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October 7, 2015

Extreme Makeover

Best and Worst of 2005: Anna's List

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 4th 2006 10:00AM

5. CBS Sunday Morning  If you don't watch this, you should. It's old-school television news at its best with in-depth news stories, and lots and lots about the arts. Plus, the original "moment of zen" at the end.
4. The Daily Show  A good way to blow off steam when the news of the day is really getting you down.
3. The Office  This show really came into its own this season, and I just adore all the characters.
2. My Name is Earl  Always good for a one-liner.
1. Lost  They mess with our heads. And we like it!


5. Night Stalker  I couldn't even stomach the first episode of this new show. Sad, because I had such high hopes for it.
4. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition  Too much showmanship, fabricated content (i.e., who can we get to build this house?), and way too much product placement.
3. Britney & Kevin: Chaotic  Quite possibly the most useless piece of crap to air this year.
2. Desperate Housewives  That's right. I can't stand this show. Too many open plotlines that don't interest me at all.
1. Saturday Night Live  It hasn't been funny in years. Except for that Narnia rap everyone is talking about.

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Jenny McCarthy's mom gets Extreme Makeover

by David Thomas, posted Mar 31st 2005 1:24PM
McCarthysTonight on ABC's Extreme Makeover, Jenny McCarthy's (the blonde Playboy bombshell turned TV personality) mom receives the cosmetic surgery treatment tonight. I'm not quite sure what she's getting done, but these spy images (mom is second from the right) look like she turned out OK. Although what did she look like before? It's not like her daughters are unattractive. There will also be a comedian and wannabe plastic surgeon featured on tonight's episode.

[Extreme Makeover, ABC Thurs. 9 p.m. EST]

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