm the President over here!" Let's hope the writers argued over this one...however it went down, Geena Davis lost.

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Steven Bochco taking over Commander in Chief

by Lacy Hall, posted Oct 10th 2005 5:00PM
geena davis headThe first lady has a new first man. Steven Bochco is taking over production for the new ABC drama Commander in Chief. Bochco (NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues) was brought on to help the series run more smoothly and get episodes done on time. According to one source, production had to stop at one point because scripts were unfinished. Bochco is taking the reigns from the show's creator Rod Lurie, but Lurie will remain on as an executive producer. In a statement, Lurie swears that he's not pissed about Bochco stealing his baby from him and is in fact "excited to see how much more he will electrify Commander in Chief." Well, we'll see if egos can be put aside long enough to do just that.

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Commander in Chief: First Choice

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Oct 5th 2005 1:41AM

geena and her cute hubbieSo... you guys don't like this show very much, right? I'm still loving it. There were a few awkward moments at the beginning of this week's episode, but afterward Geena Davis did a way more credible job of an unyieldingly confident, yes, Presidential character than most of the men who play presidents. While they're still talking about the whole "woman" "female" thing all the time, Geena is good enough so that the "woman" "female" thing doesn't need to be an issue. I'd give her a "highly" to "extremely positive" rating for sure.

The first kids however...oh, my God, dumb dumb dumb. Why would anyone tell a little girl she could have ice cream in the middle of the night? Even if she was the daughter of the brand-new president. She's not a great actress, either (sorry honey) - she should be in one of those Hayley Mills movies instead of a political drama. And the whole diary subplot is both unbelievable and badly played. Of course, the movers wouldn't steal something from the new President. Wouldn't that be... I don't know, a Federal crime?

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Commander in Chief: Pilot

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Sep 28th 2005 2:26AM

commander in chief castI didn't get excited about this show until a few days ago when I saw an advertisement on ABC. Now? I'm beyond jazzed. The pilot even brought out my husband's latent feminism, and he was shushing his little brother so we could hear the dialogue. It takes situations that could be played for laughs and does them with a straight face... oh, I could have died over, "Hillary had 20. That didn't go over well." It has a great cast, the writing seems very tight and controlled, Geena Davis is perfect, and the scenario as it's displayed is not the least bit insulting to would-be powerful women like me. While there are a few no-duh lines by way of setup ("Mrs. Vice President, the 25th Amendment says that you take over the office if he dies!"), they're outshone by Davis' convincing characterization. This is my favorite new show of the season. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

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Geena turns heads, but in a bad way

by Lacy Hall, posted Sep 27th 2005 4:21PM
geena davis feathersLast night, Geena Davis made an appearance on Monday Night Football to promote ABC's new drama, Commander in Chief (premieres tonight). I have absolutely no idea what she said because I was in a noisy bar that was blaring some punk song. But when she came on, every guy in the room stopped talking about football and started talking about what she was wearing -- dark slacks, a man's long-sleeve dress shirt, and a tie. I thought it was a great look. Geena is a classic beauty and she can pretty much wear whatever she wants, as far as I'm concerned. But every guy I asked, hated it. And when pressed for details, it came down to this -- a majority of them felt uncomfortable with a woman dressed in man's clothing. I felt that her outfit was appropriate because, what else are you supposed to wear standing next to Al Michaels and John Madden...a pretty, pretty pink skirt? Most men said yes. I say no. The whole wardrobe malfunction has peaked my curiosity about Commander. Plus, it's got a cool website.   

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