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August 30, 2015


Dexter's baby on board for ad campign, merchandise

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Aug 13th 2009 12:02PM
Showtime is releasing Dexter's deadly baby campaign across the web.The Comic-Con ad campaign that featured Showtime's Dexter buddying up with a bright-eyed little serial-killer-in-training is spreading into the mainstream media and onto the show's online merchandise page.

Dexter producers added the new diapered supporting character at the end of last season. To build buzz for the show's Comic-Con panel, Showtime plastered posters like the one shown around the San Diego Convention Center, area buses, billboards, etc.

I questioned at the time where the line between cute and creepy resides when the campaign equates baby behavior with serial murder -- and maybe cannibalism in the ads where the kid is splattered with red jam.

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All Dexter really needs is some time to kill

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 5th 2009 8:30PM
I haven't seen much of Dexter, but promos like this make me want to go out and get the DVDs. It shows our serial killer hero faced with new pressures: wife, kids, a messy house, and the pressure to find some time for extracurricular activities.

[via nypost.com]

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Dexter video game won't be controversial at all

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 29th 2009 4:30PM
A video game for Dexter is being released soon (iPhone and iPod touch only, for now anyway). Here's the promo. A video game about a serial killer? No, this won't be controversial at all.

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Dexter season four trailer debuts at Comic-Con (along with a ... cartoon series?!?)

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 24th 2009 11:33AM
There's a lot of news coming out of Comic-Con already, and one piece of news for Dexter fans is the debut of the season four trailer.

But that's not the only Dexter news. Showtime also announced that they are making a prequel to the show. A cartoon prequel titled Early Cuts, It will be a 12-episode, web-only series, but Michael C. Hall will indeed do the voice.

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Poor Showtime: It looks like vampires are putting HBO back on top

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 15th 2009 10:05AM
True BloodFor a while there, it looked like Showtime, with buzzworthy shows like Californication, Weeds and Dexter, was dominating headlines and getting all kinds of praise. In response, their ratings were rising. Meanwhile, HBO had struggled to replace The Sopranos, Deadwood and Rome when all three left the airwaves in 2006-07. New "big" shows like John From Cincinnati and Tell Me You Love Me failed to make waves with audiences.

Really, it was Dexter that started swinging the ship toward Showtime, and in so doing, brought attention to the rest of their lineup. With HBO floundering, Showtime saw an opportunity and took full advantage, offering bold new entries. Apparently there's an audience that looks almost exclusively for premium cable original programming. And everything was going so well ... until HBO managed to snag a piece of America's current fixation on vampires.

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Burn Notice staying in Miami

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 2nd 2009 5:27PM
Michael Westen Burn NoticeYou see that palm tree beside Michael Westen? The blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the background? Well, you can count on seeing all that Miami Beach ambiance on Burn Notice from now on. You might think, "Wait a minute. Why would they even consider leaving South Florida?" Well, last week the Miami commissioners threatened to demolish the Burn Notice studios.

Burn Notice is the only Miami set TV show that actually is filmed in Miami. CSI: Miami and Dexter, for example, fake it with Los Angeles locations. When you see South Beach on Burn Notice, you're seeing the real thing, same with Coral Gables, Boca Raton and every other recognizable SoFla locale. So it's become an important element in the show.

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John Lithgow is a killer cast addition for Dexter

by Jason Hughes, posted May 27th 2009 5:27PM
John LithgowYou know, if your casting director says he's looking for a middle-aged guy to play "an unassuming, mild-mannered suburbanite" who also happens to have also been a prolific serial killer for almost three decades, damn if there isn't a better choice than John Lithgow. And it looks like our own Mr. Morgan will be going head-to-head with him as John Lithgow has been cast in Dexter for its fourth season. Lithgow is a master, able to play every type of role you can imagine.

He could dabble a bit of Pastor Footloose for his crazier side, adding in a smidge of Dick Solomon (3rd Rock From the Sun) for his everyday persona. But only a little, otherwise you've got crazy on both sides. Or maybe you want that. Dexter's fascination with Lithgow's character "Trinity" (dubbed thus for killing in threes) is how he's managed to be such a prolific killer and yet avoid capture for so long. I'm more interested in Lithgow's daily life. Is he married? Kids? And if so, how does he juggle so much "normalcy" with his extracurricular activities. Regardless of how it's presented, I think it should make for an awesome face-off.

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Jane After Dark: What should Jane watch next?

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 14th 2009 5:02PM
Firefly DVDIf you've been following my Jane After Dark adventures, you know it's all about the DVDs I watch into the wee hours while I'm covering the TV Squad queue and everyone else (at least in my house) is sleeping.

I've finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I'm nearly done with Angel. I'll post this weekend about season five of Angel. You guys are absolutely right. It's awesome TV.

After that, I need you to help me choose my next Jane After Dark series. There are so many great TV shows on DVD, and frankly, I'm stumped at what to watch next. So please vote in my poll below, and tell me what to do! And if you don't see your series listed, tell me in the comments, and I'll add it to the list next time.

