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 More than three decades before playing an uptight Catholic mother in The Perfect Family (out in select theaters today), Kathleen Turner was eating the 1980s film world a...
 Note: The following contains spoilers if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 11 of The CW's
 Director Asif Kapadia. Portrait by Leslie Hassler. 
Documentaries are like Shakespeare and musical theater. 98% of the time they feel like an un-ending math class, but t...
 Christian films, or faith-based films, with the exception of Passion of the Christ, share a characteristic I don't like.  They aren't cinematic.  Fireproof looks like it...

Called the most important media project in the history of the Catholic Church in America, this documentary -- four years in the making -- on faith and history features the Rev. Robert Barron visiting 50 locations in 16 countries, from the sacred lands of Israel and the beautiful shrines of Italy, France, and Spain, to the streets of Mexico, India and New York. "I wanted to show the texture of Catholicism," Barron says. "We have all this great, visible wealth in the church and I didn't want to reduce it to just words and ideas. Whenever we had an idea to present, we asked ourselves: `How can we show that idea?' And that's really what inspired the whole series."