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October 6, 2015


Gideon Yago leaving MTV

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 27th 2007 3:05PM
Gideon YagoMTV News' Gideon Yago is bidding the network adieu to pursue "creative ventures" on the Left Coast. Yago has been one of the slightly more tolerable voices of MTV News for the past seven years, but a screenplay sale to Focus Features has him packing his bags.

Idolator published his farewell note to his co-workers, which included this classy send-off, "I have learned a great many things during my tenure here...There is one lesson, however, that I consider far more valuable than all the others combined: our audience deserves integrity and respect. Growing up in America is a difficult, sometimes traumatic, often alienating, very strange proposition. In between trying to figure out who they are and what matters in life, there is a chorus of parents, teachers, people and pitchmen telling them what to think and what to do...please keep fighting for them and thinking of them in the fine work that you all do."

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Reality stars hate on the haters online

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 25th 2007 3:04PM
Krishtine de LeonI guess the confidentiality clause that reality TV participants sign only cover the show's results and not how the participants feel about the show's proceedings. If you're in the market for some meta-commentary on currently airing reality programs, look no further than the dozens of MySpace pages, blogs and Face Book entries kept by various shows' competitors.

You can read about why Dasit skipped out of the Egotrip White Rapper Show's 16-bar challenge ("...had to step before it got too corny...") or what Beauty and the Geek's Neils Hoven thinks of the show's editing ("...if anything, people's personalities have been rather understated so far..."). Despite the wealth of competition, the hands-down best blog entry by a reality show competitor on a currently airing program has to be this Tuesday's screed from I'm from Rolling Stone's Krishtine de Leon.

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The Five: The reality shows you should be watching

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 21st 2007 10:09AM
ego trip's white rapper show persia and john brownReality shows are an easy target. At their worst, they combine narcissistic competitors in a state of arrested development with manipulative editing and piss poor production values. They are base, coarse, often times racist and tedious beyond belief. They bring out the worst in us - our collective desire to see other people humiliated.

Fortunately, all reality shows are not the same. I mean, would Tim Gunn be involved in anything that wasn't a class act? Shows like Project Runway and, to some extent, The Amazing Race redeem an otherwise unfortunate genre littered with wife-swaps, cat fights, strangers picked to live in a house and competitive testicle eating. There is plenty of good among the bad, and in my neck of the woods, certain reality shows are as much "must see TV" as any scripted program. I'm looking for the same thing in both anyway - emotional truth.

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Burnett to produce a live version of the MTV Movie Awards

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 15th 2007 11:04AM
MTV Movie Awards Jessica AbelThe king of all mind-numbingly addictive media Mark Burnett has been signed by MTV to produce this year's MTV Movie Awards. Ratings for the annual masturbatory celebration of mainstream media and young Hollywood have been slipping for the past several years. MTV is hoping that Burnett, who has never produced an award's show before, will shake things up. His first step in that direction - airing the show live. While Burnett will keep the zany movie parodies and kooky categories, he's trying to turn down the slick and get the stars to go "off-prompter." Burnett and MTV are also talking about upping the buzzworthiness of the program by incorporating user-generated content into the proceedings.

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I'm from Rolling Stone's online writing contest

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 11th 2007 6:31PM
I'm from Rolling Stone contentCops hate cop shows. Doctors hate doctor shows. Comedy writers hate Studio 60, and the media is loving to hate I'm from Rolling Stone. Everyone from Idolator to Salon is lining up to spank Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner and his ridiculous charges, but that's just because they're jealous. When they started out as interns back in the day, they didn't get to rock the red carpet events and see their bylines the next day. They chose the path of hard work to achieve their journalistic dreams when they should have chosen the far more lucrative and entertaining path of reality television.

You don't have to repeat those bitter journalists' mistakes. You can choose a path somewhere in between. I'm from Rolling Stone has started an online writing contest.

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Is Britney returning to reality television?

