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September 1, 2015

The Sopranos

Sopranos stars focus of Law and Order marathon on TNT

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 7th 2007 12:02PM

sopranosOne day after the series finale of The Sopranos, TNT will dedicate twelve hours to a Law and Order marathon focusing on episodes featuring actors from The Sopranos.

The marathon begins Monday, June 11 at 2:00 p.m. and features episodes with appearances from Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Jerry Adler,John Ventimiglia, Vincent Curatola, Dan Grimaldi, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Ray Abruzzo, Robert Funaro, Dominic Chianese, Vincent Pastore, Sharon Angela and Frank Vincent.

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The Sopranos: The Blue Comet

by Tom Biro, posted Jun 3rd 2007 11:41PM
Tony Soprano - The Blue Comet(S06E20) We had two weeks to wait for a new episode of The Sopranos, and the powers that be didn't throw us a double insult by making this week's show a waste of our time, that's for sure. Our own Rich Keller wrote a couple of days ago about a New York Post item suggesting that this week would be the culmination of the series and next week would settle us up. Not too far off the map, I'd have to say, either.

Big surprises aside (we'll save the spoilers for after the jump), it was great to see Artie and his restaurant (and New York Jets coach Eric Mangini with his wife) make an appearance, and the monstrous amount of foreshadowing that the opening scene showed us was pretty damn intoxicating, if you ask me. Hell, a good part of me forgot about all the little plotlines that were left open for us to ponder over the years. We're definitely going to get a run for our money in next week's episode, so if you haven't watched this week's yet, then fire up your DVR and get to it before finishing this post.

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NY Post bets next Sopranos spells Tony's fate

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 1st 2007 12:01AM

Will this week's episode mark the end of Tony SopranoWith the series finale of HBO's The Sopranos fast approaching (a week from this Sunday, to be exact) speculation is running wild as to what's going to become of Tony Soprano and his companions. The biggest question is whether or not Tony will alive or dead when the final credits role.

Michael Starr of the New York Post is betting that we'll know something about the series finale after the next-to-last episode airs this Sunday. Starr believes that this week's episode could be the one that features a final battle between Tony and his enemies, while the last episode could be the one that ties everything up in a tidy package, leaving Tony alive and kicking. Few clues are being given in episode description. For example, for this week's episode, "The Blue Comet", HBO writes 'The allegiance of those closest to Tony is put to the test and a case of mistaken identity has serious ramifications.' Not much to decipher from that notice, is there?

Its also been reported that show creator David Chase, who co-wrote this Sunday's episode and wrote and directed the series finale, has filmed several endings to The Sopranos to throw everyone off as to the fate of Tony. My guess is that Tony will wake up from a dream and Suzanne Pleshette will be there in bed next to him. Hey, it worked before!

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The Sopranos: The Second Coming

by Tom Biro, posted May 20th 2007 11:59PM
Tony and Silvio(S06E19) After last week's big development with Christopher being offed by Tony Soprano, we were probably due for a letdown as far as developments go, but that was definitely not the case. Meadow decided that she felt like being part of the storyline for the first time in awhile, and we all knew that A.J.'s situation was bound to go one way or another, but how quickly might have come as a surprise.

When it comes to the drama classification, this show always makes the cut. But this week, for some reason, I felt like it meshed even more than usual with that genre with all that went on throughout the episode. When it all boils though, the family ties were what made this show so successful, and they're what keeps the drama flowing. Except for the fact that we've all got to wait two weeks to see how our Sopranos is going to get ready to close up shop, I think we're in for a quality run that everyone can get behind.

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The Sopranos: Kennedy & Heidi

by Tom Biro, posted May 13th 2007 11:54PM
AJ Soprano Beer(S06E18) It's been a long time since something on the shocking tip happened and at the same time, I wasn't surprised at all. Tonight, something I certainly thought would go down this season did, but certainly not how I'd have thought. I have a feeling that some of the "old" Tony Soprano might have returned, unfortunately for only three more weeks before this show finishes up.

Was this week perfect? By all means not, but taking out a character that has meant something to all the show's fans forever, and showing what looks like an inkling of an ugly finale when it comes to Tony and the New York crew could provide for one of the more fantastic endings, perhaps the one we all deserve after surviving through so many production delays and season holdups.

