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October 7, 2015


Medium: Do You Hear What I Hear - VIDEO

by Paul Goebel, posted Feb 19th 2008 9:00AM

The DuBois girls(S04E04) " " - The cast of Medium

There are probably a lot of things about being deaf that are not pleasant but not being able to listen to a Godzilla movie is one that never occurred to me.

I understand that actors will often be typecast into a certain role and may play similar characters on television, but I would think the casting director for Medium would have a little more sense than to cast Dr. Martin Candle from Lost as the hearing specialist.

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NBC post-strike: some series return soon, Chuck, Life, Heroes return in the fall

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 13th 2008 6:02PM
NBC logoWhen I posted about CBS's post strike announcement, I said it would be great if the other networks followed the Eye's lead. Well, almost as soon as I hit "Publish" on that post, NBC came out with two press releases discussing some of their post-strike plans.

The first release confirms what we had been guessing at since we got the news of the settlement: Chuck, Life and Heroes have all been picked up for 2008-09, but none of the shows will return until the fall. The second release discusses the return dates of several shows (list after the jump). It's not as helpful as CBS's release because it doesn't tell us how many episodes are left (so, for all we know, we'll see the Scrubs conclusion on DVD, as Bill Lawrence told Mike Ausiello). But at least we know when all of these shows are coming back -- April 10 seems to be the big day for fans of 30 Rock and The Office, for example.

Now we have FOX, CW, and ABC left. Think they're going to step up to the plate soon?

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Medium: To Have and to Hold

by Paul Goebel, posted Jan 22nd 2008 11:39AM

Patricia Arquette(S04E03) "That's so not fair." - Ariel Dubois

Paris, 10CC, white wine, the only thing that could make this scene more romantic is a corkscrew through the hand. Am I the only one who immediately thought of the scene in True Romance when Patricia Arquette drives a corkscrew through James Gandolfini's foot? Good times.

Michael Gross looks good, right? He looks a lot older than Steven Keaton but he wears it well. Personally, I would be thrilled to see him as a recurring character, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Medium: But For the Grace of God

by Paul Goebel, posted Jan 15th 2008 9:38AM

The ladies of Medium(S04E02) "Hey now, hey now. Don't dream it's over." Alison Dubois & Neil Finn

So I'm guessing many of you immediately tuned out when this episode started with what appeared to be the aftermath of a horrible car crash. After last week's shocking image of a dead child in a box, you must have been relieved to receive some warning that a startling and disturbing image was on the horizon. Well, since you changed channels, let me bring you up to speed. The driver was Allsion's daughter, Ariel. You can, at least be thankful that you missed the required "What are we going to do now?" conversation that Allison and Joe have every episode.

I am less than impressed with Anjelica Huston. Why such an interesting, charismatic actress would pick such a bland character to play is a mystery to me. I'm hoping she reveals some more of herself real soon.

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Our next giveaway: How does a signed script for Medium sound?

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 16th 2007 8:58AM
mediumThis week, we're giving one signed Medium script and a Medium baseball cap to one randomly chosen commenter to this post.

Just post a comment below stating the weirdest dream you've ever had. We'll randomly select the winning entry from all eligible comments.
Some basic rules and clarifications:
  • To enter, leave a confirmed comment below stating the weirdest dream you've ever had.
  • The comment must be left before July 20, 2007 at 5:00PM Eastern Time.
  • You can only enter once.
  • The winning entry will be chosen completely at random.
  • You can catch episodes of 30 Rock, Heroes, Medium and Friday Night Lights over at NBC Rewind.
And now we present you with the legalities of the contest. (Read them. Please.)

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CBS goes green with Emmy campaign

by Anna Johns, posted May 26th 2007 11:39AM
cbs; green; emmyEach year, television production studios send out oodles (that's the word I use when I don't have an exact figure) of DVDs to voters for Emmy awards. This year, CBS Paramount Television went green with its Emmy campaign. It's all explained on this website, but CBS has essentially decided to save the planet by not creating a bunch of DVDs that will just go in the trash and has, instead, directed voters to watch episodes online.

That means we can watch 'em, too.

Go here to check out which episodes of CBS Paramount (different from the CBS network) were submitted for Emmy consideration. The online video quality looks and sounds great. Among the contenders are a CSI episode with Liev Schreiber, Criminal Minds with James van der Beek, and an episode of Jericho, which the CBS network recently canceled.

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Medium: Everything Comes To A Head (season finale)

by Brett Love, posted May 17th 2007 8:31AM
neve campbell, patricia arquette - medium(S03E22) This has been something of a roller coaster week for Medium fans. There was the high of finding out that the show will be coming back for a fourth season. Unfortunately, that was followed by news that NBC is going to move the show to Sundays, waiting until the end of football to bring it back. That makes for an 8 month wait between now and our next visit with Allison.

The big finale followed a similar path. We got all those answers we were looking for in the Recapitator case. The fates of Debra/PD and Walter Paxton were cleared up. The fallout from Allison being exposed started, and took a couple surprising turns. Unfortunately, the episode suffered from some iffy story telling and an abrupt ending.

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NBC fall schedule includes new web extras

by Anna Johns, posted May 15th 2007 4:09PM
nbcA day after NBC announced its fall schedule, the network is also revealing other plans for the upcoming television season. It's going to start hitting the web a lot harder with '360 extras' from its hit shows such as Heroes, 30 Rock, and The Office.