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 9th 2007 12:03PM
Britney Spears VegasYou won't believe what I overheard in the bathroom at Hyde the other night. I was mixing my Strawberry Quik together with a half ounce of the white stuff - pure as the driven snow - when The Animal comes in and announces that she's making another TV show. Alright, that's how I imagine rumors get started in LA. The way they actually get started is some production company (or prankster) posts a Craigslist ad, and it gets picked up by Perez Hilton. That's how word got out that Britney may be looking to film a reality show for MTV. I personally don't believe a word of it, but you can read the ad for yourself at the Gossip Gangsta's site.

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The Real World eyes Sydney

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 8th 2007 4:09PM
Sydney Real WorldReality Blurred is reporting that ads for production assistants have popped in Australia for a possible Real World production down under. While the ads aren't always the best indication that The Real World will be taking up residence in your town, they do come courtesy of the show's production company Bunim-Murray.

The Real World hasn't been abroad since their lackluster London and Paris seasons, but seeing how dramatically the show has changed since the seminal Las Vegas season of debauchery, a trip to Sydney is bound to play like an over-privileged college kid's junior year abroad. They'll be lucky if the brain trust they send down there does anything but marvel at the lower drinking age and the availability of beer other than Foster's.

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A helping of Cartoon Sushi - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 7th 2007 4:01PM
cartoon sushiAh, YouTube, where would I be without your endless supply of copyrighted material and infantile user comments? I'll tell you where I'd be: outside getting fresh air and probably a few pounds lighter, but let's not dwell on that. While looking for something completely different I found a bunch of clips from the MTV animation showcase Cartoon Sushi. I had completely forgotten about this show, which debuted after Liquid Television went off the air and was, for all intents and purposes, the same show: a collection of weird animated shorts. I believe Celebrity Deathmatch was actually launched from this series, but I still like it anyway. I've placed a clip below, and if it doesn't quite turn you on, there's many more you can check out. I think Liquid Television was probably the better show, but if you like odd cartoons you'll probably find something to your liking in the mix.

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Jon Stewart to appear on Jack's Big Music Show

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 4th 2007 3:02PM

jack's big music showIf you have little kids in your house, you might want to tune into Noggin's Jack's Big Music Show on February 2. Daily Show host Jon Stewart will be appearing on the show, making it the best opportunity for you to enjoy a kid show along with your kids, not counting that time David Brinkley appeared on Teletubbies*. Stewart, who watches the show with his children, is a big fan.

Also, if you're a Flaming Lips fan like I am, the same episode will feature a video collaboration between the Lips' Steven Drozd and Steve Burns of Blue's Clues. Burns and the Lips have a history together: Drozd helped produce and also plays on Burns' album, "Songs for Dustmites" (which is actually quite good), and Burns also appears in the Flaming Lips movie, Christmas on Mars, which may or may not ever be finished. The band is kinda making it whenever they have free time.

Thanks to my buddy Wild Bill for the info.

*May not have ever happened.

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P. Diddy preps for Making the Band 4

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 4th 2007 2:32PM
P. DiddyAuditions begin this January 17th in Los Angeles for P. Diddy's latest installment of Making the Band. This time out, he's looking to put together a boy band that crosses New Edition with N'Sync. In Diddy's imagination these boys would be as disciplined as a bunch of Howard men pledging Alpha Phi Alpha, but since, unlike Oprah, he's not taking his base of operations to South Africa or Howard, he's bound to get a bunch of marginally-talented, fame-seeking alpha males whose knowledge of R&B extends back only as far as Boyz II Men if he's lucky.

I've actually watched every season, if not every episode, of Making the Band largely because P. Diddy's megalomaniacal behavior has to be seen to be believed. He's like a deeply invasive Donald Trump - doling out business philosophy while telling kids how to sleep, act, breathe, walk, look, etc. You can spare yourself the time investment and just watch Dave Chappelle's take on Diddy from the first season of the Chappelle Show. It's surprisingly accurate.

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The State vs. Mr. Show - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 4th 2007 8:35AM

mr. showKittenpants over at CC Insider found a video on YouTube of one of my favorite sketches from MTV's The State, a gritty drama edited for television that kind of loses something without all the cursing. There's just nothing especially menacing about the word "poop," no matter how much anger and passion you put into it.

