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 ABC is back in the game show business, but their latest entry has a philanthropic twist. In 'You Deserve It' (Mon., 9PM ET on ABC), contestants participate in the quiz s...

At first glance, "You Deserve It" seems like your usual prime-time network game show -- contestants answer questions for a chance to win big money (up to $250,000 in this case). The twist with this show, hosted by Chris Harrison, is that the contestants aren't playing for themselves. They play for friends or family members who they feel, as the title suggests, are deserving of the cash. Each contestant starts with a $10,000 round and buys a series of clues to help them solve puzzles, earning cash for the chosen beneficiary, who is under constant hidden-camera surveillance in another location throughout the show. During the show, the beneficiary is surprised by family, friends and co-host Brooke Burns, who reveal the life-changing news, letting the person know how much money the contestant earned for him or her.