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The Sopranos: Walk Like a Man

by Tom Biro, posted May 6th 2007 11:54PM
AJ Soprano(S06E17) Looking for a completion to a season and a series? Well, looks like the folks behind The Sopranos have got something in store for all of us. Christopher has seen a lot more face time this season that I thought he would when the premiere was running, and the previews have been more than pot-stirring so far, but I'm definitely just as hooked as I've been in a while, and am psyched to see what comes next.

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TV 101: Ways to make hotel TV viewing better

by Jay Black, posted May 3rd 2007 10:04AM
I hope no one reads the alternative text because it's here that I reveal that I never actually watched Fawlty Towers.So, this feature has been gone a long long time. If you're one of my nearly four or so fans, you've probably been beside yourself with grief.

Well grieve yourselves no longer. TV 101 is back from its long hiatus.

Where was I? Well, my college stand-up tour this spring was a little more successful than I (or my agent or my wife or any of my friends) could have possibly predicted and I spent the last four months getting an intimate tour of every medium-priced hotel in the Midwest.

As a traveler and TV watcher, I've returned from my road-trip with some observations about what hotels can do to make our lives (as television viewers) a bit nicer...

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The Sopranos: Chasing It

by Tom Biro, posted Apr 29th 2007 11:21PM
Tony Soprano - Chasing It
First off, I've gotta say that this was the weakest episode in this short half-season so far, in my opinion. A lot of commenters on this site were a little ticked off at the fact that Tony was now well in debt as far as his gambling problem went, even if he did have cash elsewhere, and how that just cropped up out of nowhere. While I wouldn't say it was out of nowhere, the heaviness of his losses piling up were definitely a big surprise.

On top of that, there were a few random bits of dialogue that didn't seem to go anywhere, kind of like how Bobby didn't really have much to say one way or another about the horse race. Some part of me wants to say that the boys are just becoming glorified yes-men to Tony, but I'm not sure that it's, and I think I might be trying too hard to get to that point. Out of everything that did happen this week, though, what might be most important - and maybe a huge plot point - was Tony's spotting of the guy that used to hang out at the Bada Bing, in front of what looked like a Muslim gathering place. Of course, Chase & Co. will catch hell from some group for that particular portrayal, but if you're going to take a page out of anyone's playbook, it might as well be 24's.

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The Sopranos: Remember When

by Tom Biro, posted Apr 22nd 2007 11:29PM
Sopranos Remember When
Last week's promos showed Paulie in what looked like a rough situation or two, most of which featured Tony's glare right on him. That all started after Paulie made a snide remark, or more specifically was talking about himself, when the guys were toasting to Johnny Sack's life after he had passed away from cancer. As it turned out, he was absolutely in the sights of Tony when it came to life and death. And in an episode when someone is having loose lips and putting the boss in a tough situation as the body of the person that he killed to "make his bones" more than two decades earlier was apparently being dug up by the feds, the focus on Paulie being a chatterbox about his entire life story was more than appropriate.

One of the cooler things we got to see this week was Vincent Pastore's mug, as he was hanging out in the kitchen in Paulie's dream, a dream that made him want to step up to the plate, and realize that he was on his boss' bad side. Whether or not Tony just couldn't do it when it came to whacking his friend and onetime mentor or that he realized he was making a rash decision wasn't quite clear. What did happen was that we got the do-si-do from Chase & Company, who had us flat-out staring at the Jersey Crew while the New York team was about to head in another direction.

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The Sopranos: Stage 5

by Tom Biro, posted Apr 16th 2007 12:10AM
Chrissie at the Diner - The Sopranos
When we were first introduced to Chrissie's concept of Cleaver as a flick, I never really thought it'd see the light of day. But when the red carpet was rolled out this week, it looked like not only would it do that, but it could have been Christopher's shining moment in the family. As it turns out, maybe that last part isn't going to be the case. My prediction last week about Christopher's screen time turned out to be off base - so far, at least - but based on Tony's reaction to how the "boss" character in the film was portrayed, and how the portrayal resembled some of the events that had happened in the last few years, maybe Christopher might not see that much more daylight after all.

I'm very much into the disarray that the New York family is having right now. Aside from the fact that no one really seems to want to show real leadership skills, they're not exactly looking like model mob citizens compared to what the Jersey boys are doing right now.

