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October 4, 2015


Reno 911 on WGN this fall

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 28th 2007 3:01PM

reno 911I mentioned not too long ago that Reno 911! would be going into syndication, and it looks like Superstation WGN has picked up the series for its late night comedy block this fall that will also include Scrubs, Becker and Corner Gas (a Canadian sitcom). WGN has acquired the first three season of the improved series for a two-year run. The series finishes off its fourth season on Comedy Central starting April 1, and it has been picked up for a fifth season, as well.

I think Reno 911! should translate pretty well to syndication. Naturally, some stuff may be have to be censored or edited completely, but one advantage the show has is that it's shot as if its a legitimate reality show, a la Cops, which means naughty bits and swear words are often censored, anyway. I suppose they'd still have to do that even on Comedy Central, my point is that such censoring just adds to the "reality" of this fake program.

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How to apply for just about any game/reality show on TV

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 22nd 2007 6:40PM
1 vs 100Of all the e-mails and comments we get here at the fictional TV Squad HQ, the ones we see the most -- besides the ones that think we're a bunch of hacks who don't deserve the pay we get -- are ones that ask us how a person can get on one of the numerous game or reality shows that are on the air right now.

I have to tell you, we're flattered that you folks think we have the inside connections within the television industry that will be allow us to fast-track our readers onto shows like Survivor or Deal or No Deal. But, alas, we're just a bunch of grunts like you; we don't have a "guy" who can get us through the back door of these shows. In fact we don't even have a "guy" who can get us a discount at the car wash.

But what we can do for you is comb the web to find the various instructions on how you can get on these shows. And, no surprise, the networks have made those instructions readily available on the web. After the jump is the list of links we found so far. We'll update this list as we find more shows and instructions. And feel free to send us ones you've discovered either via our tips e-mail or in the comments section below. Enjoy and good luck...

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Ellen DeGeneres offers her own line of greeting cards

by Julia Ward, posted Mar 21st 2007 8:08AM
Ellen DeGeneres American GreetingsAmerican Greetings has announced a licensing deal with daytime talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres. Called "the ellen collection," the 32 cards will feature illustrations of the benevolent, pant-suited wonder along with one of her trademark witticisms. Ellen had this to say about the venture, "I look at having a line of cards as another extension of being a host; helping you wish your loved ones well, piggy-backing on your birthday greetings. I like to be up in the middle of everything and doing it this way is much easier than crashing parties."

Cards will start turning up in grocery stores and drug stores as early as this summer. So, watch your back crotchety old Shoebox Greetings lady, Ellen's coming. And, if we're lucky, other television personalities will follow suit. "Get well soon so I don't have to look at your whiny face" cards from Dr. House. "I'd wish you a Happy Birthday if I didn't think I was stuck in Purgatory" cards from the cast of Lost. The possibilities are limitless.

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Alex Trebek, Simon Cowell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have surprises for us

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Mar 19th 2007 1:31PM
Alex Trebek needed some excitement at work. When you think you know something so well, you don't realize that there might be some surprises waiting for you. Sure, surprises may be a bad thing, like when the love of your life tells you that they have been with someone else, but in terms of television surprises that is thankfully not the case, we have been privy to some great surprises this past weekend.

First off, you've heard. Jeopardy had its first three way tie in its decades long history. Alex Trebek's job must be as predictable as a bowl of cornflakes, so it's understandable and nice to hear him yelp in a cry of genuine surprise when the quick math was done and all the contestants would return to Jeopardy next week. In a mostly unexciting show, this was a very exciting moment for millions of Jeopardy fans everywhere.

In other surprising news...

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Carmen Electra, George and Izzie make big slips

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Mar 16th 2007 1:41PM
Izzie and George make a big liquor induced mistakeTo slip up is human. Sometimes we know not what we are going to do, or say things we don't mean to say or have any intentions on doing. If you were watching television yesterday and happened to take some notes, you might have learned a thing or two about slips.

