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October 9, 2015

The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros: The Doctor Is Sin

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 8th 2008 11:59PM
Killinger(S03E02) After the season premiere left us with a depressing lack of Venture, this episode more than made up for it, taking place entirely on the family's compound. Plus, bonus Henry Killinger (and his magic murder bag)! "The Doctor Is Sin" marked a turning point in Dr. Venture's character and vulnerabilities. I don't really mind when an entire episode sacrifices fast-moving plot and crazy ninja fights to allow a character to come to critical realizations about himself/herself, as long as said realizations affect his/her future actions. I cannot begin to explain the frustration I feel when seasons carry on as if these moments never happened. Here's to hoping that Dr. Venture's new awareness of his occasional villainous tendencies provide some interesting changes in upcoming episodes.

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The Venture Bros: Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny (season premiere)

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 1st 2008 11:59PM
Shadowman 9(S03E01) It's tough to believe that it has been over a year and a half since we last saw The Venture Bros. Granted, last season's cliffhanger wasn't quite as intense as Hank and Dean's death in Season One, but that didn't stop fans from speculating about Dr. Girlfriend's confession all through those twenty months. "Monarch, I'm..." what? Pregnant? A man? Ready for round two?

Even though I was looking forward to a bit of closure on that, I was also excited about hearing from the Ventures. Strangely enough, there was a surprising lack of Ventures in this episode of The Venture Bros. Instead, we got a whole lot of backstory about the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend and good ol' Phantom Limb. It didn't pack the punch that one would expect from a season premiere, but it certainly delivered all the amazing things that one would expect from the show. I mean, apart from the actual Venture brothers.

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Venture Bros. just made my wardrobe even geekier

by Annie Wu, posted May 27th 2008 2:08PM
Guild TeeDespite my desperate attempts to look somewhat sophisticated by keeping my shirts pressed and my cuffs crisp, every once a while, an irresistible piece of geeky attire will throw off my entire wardrobe. Just take my beloved, ill-fitting "Plan 9 from Outer Space" shirt for example. Oh, Ed Wood, what is this power you have over me?

Now, here comes The Venture Bros. to make things extra-horrible for my wardrobe and my wallet. Fans have spent the last four years or so moaning about how there are barely any goodies for purchase, and the merch gods (in this case, aka Jackson Publick) have spoken just in time for the new season.

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Venture Bros. Season Three teaser sans shrieking laughter - VIDEO

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 25th 2008 8:25AM
Venture Bros.Those of you Venture Bros. fans that watched the Season Three teaser I posted in my NY Comic-Con report probably didn't catch all the jokes. After all, the footage was a recording of a recording and the massive auditorium was packed with people screaming and laughing throughout the entire thing. Heck, I was actually there in-person and I could barely tell what was going on.

Quickstop Entertainment has finally posted high-quality versions of the exclusive teaser. Now you can watch it crouched over your laptop, ears pressed to your cheap speakers, the way media is meant to be enjoyed. Regardless, it looks like we are in for quite a season. According to Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer only had three and a half completed episodes to use for this trailer and this is definitely not a collection of the best of Season Three. If the best is truly still to come, then I'm sure the new season, starting June 1, will be nothing short of crazy spectacular.

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NY Comic-Con: Battlestar Galactica, Moonlight, Venture Bros. - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 22nd 2008 8:22AM
BSG, Moonlight, and Venture Bros.

Okay, I'm finally back from the New York Comic-Con and I still smell like the Javits Convention Center. Fandom seeps into the deepest layers of one's skin and take at least a few weeks to wash out. It's a scientific fact.

The first panel I attended wasn't even TV-related. Worrying that the Battlestar Galactica room would fill before I could even step into the line, I sat through the preceding panel for Wall-E and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian to guarantee a seat. As it turns out, the theater is absolutely huge and two big screens were on either side of the stage, so my worry was kind of pointless. I was reminded of what I already knew: Wall-E looks insanely cute, Chronicles of Narnia has a greasy-haired new guy and the Jesus lion again. However, this is when I began to play a game that lasted throughout the entire weekend: Analyze the differing levels of scary devotion throughout various fanbases!

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Venture Bros. third season starts June 1

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 7th 2008 9:28AM
Venture BrosOkay, okay. It's been a while since we've had a solid update on the Venture Bros. and I suppose we're due for another one. With no new episodes to fill that Venture-shaped void in your hearts, it's cruel to deprive you all of this delicious information. We've got a lot of news to cover, from conventions to soundtracks to Adult Swim super-sneakiness, so let's get started.

All right, best news first: The official premiere date for Season Three is June 1! It has been confirmed by Jackson Publick, so you know it's good. The crew is about to get back to work and start Season Four, which means the wait for a new season won't be quite as painful as usual.

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How to draw The Venture Bros.

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 26th 2008 11:02AM
Doc VentureThe Venture Bros. storyboard artist (and all-around awesome cartoonist) Stephen DeStefano has decided to update his art blog a little more often and if this is any sign of things to come, VB fans are in for a treat. As most of you know, there are three things that I love in life: drawing, The Venture Bros, and fine cheeses. DeStefano's latest update covered two of those categories, so I grabbed a handful of aged cheddar cubes and basked in its greatness.

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It wouldn't be Christmas without a Venture MP3

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 24th 2007 11:01AM
Venture ChristmasIn 2004, the Venture Bros. gang pumped up our holiday spirit with a cover of Bing Crosby and David Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy" duet; in 2005, Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas"; and in 2006, a little thing called "Do They Know It's Christmas?" (part of Venture-Aid 2006). This year, the Christmas love continues with yet another Dr. Girlfriend and Monarch duet, in the form of The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York".