For Heroes, the website will include more chapters of the graphic novel and character back stories. For 30 Rock, Judah Friedlander's character, Frank Rossitano, will have his own blog. Las Vegas will do a behind-the scenes feature, ER will have deleted scenes, and Medium is going to ask fans to help write storylines (wah?). And The Office will have a little program where you can create your own Dunder-Mifflin branch and do some sort of online challenges.

Personally, I think they can take The Office 360 a bit farther. How about having a place where people can create their own videos in their fictional branches of Dunder-Mifflin? I bet people who work in real cubicles could come up with some good stuff.

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Medium: Heads Will Roll

by Brett Love, posted May 10th 2007 9:00AM
jake weber, patricia arquette(S03E21) It's been a big week for the fine folks over at Medium HQ. Not only are they smack dab in the middle of their big three part finale, but they also got an early renewal from the suits at NBC. It wasn't as early as some shows, but having the network make the announcement before upfronts is still a nice vote of confidence. Now, hopefully they'll move the show back to Monday and give it that post Heroes slot next season.

But enough about renewals and scheduling. We have the next to last episode from season three to talk about. In a nutshell, I thought it moved both the Joe story, and the Paxton/Debra/Allison story, along very well. Unfortunately, it also suffered from a couple of problems. First, one way too long, and unnecessary, scene. And second, one missing character.

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Medium renewed for a fourth season

by Bob Sassone, posted May 7th 2007 4:20PM

MediumMedium has become the Yes, Dear of "psychic who sees ghost genre and helps people," a show that not too many seem to talk about but gets pretty good ratings and gets renewed every year. See also: JAG.

NBC has given the Patricia Arquette show a fourth season, a week before the official fall 2007 lineup is announced at the network's upfront presentation. NBC President Kevin Reilly praised the show as only a network executive can (and while you read the praise, replace the title Medium with any show that NBC has canceled in the past 6 months).

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Medium: Head Games

by Brett Love, posted May 3rd 2007 11:00AM
Jason Priestley(S03E20) "Head Games" marks the beginning of the star studded, three part, season three finale. It was a good way to kick things off. There is a murder case for Devalos to prosecute, a new friend(?) for Allison, a new head doctor for Joe, visions that may or may not be correct, a new baby... just a lot going on. It's a good thing there are three parts to this.

Seeing as how the episode opened with Walter Paxton (Jason Priestley), let's start there. The dream within a dream open was very good. The head in the pantry came as quite a surprise, and led to a great Joe moment. He was so calm and forgiving when he woke up in the dream, but so frustrated and fed up when he woke up for real.

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Medium: No One To Watch Over Me

by Brett Love, posted Apr 26th 2007 9:30AM
jake weber(S03E19) If there is one complaint I have about Medium, it is that I think they have passed up a lot of opportunities for ongoing stories. Sure, we have the yearly Push episode, and the occasional appearance of Michael, but the show has the stuff to carry plots for longer arcs. That's a big part of why I was so interested in hearing about this four episode run leading to the end of the third season.

Now that we have the first of those episodes in our rear view mirror, I'm even more excited about what they have planned to wrap things up. This was another example of something we have seen before from the Medium writers. Splitting the episode into two parts, one dealing with our case of the week, and the other focusing on the DuBois family adventure. I thought the balance was just right.

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Medium: 1-900-LUCKY

by Brett Love, posted Apr 12th 2007 1:21PM
ryan hurst(S01E18) David Arquette stepped in to direct his sister this week and I think we have to say he did a pretty nice job. It didn't hurt that he was given a very fun script to work with. Much like we saw with Dr. Walker and Captain Push earlier in the season, we were again treated to an appearance of a recurring character. Allison's brother Michael (Ryan Hurst) is back. He was also featured in "Lucky" from season one and "Lucky In Love" from season two.

Truth be told, I think the interaction of Allison and her brother would have been enough to sell me on this episode. They were very good together. Two of their scenes stood out to me. The first one was the meeting with Tanya King (Cindy Pickett). Allison's reaction to Michael's "psychic" work was very amusing. Every time she gave a drawn out sigh I laughed.

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Medium and Friday Night Lights get more scripts ordered

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 11th 2007 10:22AM
Friday Night LightsFans of NBC's Medium and Friday Night Lights should be happy to learn that the network has ordered six more scripts of each series. This will allow The Powers That Be at NBC to see what both series would have in store if they were granted a fourth and a second season respectively.

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Medium: Joe Day Afternoon

by Brett Love, posted Apr 5th 2007 9:01AM
David Cubitt - Medium(S03E17) Ok, this was a really good episode, and Adam Goldberg was a nice bit of casting. I'll get to all that in a minute, but first up. Where the heck was Scanlon? I realize that the Medium world revolves around the DuBois clan, and the rest of the cast are merely players in the telling of their story. But this was a hostage situation. And there is nothing for "Detective" Scanlon to do there? The D.A. shows up, but we can't get our favorite detective on site? It didn't ruin the episode, but it did stand out as something that was missing.

Lack of casting aside, I thought that team Medium delivered another winner tonight. They continued the trend of getting great guest stars as well. Adam Goldberg was terrific as Bruce. I'd put him just behind Mark Sheppard as my second favorite of the season. But then, "Blood Relations" remains my favorite episode of this go round. They kicked things off on just the right note with the strange DREAD opening. That, combined with Allison's cryptic dream really set the mood for what was to come.

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