Which DVD series should Jane watch next?
Firefly867 (43.1%)
Roswell76 (3.8%)
Veronica Mars385 (19.2%)
The Wire260 (12.9%)
The Shield123 (6.1%)
Dexter299 (14.9%)

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What are you looking forward to catching up with this summer?

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 30th 2009 3:01PM
SkinsIn the DVR era, I have this new problem/blessing that happens to me every year. I jump on board these shows and then just get too busy to keep up with them and they pile up and sit there on my DVR unwatched. As an example, I just finished "Chapter 5" of John Adams last night; damn that's a good mini-series. But now that 99% of the network shows are wrapping up their seasons, I'm looking at three months of solid catch-up time.

I can also use the time to try out series I've always wanted to get into but just haven't for some reason or another; I'll use that "no time" excuse again. With more videos streaming online at Hulu (thanks ABC), seasons coming out ever faster on DVD and more vintage shows coming out the field is wide open. Of course, I'm probably taking on more than I can handle, but dammit I'm excited!

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Dexter marries his sister on New Year's Eve

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jan 10th 2009 3:10PM
Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter of DexterLast April, TV Squad reported that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were dating. Dexter dating his sister? The scandal!

I've got to give props to the couple, though ... they got married on New Year's Eve and managed to keep it a secret until yesterday. You think that's a coup, then get a load of this: Reuters reports that the couple dated for about a year and a half before marrying, yet the story of them dating only broke last April. So in this day and age of Hollywood gossip, they managed to keep their relationship a secret for almost a year, if Reuters is accurate.

So is it that the public is somehow respectful of serious actors, and awards them their privacy? Does the public -- and the media -- reserve their obnoxious invasion of privacy for the celebs who thrust themselves into the limelight, through either their bad behavior or the roles they choose?

Regardless, let's quietly extend our congratulations to the happy couple, both for their marriage and the fact that they were able to date and marry in private, with the kind of respect everyone deserves.

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Dexter's LaGuerta joins Ugly Betty

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 29th 2008 9:02AM
Lauren VelezLauren Velez, also known as Maria LaGuerta of Showtime's Dexter, has signed on for a guest role on Ugly Betty. No word on when she will be shooting her episodes or what she'll be doing, apart from wearing a nurse's uniform.

In the world of Ugly Betty, though, that could really mean anything, right? According to the article, the super-secrecy surrounding her role has to do with a major plot point regarding one of the main characters. Let's hope Nurse Velez will give this show just enough to save it.

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Dexter: Do You Take Dexter Morgan? (season finale)

by Debra McDuffee, posted Dec 14th 2008 11:52PM
Dexter finale
(S03E12) This was a really interesting finale for Dexter, unlike any they've ever done before. I'm not sure how well-received it's going to be amongst the Dexter fans; I'll be anxious to read the comments.

Me? I really liked it, and I think the growth that Dexter experienced as a person was really important for him. All along, I've posited that Dexter, though he thinks he's a deviant, is more like everyone else than he realizes: same insecurities, same fears. To see him overcome some of these and accept happiness was profound.

Everyone has secrets and they need to be respected. That's the theme of this episode. After the jump, we'll see how the different secrets played out in tonight's finale.

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Reflecting on the Golden Globe TV noms

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 11th 2008 10:33AM
GlobeOne of the biggest victims in last year's Writers Guild strike was the Golden Globe awards. Fortunately, the SAG threats of a strike remain just that -- threats -- so the Globes are on and the nominations were announced this morning.

Unfortunately, there were few surprises among the TV noms. In fact, it's kind of worrisome that these nominations are way too similar to the Emmy nominations. Among the new network shows from this season, and last, very little.

NBC will broadcast the Golden Globes on January 11. For the complete list of the Globe noms, click here, and for some instant impressions on said noms, read on after the jump:

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Dexter: I Had a Dream

by Debra McDuffee, posted Dec 7th 2008 11:55PM
Dexter in Maria's office, reacting to the news that Miguel may have killed Elllen Wolf
(S03E11) All I have to say about that is ... whoo boy. It is rare to find a show that delivers quality episodes as consistently as Dexter does. I never come away disappointed, and I sure didn't tonight.

But how are they going to wrap this season up in one episode? My guess is that some loose ends will be left to continue next season, but the major ones will have some conclusion.

I can't even say anything until after the break, this episode was so darned spoilery, but I will say that Dexter did have a dream, as in the title of the episode, and now that dream is dead.

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Dexter: Go Your Own Way

by Debra McDuffee, posted Dec 1st 2008 12:26AM
Dexter and Miguel watching Maria interview the Ellen Wolf murder witness

So much is going to happen in the last two episodes of Dexter, and this episode set it all up. It was a tense one, and I enjoyed watching Dexter's and Miguel's little game of cat and mouse.

However, I really missed some of the lighter moments we often see in Dexter, like the quotes with double meanings, the underlying serial killer humor, if you will. There was one at the very beginning, though, that was classic Dexter. On toying with the idea of killing Miguel, Dexter says in his voice over: "He's also my best man. I'd be expected to grieve."

Join me after the jump as I delve into some of the foundations that have been laid for the last two episodes.

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