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 Things were getting a little weird on
 “Drop Dead Diva” came back from the dead on Lifetime and it brought another person back from the dead with it. In the Season 5 premiere, the original Jane returned and t...
 Josh Stamberg will be nowhere in sight in the upcoming season of
  • More 'Diva' Drama

  • Josh Stamberg will be nowhere in sight in the upcoming season of "Drop Dead Diva." The series regular has left his role as Jay Parker, a law firm managing partner, The W...
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 Lifetime is resurrecting
  • 'Drop Dead Diva' Is Alive!

  • Lifetime is resurrecting "Drop Dead Diva" for Season 5, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Josh Berman series was cancelled on January 15, although at the time it...
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 Lifetime has cancelled
  • Lifetime Cancels 'Drop Dead Diva'

  • Lifetime has cancelled "Drop Dead Diva," Deadline is reporting. The cable network will reportedly not go forward with a fifth season, although the dramedy's production ...
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 Nancy Grace has been having a lot of fun in recent years poking fun at her own persona on various scripted shows. She dropped by
 No, she was not arrested for overexposure.  Kim Kardashian donned prison orange for an upcoming episode of Lifetime's
 Dance teaching tyrant Abby Lee Miller, star of Lifetime's
 The votes are in, and
 Jane is an emotional wreck over her engagement with Owen on

Jane's mother is arrested; Grayson convinces Deb's mother to sue a local casino for using Deb's image; Kim gives Fred relationship advice.