After making an appearance and modeling for a 'Max Factor Clothes off Our Backs' charity event in Hollywood yesterday, Carmen Electra was quoted during her red carpet arrival, that she had never fallen on the catwalk before. Shortly thereafter she appeared on the catwalk and didn't realize she had jinxed herself and made a crash landing on the runway. Followed by an encore crash landing by Allison Sweeney of Days of Our Lives. Extra was there with cameras on and more than willing to showcase for all of us to see. How embarrassing.

However hard she fell, it would never be harder than the slip that George and Izzie made on Grey's Anatomy last night...

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Actually, Regis really was nominated for a Daytime Emmy

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 15th 2007 4:05PM

ReegeI reported on the Daytime Emmy Award nominations yesterday and noted that Live with Regis & Kelly wasn't nominated in the Best Talk Show category. While that's technically true, the show was nominated in another category for morning shows. They'll go up against The Today Show, Good Morning, America and Univision's Despierta America in a new category. Regis still wasn't nominated for Best Host though.

Oh, and Regis is doing quite fine after heart bypass surgery yesterday. Kelly Ripa announced the news on the show this morning. One of his doctors said that Reege has "the heart of a 19 year-old." It wasn't clear which 19 year-old this was, but hopefully they will give it back to this person so they can also live a long, healthy life.

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The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode

by Julia Ward, posted Mar 14th 2007 11:07AM
Facts of Life DragAll those girls living in one house for so long. You knew they were up to nothing good. In Jamie Morris' stage version of The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode, Eastland is short on funds and looking to axe Mrs. Garrett. Natalie, Tootie, Jo and Blair will do anything to raise enough money to keep her on staff. Anything.

This campy stage production, making its New York City debut later this Spring, features five drag performers enacting Facts' fictional lost episode "The Best Little Whorehouse in Peekskill." If you're visiting New York this Spring, skip Broadway and head downtown. It's just a hunch, but I'm betting you won't see Eastland the same way again. (Not that you thought Natalie or Jo were 100% straight anyway.)

[Via Lady Bunny's Blog]

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Update: Here's who will fill in for Regis starting today

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 13th 2007 8:20AM

ReegeAnna told you yesterday about Regis Philbin's surprise announcement that he will undergo a heart bypass procedure this week. Philbin's last day for at least five weeks was yesterday, and the show has announced who will fill in for him while he's recuperating.

Today and tomorrow, CNN's Anderson Cooper, who has guest-hosted the show before, will take over for Regis in the chair next to Kelly Ripa. Then on Thursday and Friday, MTV's Damien Fahey will fill in. Then there will be a rotating group of celebs who will take over, and that list includes Jeff Probst, Martin Short, Donald Trump, Neil Patrick Harris, Howie Mandel, and Pat Sajak.

Wait a sec...no women? I know they like to have that male/female dynamic on the show, but come, who wouldn't watch Kathie Lee Gifford sit next to Kelly Ripa for a few days?

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Regis Philbin to have heart bypass surgery

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 12th 2007 3:16PM
regis philbinThis morning, Regis Philbin announced to his co-host Kelly Ripa and his audience that he will be having triple heart bypass surgery later this week. He said he's been having chest pain and shortness of breath and "all those little symptoms you hear about". Reg, 75, would've preferred an angioplasty, he said, but there's too much plaque build-up in his arteries so major surgery is necessary. To lighten the mood, Kelly offered to be Regis' nurse and give him sponge baths.

It's not yet clear who is going to fill in for Regis, or for how long. It will probably be a rotating list of celebrity hosts. I can only hope that David Letterman will make an appearance or two- since Regis was so supportive and filled in for him when he had his quintuple bypass 7 years ago.

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Entertainment Tonight should be ashamed

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 7th 2007 2:25PM

SternI promised myself - promised, promised, promised - that I wouldn't write another story about Anna Nicole Smith. But then I saw this video, and I had to post this. If it stops just one person from watching another second of Entertainment Tonight, then this post is worth it.

