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October 9, 2015


Fox Announces 'Glee' Movie (In 3D!)

by Jean Bentley, posted May 4th 2011 3:35PM
Glee'Glee' on the big screen? Yep, it's true. The New Directions gang is heading to the movies.

20th Century Fox announced today that it will release 'GLEE LIVE! 3D!,' a feature film culled from footage that will be shot during this summer's upcoming 'Glee Live! In Concert!' tour. The 3D extravaganza will enjoy a two-week theatrical run beginning Aug. 12.

'Glee' co-creator Ryan Murphy said in a statement that the film will allow Gleeks who couldn't get tickets to the concert tour a chance to experience the madness firsthand.

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'Teen Mom' Star Jailed, Matthew Morrison Previews His Solo Album and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 28th 2010 11:45AM
Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood, one of the stars of MTV's 'Teen Mom,' is in jail following felony domestic battery charges.

"Amber is scared," Shawn Portwood, Amber's brother, told E! Online. "Gary is here with us. He's upset, too."

Portwood's legal trouble comes after MTV camera crews filmed her hitting Gary Shirley in front of their daughter. The 'Teen Mom' footage was subpoenaed from MTV after Indiana authorities received complaints from Child Protective Services.

Though Portwood already posted $5,000 bail, she has to remain in jail for a 24-hour hold, she . According to her brother, Amber was picked up just before a family Christmas celebration.

In other TV news ...

The blizzard in the Northeast has affected the Nielsen ratings. The snow caused NBC to cancel 'Sunday Night Football' for the night, sinking the network in ratings. Fox won the night with reruns of its animation comedy block. [Live Feed]

The upcoming 'Tron' animated series will bridge the gap between 'Tron' and 'Tron: Legacy.' Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, 'Tron: Legacy' screenwriters, are involved with the series and confirmed it will be considered in continuity. [Box Office Magazine]

'Modern Family' star Rico Rodriguez has launched a clothing line. Rodriguez, who plays Manny on the ABC hit, partnered with his sister to launch RAR It Fitz Fashions. [Movieline]

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Are You Ready for 'MythBusters' in 3D?

by Jean Bentley, posted Nov 11th 2010 11:20AM
'MythBusters'Have you ever watched 'MythBusters' and thought to yourself, "Gee, I like watching things blow up and get destroyed, but these experiments feel dulled by the constraints of two dimensions"?

Well, wait a little longer and your three-dimensional dreams might come true. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 3D channel formed from Discovery Communications, IMAX and Sony Corp. is "extremely interested" in filming several episodes of 'MythBusters' in native 3D -- meaning the shows will be planned specifically for the medium.

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3-D TV May Make You Sick

by Gary Susman, posted Apr 15th 2010 6:00PM
The new wave of 3-D televisions offers something for almost everyone: nausea, seizures, cramps, dizziness, muscle-twitching, disorientation and strokes.

By "almost everyone," we mean children, teenagers, pregnant women, people with a family history of epilepsy or stroke, the elderly, people with serious medical conditions and people who drink. Those are among the groups cited in a medical warning posted online by Samsung, one of the manufacturers of the new 3-D TVs.

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3D Game Shows? 'Wheel of Fortune' Could Be First

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 8th 2010 8:35AM
Wheel of FortuneI can think of about 75 changes to television I'd like to see before this, but apparently they're thinking of bringing 3D technology to game shows. Last Friday, the producers of 'Wheel of Fortune' showed a 3D clip of the show at Sony's 3D Technology Center. Executive producer Harry Friedman says he's "interested in keeping [the show] fresh...without changing the game." One of the ways to do that is to change the way the show is filmed, the set, and the technology used. It's a tricky thing though. Even if you don't change the game at all, 'Wheel of Fortune' has been around for a very long time and dedicated fans like things the way they are.

Is 3D television something you'd actually watch on a regular basis, or is it something you'd want to use rarely, maybe for movies or playing video games? While there are now 3D television sets being sold, I'm still not sold on the technology. I certainly don't want to wear any special glasses or change the way I watch TV in any way just to see someone buy a vowel.

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Discovery Channel also going 3D

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 6th 2010 10:29AM
The only way a 3D version of ESPN could be cooler is if ESPN aired some kind of awesome competition at the X-Games that involved skateboarders and sharks.

So until some stoned extreme sports team organizer invents "sharkboarding," we'll just have to settle with a three-dimensional Discovery Channel.

The network is teaming with Sony and IMAX to launch its own 3D, 24-hour channel by 2011. It doesn't say exactly what the programming will entail, but expect a lot of giant man-eating animals trying to jump out of your TV and claw their way up the food chain.

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ESPN shooting with 3D TV, but will it score?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 5th 2010 9:00PM
If three dimensional television is just a passing fad, then clearly no one told ESPN.