I quite like this song, but I don't think anything will be able to top the Monarch/Henchmen love that was "Hard Candy Christmas". And what's up with the Monarch doing every single song? Jackson Publick must have a little too much fun with that voice.

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It's time for a scientastic Venture Bros. update

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 5th 2007 4:23PM
DeStefano storyboardsWell, the guys behind the Venture Bros. have finally kicked things into post-production, working hard on the third season, which will most likely not premiere until June of 2008. At least it's going to look super-sexy in the new HD widescreen format, right?

Doc Hammer, one half of the writing team and the voice of Dr. Girlfriend and #24, attended Dragon*Con to share the Venture love but, as always, refused to share any spoilers. We still don't have anything juicy at the moment, but storyboard artist Stephen DeStefano just updated his blog with some small sneak peeks.

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Sexy Venture Bros. sexy second season sexy DVD teaser

by Annie Wu, posted Mar 27th 2007 8:07AM
Venture Bros.Last month, I reported on the Venture Bros. panel at the New York Comic-Con. One of the highlights of the evening was the fantastic Season Two DVD teaser -- disguised as a film that used "hypnotic suggestion through overt sexuality" -- that kicked off the discussion, but I felt like I was missing out on some great lines because of all the cheering and laughter. I have already watched online audience videos of the panel multiple times, trying to hear better, but, alas, it all sounded the same as it did in the room.

Now, thanks to Quick Stop Entertainment, the teaser is online! And there is no hooting, no cheering... only quiet whimpers as I cry with joy. Was that a bit much? Sorry.

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Adult Swim news: New shows, old shows return, more stuff happening

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 24th 2007 9:01AM

moral orelHello, people who like Adult Swim. Here's some news and random coolness for you:

First of all, Adult Swim has updated its schedule, and as you can see, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters is on the schedule for April 1, which is most likely a gag, considering it's not even scheduled for theatrical release until April 13.

Speaking of Aqua Teen, check out some more alternate endings to the movie here.

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Animators contribute to NY art exhibit

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 11th 2007 9:02AM

too art for tv too"Too Art For TV, Too" is the second annual art exhibit in New York City featuring artwork from animators in both the TV and movie industries. The exhibit opens on May 4 and runs through May 25 at the Stay Gold Gallery and does not feature work created for the animators' respective TV shows and movies, but rather original art "free from television's corporate demands."

Over thirty-five artists will have work on display, including the Venture Bros' Jackson Publick, and animators for SpongeBob SquarePants, Celebrity Deathmatch, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Code Name: Kid's Next Door and Blue's Clues. That list of show's alone surely makes this worth checking out, which I would do if I actually lived in New York City. You can check out the site here, which has some small samples of the work to be displayed. Jason DiOrio's bony monkey creature is my favorite.

[via Jackson Publick]

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Jackson Publick: The space race, missing moms and geekdom

by Annie Wu, posted Mar 7th 2007 8:28AM
Jackson PublickIn my Comic-Con post, I briefly mentioned The Sound of Young America's interview with the Venture Bros.' Jackson Publick, but I suppose I might as well devote a full post to it, since at least five different people have urged me to do so since then.

This twenty-some minute chat provides a very interesting look into the life of Jackson Publick, covering topics like his educational career (he very briefly attended cartooning school before attending community college and Rutgers University), the loss of his mother and this event's effect on the Venture brothers' own mommy-less world, and the show's prevailing themes of disappointment and failure. I always love hearing from the creative forces behind my favorite shows, so this was a real treat for me.

I also enjoyed Jackson's great Brock Samson impression at the very end of the program. I suppose this means that Jackson can also do fantastic impressions of Kronk (The Emperor's New Groove), Joe Swanson (Family Guy), and Puddy (Seinfeld).

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Watch the Comic-Con Venture Bros. Spotlight - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 28th 2007 3:41PM
Venture Bros.Some lovely soul has uploaded a full video collection of Saturday's New York Comic-Con's Venture Bros. Spotlight, during which creator Jackson Publick confirmed the rumors of a third and fourth season. I reported on my experience in this post, but be sure to watch the videos as well if you want to have a good laugh. The Season Two DVD trailer alone is worth it. Oh, and if the audio in the beginning sounds rather poor, trust me when I say that's exactly what things sounded like in the room. All the cheering and laughing made it really difficult to hear.

Fun Fact: In the sixth video (around 2:20), you can hear me share an obscure pop culture moment with Mike Sinterniklaas when he talks about Monkey... Marvel at the unusually high voice that suddenly squeaks, "Yeah! Journey to the West!" to Sinterniklaas. Yup, that was me. I swear, my voice is much more silky and sultry when I'm not talking to Dean Venture.

Anyway, enjoy the videos after the jump. I'm going back to count the number of times that any of the Venture Bros. guys may have looked at me in the front row.

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NY Comic-Con Saturday: Annie's report

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 25th 2007 5:31PM
Mike, Jackson, and Doc

My femurs feel like they have been broken in several places and each step I take sends the sensation of broken glass into the soles of my feet. The odor of hordes of people still lingers around me, but I don't know where it's coming from because my clothes smell fine. Next to me, I have a large bag of various free things, half of which I don't need nor like (so much manga). You see, I have just spent the entire day at the New York Comic-Con. I shall share the story of my short Saturday with you, not just as a reporter, but also as a fan and a first-time convention-goer.

Upon closer inspection, I think the "hordes of people" smell is coming from my shoes. Ew. Convention feet.

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