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Family matters for Gene Simmons and the Sopranos

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Apr 9th 2007 12:21PM
Gene Simmons doesn't want more kidsWhen it comes to the birth of a new KISS licensing opportunity, Gene Simmons is open arms. When it comes to the discussion of a birth of another Family Jewel, he has a completely different reaction.

Matriarch Shannon Tweed prodded Gene about bringing another bundle of joy into the Simmons' clan. Less than excited, Gene suggested they adopt a child and bet that she'd drop the idea after enduring a year-long process.

Following in the footsteps of Madonna and Angelina Jolie, Shannon brought home an innocent African-American baby. This is where the situation stops being funny. Although there were very cute moments between the baby and Gene, it's really become unpalatable to watch another celebrity bring home a child like a pet. Even if it was in jest, it just seems in bad taste to make adopting a baby such a cavalier joke.

Last night, we also welcomed back the Sopranos family into our homes ...
(WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

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The Sopranos: Soprano Home Movies (mid-season premiere)

by Tom Biro, posted Apr 9th 2007 1:05AM
The Sopranos - Season Six Premiere
We've all been waiting long enough for it, and that Sunday in April finally came. Tonight, we were returned to the scene of the crime as far as the Soprano family goes, or at least the scene where Tony left Johnny Sack to get snatched by the cops way back in 2004. It was definitely helpful to have something absolutely material to the current plot line be "ripped" from something we all more or less forgot about, in Tony's tossing of the gun as he ran from the yard that winter day. As the episode's title would suggest, however, "family" was definitely what it was all about.

The foreshadowing of Tony speaking with Bobby about hunting and killing - and how he hadn't done so as far as people went, at least - was curious at least, but the way this show had been going the last season or two, I hadn't expected to see things come to fruition so quickly. As far as "family" goes, however, there are a lot of different ways to look at things. AJ certainly dropped a few pounds and has a new "look" that he's sporting, ink and all, Tony isn't letting the "pork chop" nickname go to his head or anything (not that anyone would ever call him that to his face), and while health might not be the first concern for the Jersey team, Phil most certainly is looking healthy and is looking to assert himself with his family, even if there is someone else (a much younger someone else) being groomed for the job.

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Don't forget! The Sopranos and Entourage return tonight

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 8th 2007 1:29PM

EntourageOK, so no one has to be told that the final season of The Sopranos starts tonight at 9pm on HBO. After all, there have been tons of news stories about it, if you haven't heard (there might be a spoiler or two at some of those links). But don't forget that Entourage also returns tonight, immediately following The Sopranos at 10pm.

Remember when April and May used to mean the season was winding down on all of the networks? Now here it is Easter and the cable networks are just warming up. Everyone seems to be waiting for Tony and company to come back, but I'm more excited about Entourage. When we last left our heroes, Vince had ended his relationship with agent Ari, so it's going to be interesting to see where they go with the storyline.

Thanks for the Easter candy, HBO!

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The 18 greatest TV drinkeries

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 4th 2007 11:02AM
cheersWelcome to TV Squad Lists (formerly 'The Five'), a feature where each blogger has a chance to list his or her own rundown of things in television that stand out from the rest, both good and bad.

Ah, the friendly neighborhood drinking hole. In one way or another, they're there to give you that much needed morning/evening buzz before/after work or school. In what order you visit them is up to you. We've seen our fair share of these booze and caffeine shoppes on TV throughout the years, and here's my pick for the top 18 -- why settle for just ten?

1) Cheers (Cheers) -- Let's get right down to it and start with the obvious number one choice before we move on. I'm not going to insult you with dragging you on to the end to see what is very obviously the most famous of all TV bars. And since I'm from the area, I have no business not making this number one.

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Six seasons of The Sopranos in 7 minutes - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 31st 2007 1:09PM
tony soprano; the sopranosThe Sopranos returns for its final episodes beginning April 8th, and I can't think of a better way to get caught up on the last six seasons. Some editing genius has put together a recap of the entire series up to this point, including everybody who has been whacked, everybody Tony has slept with, those ducks, Anthony's black-outs, etc. It's only seven minutes long and it's a great refresher. Because, seriously, can anybody keep track of who is still alive?

Video is after the jump- watch it soon, because you never know how long HBO will let it stay up on YouTube. (If they're smart, they'll leave it up there because it's actually marketing for the final episodes)

*UPDATE: Sopranos creator David Chase loves the montage and is asking HBO to leave it up on YouTube. Yay!

[Via Lost Remote]

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