The video is from Entertainment Tonight, who had EXCLUSIVE! access to the funeral in the Bahamas (*cough* $$$$$ *cough*), and while we get all of the expected weeping and slow motion and doves being released, we also see various friends and relatives of Anna Nicole taking a shovel and grabbing dirt out of the back of a wheelbarrow. I'm sure this is done at funerals, but it just seems odd to have everyone at the funeral grab the shovel and join in. After a while it seems like less a tribute than just doing some maintenance work at the cemetery.

Pay special attention to the job Anna Nicole's mom does.

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Say goodbye to Oliver, but did you love or hate him?

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 21st 2007 7:27PM

Oliver Trask is a despised TV character. The day is closer upon us. The end of The O.C. will come to our screens tomorrow night.. The originator and main reason why the development floodgates of Hollywood were opened to introduce us to programming such as Laguna Beach and other bad teen shows based on excess and other items of unimportance.

Although there are many broken hearted O.C. fans amongst us, we aren't that upset to see a character like Oliver Trask off into oblivion. He was able to exude as much hate that a writer could place on a single character, and I am personally glad to see him go.

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Oprah on Ellen vs. Oprah! Who will win?

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 21st 2007 4:43PM
Ellen is sitting pretty with an upcoming Oprah interview. Everyone gets a little bit stir crazy just doing their job day in and day out. No one is immune from this. Not even Lady O herself.

Oprah has been a busy lady lately, and not just appearing on her show, but appearing with several other talk show hosts in a variety of situations. The last time we saw Oprah out of her studios in Chicago was when she did a Super Bowl commercial with long time bitter rival David Letterman.

Oprah is once again joining up with another rival but this time close friend Ellen Degeneres to make an appearance on Ellen this Thursday (February 22). However, as Ellen admits this is very odd because in several television markets around the country, Oprah goes head to head with Ellen in the ratings. It will be interesting who does better, considering Oprah will be on twice as much on Thursday.

View a special preview clip of what this duo dishes about after the jump.

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Merv Griffin's new game show is a go

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 21st 2007 2:02PM

Merv GriffinBusinessman and former talk show host Merv Griffin has a new game show in the works, and it just got a great syndication deal. Let's Play Crosswords will premiere this fall, and has a green light to run on five big NBC stations, including those in New York, L.A., and Chicago.

Griffin also created Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, two of the biggest, longest running syndicated shows in the history of television. This new game show took him a while to create, because he had to figure out a way to get a crossword puzzle board, which can be large, on a TV screen, and also keep the show interesting.

But that name, Let's Play Crosswords? Is that really a good title? Why not just called Crossword!, with the exclamation point like Jeopardy! has?

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TV's Top 5!: Is it too soon to make jokes about Anna Nicole?

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 21st 2007 12:30PM

Harry Connick may be the father of Anna Nicole's babyNotwithstanding her upcoming gig as the host of the Academy Awards broadcast, Ellen is on a roll. Wearing her New Orleans roots with pride, it was only fitting that she celebrate in true Mardi Gras style on yesterday's Ellen and who better invite to her show than fellow native Harry Connick, Jr.

What she wasn't ready for was his shocking admission of paternity...

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What do you think of Oprah's secret?

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 18th 2007 8:10PM
Oprah and Rhonda ByrneYeah, sure, I was snookered. Oprah dipped into the Viral Marketing 101 handbook when she ran promos asking, "What is the secret?" It wasn't enough to get me to watch Oprah, but I did investigate online to find out what "secret" was being kept from me by the good people at Harpo Productions.

What "secret" could Oprah possibly have left to share? Over the years, she's told me to embrace my spirit, cut out the "white" stuff, wear cotton underwear and drive a Pontiac. Apparently, Oprah's "secret" is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - another in a long line of vaguely spiritual Four Agreements/Celestine Prophecy/Miracle Matrix self-help tomes.

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