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  • Generation Kill: Stay Frosty

  • (Part 6 of 7) "You know, Iraqis don't really seem good at fighting, but they never really completely surrender either." - Person And therein lies the difference between ...
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 (Part 5 of 7)
  • Generation Kill: A Burning Dog

  • (Part 5 of 7) "You think givin' them some rice and a chocolate bar is gonna fix things?" - Espera This was by far the best installment Of Generation Kill we've seen yet....
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 (Part 4 of 7)
  • Generation Kill: Combat Jack

  • (Part 4 of 7) "Well sir, it's just that you're incompetent, sir." - Doc Bryan I've asked before, and I'll ask again: why aren't more of the good guys dying? When CIA-tra...
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     At 8, ABC has a new High School Musical: Get in the Picture.
  CBS has a new Big Brother at 8.
  NBC has preseason football at 8, the Redskins vs. the Colts.
  Also ...
 (Part 3 of 7)
  • Generation Kill: Screwby

  • (Part 3 of 7) "Yeah... these guys waving at us are probably the same ones who tried to kill us yesterday." - Cpl. Josh Ray Person On the road again. More banter. More of...
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 (Part 2 of 7)
  (Part 1 of 7)
  At 8, CBS has the premiere of Big Brother. 
  Food Network has a new Challenge at 8. 
  At 9, NBC has Miss Universe 2008. 
  At 9, PBS has a new Masterpiece. 
  USA h...
I remember seeing a promo for Generation Kill very briefly after the series finale of The Wire, but at the time I didn't think much of it. Which is crazy, really, becau...

Highly trained young Marines of the First Reconnaissance Battalion struggle with inadequate supplies, bureaucratic snafus and poor communication as they lead the drive into Baghdad during the first weeks of the war in Iraq, in a seven-part miniseries based on the best-selling nonfiction book by embedded Rolling Stone correspondent Evan Wright.