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September 3, 2015

Judging Amy

Judging Amy: My Name Is Amy Gray

by Bob Sassone, posted May 3rd 2005 11:02PM
Judging AmyYou can tell that the makers of Judging Amy are being a little cautious, naming this episode "My Name Is Amy Gray." Sure, it's a line that Amy gives in the episode, but it also acts as a final touch in case the series is not picked up for next season, sort of a "come full circle" gesture. The episode could have easily been called "Changes" or "Ms. Gray Goes To Washington," or maybe "Amy Is Fed Up And Wants To Start A New Life, So If This Is The Last Episode It Will End With A Change, And If It's Not, Then Next Year Will Be Different." You know right off the bat that something is wrong with Amy because she's walking alone in the pouring rain. No one walks alone in the pouring rain on TV or in the movies unless they are depressed and contemplative or confused. Amy is quitting her job and wants to find something else to do with her life. Donna rounds up a bunch of kids that Amy has helped, to convince her to stay, but Amy quits anyway, but not before helping one last kid (though we never do find out what happened to him). Meanwhile, Ignacio proposes to Maxine, who wants to adopt a 9 year old girl she saved. All in all, a fairly solid episode to end on (and I do think the show is ending). An especially nice touch: having Amy call someone she wished was in D.C. with her, and we all assume it was her mom because they just had a confrontation, but it's actually Bruce, who shows up at the last minute in to be with her! I really thought they were going to just dump the Bruce character for some reason, so that was a great surprise.  

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Judging Amy: Getting Out

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 26th 2005 11:06PM
Judging AmyAre they trying to start up the Amy/Bruce thing again? Looks that way at the start. They're really focusing on their relationship. Meanwhile, Maxine is trying to help a mom with lots of foster kids, and one of Vincent's students at the prison is getting out in a few days, but has a plan to kill Vincent so he can be with his dad at another prison. Note to Vincent: if this episode doesn't convince you to get the hell out of that prison and get a job some place else and work on your book, well, I give up. And speaking of prison, Graciela might be getting out too because a witness changed her testimony. Trust me: this doesn't end well (Amy: "no...this isn't how this ends"). But back to Amy and Bruce: he lays into her about losing credibility and objectivity. Not only in a legal, courtroom sense, but with him. Amy tells him that he doesn't do anything with his life except tell her what the next case is. And then he quits! But she takes it back and tells him that she's his "conscience and friend," which sounds like the description of the Bruce character that must exist in the writers room at Judging Amy. But Bruce doesn't change his mind. He says goodbye to Amy and walks out the door. So in this episode we have Vincent attacked, Graciela killed in prison, and Bruce quitting. But just when you think it's over, there's one last shocker: Amy quits too!

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Judging Amy: Too Little, Too Late

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 19th 2005 11:10PM

Judging AmyThat trouble with Lauren I predicted last week has happened: she's graduated from dyed hair and belly button rings to school vandalism. Atta girl Lauren. She's in the Straight Edge Club, a group of girls that don't do drugs or have sex but love tattoos and, well, vandalizing. Which just goes to show you that sometimes sex and drugs aren't the worst things that can happen to a teenager. In other Gray news, Vincent is writing again (and getting a possible book deal), but he's also still teaching at the prison, a TV show plot development that never ends well. And when did Cheech Marin get back in the picture, having the hots for Tyne Daly? I thought that they ended that whole plot about a year and a half ago (and now she's up against Susan Sullivan for his attention). I've always liked this show but it seems really up and down now, picking up and dropping plots and characters and leaving uninteresting plots and characters in their place. It's on the bubble and if it doesn't get back on track, tonight's episode title but be appropriate.

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Judging Amy: Revolutions Per Minute

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 12th 2005 11:16PM

Judging AmyWhen we last left the Gray family, Amy was getting freaked out over daughter Lauren's dyed-pink hair and belly button ring. Now Lauren is a vegetarian, wearing a "meat is murder" shirt under an army jacket, listening to edgy bands and talking on the phone a lot. She's at that rebellious stage. But why is Amy so freaked that Lauren is a vegetarian? It's not like she's smoking dope with the kids at school or getting a tattoo on her thigh. Both of which, by the way, I predict will happen before the season is over, in a Very Special Judging Amy (TM). And what is all this about Amy becoming a senator? Wouldn't they have to change the name of show? Senatorizing Amy just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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Judging Amy: Sorry I Missed You

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 5th 2005 11:00PM
Judging AmyI have this friend who thinks I shouldn't be watching Judging Amy. In fact during one chat he actually said to me, "what, were you raised by Siegfried and Roy?" He thinks I should be working with power tools in my garage or something, but that's OK. I like cooking shows and Kate and Allie too, so I'm pretty secure in my manliness, damn it. I don't really know what first hooked me. Maybe it's Tyne Daly's performance, brilliant as usual. Or maybe it's the tone of the show, serious but with a quirky yet realistic light side. Or maybe it's Vincent, Amy's brother, a struggling writer who got his novel published and then got dumped by his agent and publisher when he couldn't deliver the second book. I just like this show. This episode has Amy trying to figure out why a woman wants to remove her half-sister from her home, and the continuing storyline of Amy standing up for a girl from the streets accused of murder, a storyline I fear will derail the show like the "Vincent works the streets" plot, or the time Amy was assigned to criminal court. Oh, and Amy's daughter is coloring her hair, which Amy fears is too rad and hip, or something. The show is getting back to its core, focusing on the Gray (dysfunctional) family dynamic, and that's great to see. Let's hope it's not too little too late: the show is "on the bubble" when it comes to renewal for next year.

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