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October 9, 2015

Geek Chic

Julie Newmar Talks Catwoman, the Dynamic Duo and Whether Angelina Jolie Could Wear the Catsuit

by Aaron Broverman, posted Aug 26th 2010 10:15PM
Some ladies still have it -- that classic pin-up beauty that's tough to find anymore -- and Julie Newmar is certainly one of those women. She has the look and the attitude to match, even though she hasn't donned the Catwoman costume that goes with her signature role in over 40 years. According to Newmar, her body still slinks, but on the phone her voice does too. Every syllable still drips with the purr of a cat, and she's bringing the whole package to Toronto this weekend for Fan Expo -- a cross-genre fan convention.

But she's not coming alone. The 60s-era caped crusader and boy wonder (Adam West and Burt Ward) are also coming along to foil any evil plot she may be hatching at the autograph booth. Don't get me wrong -- Ms. Newmar isn't solely defined by her 'Batman' TV series character. This cat has nine lives, including one as a writer and yet another as a road trip totem to a posse of drag queens in 'Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.'

Still, it's Catwoman that makes the boys and girls take notice, but no matter which camp you're in -- Lee Meriwether or the late Eartha Kitt -- Julie Newmar is truly an original, both in the role and in person. TV Squad caught up with the television temptress as she prepares to come to Toronto for the very first time.

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Adam West Talks Batman, 'Family Guy' and Using the Batmobile to Pick Up Women

by Chris Jancelewicz, posted Aug 25th 2010 4:00PM
Adam West might just be the most mischievous man in Hollywood. Talking with the 82-year-old icon as he's about to make his way to Toronto's Fan Expo, he is sneaky and sly -- it's tough to tell when he's being serious or when he's pulling your leg. He is constantly chuckling.

West's career has been all about Batman (he played the superhero on the original TV series from 1966-68), but unlike other typecast stars, West took the caricature of his campy character and ran with it.

Now he has a recurring role as the lunatic Mayor West on 'Family Guy,' where he pokes fun at himself, and his image, on a regular basis. As a result, he has garnered a whole new generation of fans – one that might not even be aware of his Bat past. TV Squad sat down to talk with the legend about the 'Batman' legacy, 'Family Guy,' and why he turned down the role of James Bond.

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Fan Expo 2010: The Good, the Bad, and the Nerdy

by Aaron Broverman, posted Aug 23rd 2010 5:30PM

For many years, comic book/sci-fi/horror convention Fan Expo has been playing the part of small potato to the massive beast that is Comic-Con. While the fest is still smaller than its American cousin, Fan Expo has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. No longer do Canadian nerds have to make do with no-name D-listers.

This year's Fan Expo promises to be the biggest one yet. Not only does the convention boast the largest masquerade costume contest in Canada, where men and women bring their best fashionable interpretations of characters from each of the represented genres to the stage for prizes and bragging rights, but this year, they're bringing some serious celebrity heavyweights, including the father of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee, and 'A History of Violence' director David Cronenberg. Oh, and did we mention Summer Glau, James Marsters, Ernest Borgnine and a cast reunion from the '60s-era 'Batman' TV series?

With so many stars in the same room, the floor may start to look like a living wax museum. But hob-nobbing with celebrities isn't the only thing Fan Expo has to offer. Read on for our picks for the best things to see and do.

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'Wipeout Canada' Auditions a Crazy Time

by Chris Jancelewicz, posted Jul 20th 2010 12:42PM
Judging from the scene this past weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canadians have gone crazy for 'Wipeout.' Thousands of people milled about, some dressed in capes and costumes, others covered head-to-toe in Canadiana. One guy even shaved his body hair to read 'Wipeout Canada.' That, my friends, is dedication.

When it was all said and done, 44,619 Canadians applied to be on 'Wipeout Canada.' If you have any knowledge of demographics, you'll realize that that's almost 1 in every 750 Canadians, and it's also more people than the population of the Northwest Territories. The all-Canadian edition of this massively-popular series is slated to air on TVTropolis in spring 2011, and this stop in Toronto was one of three -- the other two are planned for Vancouver and Calgary.

Former 'Jonovision' host Jonathan Torrens and 'Young People F---ing' star Ennis Esmer will co-host the Canadian edition, and Jessica Phillips will be on the front lines of all the 'Wipeout Canada' action as the commentator. TV Squad was asked to help participate in the judging of the contestants, and I've got to say I now have an incredible sympathy for Simon Cowell and his ilk -- judging is hard!

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Can Stephen King Work on TV?

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jul 12th 2010 10:02PM

There are some things that just don't seem to work on TV. For example, shows with an intelligent teenage protagonist. They get made, they have fans, they even last multiple seasons, but they never seem to break into the mainstream. Or shows about bands. It should work -- hot young people playing catchy tunes -- but ever since 'The Monkees', the formula has needed serious tweaking to take off. Another thing that doesn't seem to work on TV? Stephen King.

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Five Things We Want To See From 'Smallville' Season Ten

by Mike Moody, posted May 21st 2010 2:06PM
smallville clark kent the cwLast week's season nine finale of 'Smallville' offered plenty of fun geeky moments for Superman fans and comic book nerds.

From the opening minutes to the final scenes, the episode seemed to reference everything from the 1980s 'Superman' movies to DC's recent 'New Krypton' storyline as Clark Kent rushed to save the planet from one of Supe's biggest foes, General Zod.

Season nine was all about Clark preparing to become Superman. He even started sporting the big 'S' across his chest for the first time and swooshing around Metropolis saving people and putting bad guys behind bars. The season pushed Clark and 'Smallville' closer to Superman territory than ever before.

So what's next? What can we expect to see from 'Smallville' season ten, the show's final season? Will Clark finally strap on the blue and red tights and become Superman? Will Lois and Clark become the super couple they're destined to be? And will the writers give Chloe a meaningful exit? Head after the jump for five things we'd like to see from 'Smallville' season ten.

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