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September 5, 2015

The O.C.

R&B star Chris Brown on The O.C.

by Annie Wu, posted Sep 3rd 2006 9:07AM
Chris BrownDuring the MTV Video Music Awards, Chris Brown (whose song "Run It" has been playing on loop in my head, fighting strong against my attempts to drown it out with Radiohead) revealed that he has landed a role in the upcoming season of The O.C. He said that he will be playing a "band geek" in his seven episode stint, but I think it's just a weak cover-up by FOX. Something tells me that he's actually playing the mortal vessel that ends up carrying Marissa's ghost, occasionally speaking in her voice and pitching Neutrogena products. It'd be brilliant because no one would see it coming. Except me.

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'The O.C.' creator producing pilot for The CW

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 22nd 2006 3:28PM
josh schwartzJosh Schwartz, creator off FOX teen soap The O.C., is in negotiations to write and produce a pilot for The CW. It's based on a popular series of teen novels called Gossip Girls. The story is about a group of wealthy girls who attend a private school in New York and it's all narrated by an anonymous narrator. A few years ago, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was going to write a movie version of the books and Lindsay Lohan was set to star, but the deal fell through.

Schwartz may be looking for his next job as the future of The O.C. is murky. FOX has only ordered half a season so far, as the teen soap is up against heavy hitters CSI and Grey's Anatomy.

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Live in The O.C. ... virtually

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 28th 2006 8:43AM
the o.c. castWear Chanel. Go to Harbor. Drive a Land Cruiser. Make an ass of yourself at a charity function. That's what they do in The O.C. and soon you can do it too, in a video game. Gameloft, the makers of Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest, is currently laboring over a game based on the FOX teen soap. It's a Sims-style game where you can wander around real O.C. locations and work on your tan or your muscles. Looks are apparently very important in the storyline of the game. You can choose to be any of the lead characters, Ryan, Marissa, Summer or Seth, or you can create your own character to shake things up in their McMansions.

What I want to know is: Can you punch somebody or get high? It just wouldn't be The O.C. without a fight or someone overdosing on drugs.

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FOX won't commit to a full season of The O.C.

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 29th 2006 9:12AM
the ocFacing some intimidating competition this fall, FOX has only ordered up 16 episodes of season four of The O.C. The network moved the teen soap opera to the 9 pm Thursday slot. After all the upfronts were announced, it turns out The O.C. is now scheduled against ratings juggernauts CSI and Grey's Anatomy. This is dicey news for The O.C., which has averaged 25 episodes for its first three seasons. But, the show may have died anyway since the writers killed off the extremely unlikable Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton). Plus, who knows whether it will have any legs as the kids head off to college (most likely in the same town)?

You know, I think the show got really dull this year. How many times can we see Ryan and Marissa break up? And how many times can we see Seth and Summer fight? I think three seasons is all The O.C. had in it.

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Mischa Barton happy about Marissa's death

by Anna Johns, posted May 23rd 2006 9:19AM
mischa barton; the o.c.Mischa Barton and I are both happy about her character's death on The O.C. last week. We just have different reasons. I am just thrilled that she's no longer on the show. Mischa, however, says she's happy her character, Marissa Cooper, got killed in a car wreck rather than "one of those lame farewells." She told Newsweek, "Well, I was really excited that I got to die, to be honest. I've done pretty much everything else with that character." Like pout. And drink. And do drugs. And pout some more. She said that the decision to kill of her character was the producers', not hers. But, she says, she's ready to focus on movies now. She was only on The O.C. for three seasons.

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The O.C.: The Graduates (finale)

by Lacy Hall, posted May 19th 2006 1:16AM
spicoli grave(S03E25) The trailers promised us that someone MAY not survive the season finale and they were right. Someone MAY not have survived. But the MAY and the plot history of The O.C. is what puts it all in question. There was most definitely a jilted ex-lover. And definitely a serious car wreck. Definitely an explosion. And most definitely it looked like a main character said their final, unrecognizable words before they stopped breathing. But the MAY is still there. Why?

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The Upfronts: FOX

by Anna Johns, posted May 18th 2006 11:24AM
fox logoFOX announced its 2006-07 primetime schedule this morning. It is adding three new dramas and two new comedies to the fall schedule, with another drama and a comedy coming on at mid-season. FOX has paired new programming with returning shows every night of the week. It's even going to dabble in Saturday night programming.

Returning: 24, American Dad, American Idol, America's Most Wanted: America Strikes Back, Bones, Cops, Family Guy, House, King of the Hill, The Loop, MADtv, Nanny 911, The O.C., Prison Break, The Simpsons, Trading Spouses: Meet your new Mommy, The War at Home.

Out: Arrested Development, The Bernie Mac Show, Free Ride, Killer Instinct, Kitchen Confidential, Malcolm in the Middle, Reunion, Skating with Celebrities, Stacked, That '70s Show, Unan1mous

New: Vanished, Standoff, Justice, 'Til Death, Happy Hour, Talk Show with Spike Feresten, Duets, The Wedding Album, The Winner, On the Lot.

Descriptions of new shows below.