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Best and Worst of 2006: Jay's List

by Jay Black, posted Jan 3rd 2007 2:30PM
This is how I feel after a full day of watching and writing about television...Here's my opinion on best/worst lists of any given year: I love reading them and I hate writing them. It's been a lot of fun looking at what my colleagues here at TV Squad have had to say about the newly ended year, but it's been a slow walk through hell trying to actually make my own list. I'm not sure why, exactly, I had so many problems with the list. Maybe it's because I'm afraid that some sort of cosmic force is going to hold me accountable for what I say here. Like, I'll die and meet the God of TV and he (or she) is going to be waiting for me with my 2006 best of picks and be angry that I left Two and a Half Men off the list (note, in this scenario, the God of TV is related to Charlie Sheen).

My dislike of having to write this list is part of the reason why I'm posting it in early January and not in the Christmas-New Years corridor like I wanted to. Every time I sat down to write it I suddenly found something I had to do around the house (like take a nap or eat some cheese). Today, though, I finally forced the words out of my fingers. I'm looking forward to hearing how wrong I am about all of these choices!

My best and worst 2006 after the jump...

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The Five: Funny music videos not featuring Weird Al - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 29th 2006 1:02PM

skeletonI caught the video for Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" on VH1 Classic the other night, the one in which Chevy Chase lip syncs to the song, and it got me thinking about other funny music videos. I thought it would be a great idea for one of these "The Five" lists we bloggers love so much, and as I was racking my brain I realized I could just simply list five Weird Al Yankovic videos.

But no, Adam loves a challenge, so Weird Al is off limits. After the jump, check out the five videos I came up with, along with a little help from my pal Wild Bill. Throw down some of your own suggestions in the comments.

Let's rock:

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J. Lo brings Dancelife to MTV

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 26th 2006 7:31PM
DancelifeJ-Lo is the new Debbie Allen. Just like Allen before her, J-Lo is ushering young dance hopefuls into the television limelight. Unlike Debbie Allen, who played Ms. Grant on Fame, J-Lo will not be giving the following speech on MTV's Dancelife: "You want fame? Well, fame costs, and right here, is where you start paying - in sweat."

Lopez, who started out as a fly girl on In Livin' Color and wound up a one-woman corporation, is the producer of MTV's latest reality series - Dancelife, premiering on January 15th. The series follows the story of six dancers looking to make it big in the rough and tumble world of professional dance. You can read the stars' bios online, and an extended preview video has cropped up on YouTube. The series looks like it falls on the Laguna Beach-end of the reality show spectrum - more soap opera than competition. At least, the show's stars have more talent than your average Laguna Beach high schooler or Twentyfourseven party promoter. Now, if only I could "remember, remember, remember their names."

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It's Christmas! What are you watching?

by Richard Keller, posted Dec 25th 2006 9:30AM

Merry Christmas, boys! What are you watching today?Or, a better question would be: are you watching any television? Christmas Day can be a busy time, what with gifts being opened, dinners being cooked (and eaten) and annoying relatives to entertain (this does not pertain to Joel, who is coming down to visit today). For others, though, Christmas ends at the last present that's unwrapped, which can lead to a very long, boring day.

So, if you can't take the kids, the wife, or the annoying relatives (once again, not Joel, I swear) you can tune into the annual broadcast of the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade (filmed at the beginning of December) hosted by Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and featuring Beyonce, the cast of High School Musical and the Doodlebops. If that's too much Christmas then you may want to tune into CNN for a, ready, Larry King Live marathon. Other non-Christmas marathons are Crossing Jordan on A&E, My Super Sweet 16 on MTV (they played music videos once, didn't they?), In Living Color on BET, and Super Millionaire on GSN.

Of course, if you are still in the holiday spirit (or, in the holiday spirits, if you know what I mean) TBS airs their annual 24-hour marathon of the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story, while networks like Hallmark and Lifetime will air a variety of made-for-TV holiday movies. Then again, if none of this is of interest you can always pop in a DVD from the complete The West Wing set that you received.

Oh, and Joel, dinner is at 2:00 pm.

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