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Why a seven scale, you ask? Why not five or ten? Why not A through F or zebra through giraffe? The quick answer is: because we can.

Actually we wanted to do something a little different, give something unique to our ratings scale. Why a boring 10 scale when we could have seven? Nine is too high and four is too low. Six is even and doesn't give you that middle-of-the-road,neutral rating possibility. So, seven it is.

Hopefully the explanation below will help you explain each rating a little more. Click on any of the little TVs to see any shows we've rated that number since April10, 2007.

rating 1
A complete waste of time. We would have had more fun having teeth pulled.
rating 2
Wasn't the worst episode but was pretty close.
rating 3
Was looking at the clock wondering when the pain would be over.
rating 4
Not much to say good or bad about the episode.
rating 5

A decent episode, though nothing huge or exciting went on.
rating 6

This was a great, entertaining episode, but not perfect.
rating 7
A perfect or very-near perfect episode. Possibly Emmy-worthy, even.

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