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Who should The O.C. kill off?

by Anna Johns, posted May 17th 2006 8:09AM
the o.c. castFOX has an interesting promo running in hopes that we'll all scurry to watch the season finale of The O.C. on Thursday night. It shows the main characters and tells us that one of them won't survive the night. The characters it shows are: Seth, Summer, Marissa, Ryan, Kirsten, Julie Cooper, and Sandy.

I think I have a pretty good idea of who it's going to be, but my official vote is for the untimely demise of Marissa.

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FOX picks up Rob Corddry's new comedy

by Anna Johns, posted May 14th 2006 8:39AM
rob corddry; the daily show; comedy central; the winnerAccording to The Futon Critic, FOX ordered six episodes of The Winner, starring The Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry, effectively wiping Comedy Central clean of all Corddrys (little bro Nate is on Aaron Sorkin's new show at NBC). The Winner is about a successful man who looks fondly back at 1994, when he was 32 and a slacker living at his parents' home. It was co-created by The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. It's a bummer to see Corddry go, but hopefully that means we'll get to see more John Hodgman.

FOX also picked up 13 episodes of Happy Hour, a comedy that sounds like a modern-day Odd Couple about two thirty-something roommates.

Not surprisingly, FOX also has renewed The O.C. for a fourth season. Those crazy Orange County kids will be going off to college, but it appears the writers may be breaking with teen-angst drama tradition and sending them to different colleges in different towns. FOX also picked up 13 more episodes of The Loop and more of The War at Home, though it's not clear how many episodes it ordered.

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Coyote visits The O.C. set

by Adam Finley, posted May 10th 2006 1:03PM

coyoteAccording to reports, a coyote sneaked onto the set of The OC recently and found its way into Mischa Barton's trailer, where it ate her food and was later discovered by Barton and her co-star, Rachel Bilson. The crew were able to chase the coyote out of the trailer and off the set. That's all that's being reported, but I figured their had to be more to the story, so I tracked down the coyote for a brief interview:

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The O.C.: The Man of the Year

by Lacy Hall, posted May 5th 2006 3:48PM

adambrody(S03E24) Prom is over and enter the aftermath. But surprise, surprise...Volchok? Not dead. Thank God. Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly care if the guy lives or dies, but it would have just been bizarro times infinity if another one of Marissa's love interests ended up in the morgue. She does seem to like them on the brink of death.

But nope, Ryan rushes (not really, more like leisurely drives) Volchok to the hospital during a trippy, light-filled montage, and Volchok awakes without even seeing a doctor. Volchok (ever the good guy) doesn't sell Ryan out and claims he was jumped by a group of thugs. But it turns out that Volchok is not "ever the good guy."

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The O.C.: The Party Favor

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 28th 2006 1:33AM
the oc; mischa barton(S03E23)  What has happened to our wonderful little group of four? Remember back in the day when everybody got along? Yeah, I think there was one episode where that happened way back in Season One. They were on a beach or something.

This week it's all about Senior Prom and, quite frankly, I have given up trying to suspend my disbelief that any of these characters remotely looks like they're in high school. The characters seemed really subdued to me this week. I guess that's because they're all bummed out about their respective situations. Ryan isn't with Marissa but he does know that Kevin is cheating on her. Seth can't find a way to explain to Summer that there's nothing between him and Anna. And, Kirsten and Sandy are moping about because he's turning into her father and she's turning back to the bottle.

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The O.C.: The College Try

by Lacy Hall, posted Apr 21st 2006 6:02PM
seth and summer(S03E22) This was one of those weird episodes where suspension of disbelief is absolutely necessary. Somehow (only with the magic of television), Berkeley and Brown are both having their incoming freshman weekends the same weekend. Weird. Especially weird that they would have an incoming freshman weekend months and months and months before the school semester even starts. But whatever. It's The O.C. and I forgive.

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Mischa Barton vacant in new photo shoot

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 19th 2006 8:49AM
mischa barton; bebeThe O.C. star Mischa Barton is the new spokesmodel for BeBe clothing line and the photos of her are downright mannequin-like. Dead, even. Her eyes look completely vacant in every photo and it's totally freaking me out.

[Via Pop Candy]

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The O.C.: The Dawn Patrol

by Lacy Hall, posted Apr 14th 2006 12:36PM
rachel(S03E21) So much happened on last night's episode, I just don't know where to start. I'll just jump to the part that shocked me most -- the attempted rape of that poor girl at Volchok's party. Marissa sees one of Volchok's slimy friends slip a questionable liquid into the beer of an already wasted girl. Him and some of his buddies then take the passed-out girl outside to a van to tag team her. For a few minutes, I actually didn't think that Marissa was going to do anything other than remain her passive aggressive self. Luckily(!), Marissa follows them outside and claims that she needed to get into the van because she left her sweatshirt in there (passive aggressive!). If I saw some guys doing that to a girl at a party, it'd be hard to tell me apart from the Incredible Hulk because I'd rip the doors off that van. In fact, it wouldn't even get that far because I would have ninja-kicked that beer out of the dude's hand before he could even think about giving it to her. Marissa didn't do any of those things, but she did (thankfully) stop the rape, so I won't criticize.

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