The all sports cable network will implement 3D technology with a new sports channel, set to premiere this year. The first 3D game will be the FIFA World Cup in June.

Would you watch your sports if they were in glorious 3D? If anything, it would make watching soccer tolerable.

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The next television technological breakthrough

by Brad Trechak, posted Sep 30th 2009 4:00PM
3D televisionWhy must Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and that lot constantly develop new technologies in an attempt to break my bank account? First it was things like flat television and high definition. Now, Panasonic is joining the ranks of other television manufacturers to produce a high definition television that can handle both 2D and 3D images. But this time, they're enlisting Hollywood to help them sell it.

The idea is that Hollywood is producing more 3D films and this technology will enable the sale of 3D DVDs. It could even potentially be the feature to push Blu-ray sales to the level of regular DVDs (assuming it's only on Blu-ray).

Do we really need to be able to watch 3D movies at home? It sounds like one of those things that seem extraneous at first then once you have it in the home you have no idea how you lived without it. 3D television has been talked about for years now. We'll have to see if this is the event that pushes it more to the mainstream.

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The convention that WAS and WASN'T - Comic-Con Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jul 27th 2009 10:09AM
Not everyone at Comic-Con International was a fan of Twilight.There's still plenty of Comic-Con International coverage en route from me, including exclusive interviews you'll only find here.

But, as the Monday morning after the madness dawns, we'll take a few minutes and review the major impressions left by the four day weekend.

What happened? What were the biggest themes of the convention and what didn't happen that everyone was hoping would. In other words, what was Comic-Con 2009, and where did it fall short?

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New 3-D channel coming at ya

by Danny Gallagher, posted Apr 15th 2009 9:05AM
3d glassesHave you been clamoring for an all 3-D television network? Have you been hoping and praying that the god of your choice would listen to your prayers and deliver unto you a fully three dimensional network? Have you been unable to sleep for months on end as your very sanity teeters on the precipice of your grasp on reality?

Me neither.

Nevertheless, a publicly traded company hopes to turn a humble syndicated network into the world's first fully three-dimensional channel.

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I don't care what NBC is saying... 3D on TV still doesn't work

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 30th 2009 12:00PM
Today talks about 3DThis morning, among all its other self-promotional Super Bowl nonsense, NBC's Today show was promoting the 3D experience that fans will see during the game on Sunday. Sobe and the animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens will both have ads in 3D, and then fans can use the same glasses to watch Monday night's episode of Chuck, which is shot with the same Intel Tru3D technology as the ads. DreamWorks' co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg appeared on Today with Zachary Levi from Chuck to promote the technology and explain how different it was from the old red-and-green 3D that gave people headaches in the days of yore.

According to Levy and Katzenberg, this version of 3D is supposed to work, no matter what the delivery method. Well, NBC was kind enough to send me a preview copy of Monday's Chuck (which I sent on to Allison for her episode review), complete with glasses. I've got to tell you... it doesn't work. At least not on TV. At least not for me.

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From HD...to 3-D?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 12th 2009 2:08PM
So you've got that new high definition television in the living room, your 120 gig TiVo recording all of your favorite shows and a cable box with more channels than a Roman aqueduct.

Think you've reached the pinnacle of home entertainment? The Consumer Electronics Show would beg to differ.

Some 3-D TV's popped up on the convention floor and the advent of the burgeoning technology is starting to create a bit of buzz that it could become the next step over HD TV.

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Smurfs movie to come out in 3-D

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 28th 2006 1:33PM
smurfsHow about a big, blue, smurfy nose in your face? The Smurfs are getting their own movie and it's going to be in 3-D and CG. While that's pretty cool, it's really not the most interesting part of this article with Smurfs movie producer Jordan Kerner. Let's just say he is an extreme fan of the cartoon. Kerner says he has watched all 234 episodes of The Smurfs numerous times. He's producing a trilogy of Smurfs movies that fill in the "holes" in all the episodes. He gives the example that sometimes there was another female Smurf that was not Smurfette. He has come up with an explanation for that and many other things, including a backstory for Gargamel. The last time I watched The Smurfs, I was a kid. I sure don't remember any "holes" in the series. I'd like to know where baby Smurfs come from if Smurfette is the only girl!

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coming in May

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 19th 2006 5:05PM
mickey mouseHere's a question for anyone who's reading this who has little kids: do kids today even know who Mickey Mouse is? I know Disney still maintains a talon-like hold on the subconscious of preschoolers everywhere, but I don't know if ol' Mickey gets much attention these days. Well, he may be getting more attention when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premieres in May as part of the Disney Channel's "Playhouse Disney" block. The new computer-animated program will feature Mickey and his close pals Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and Daisy Duck as they take part in weird and fun adventures and teach basic fundamentals of learning. The theme song is written and performed by They Might Be Giants. The show debuts in primetime at 7:30 p.m. on May 5, and then rerun the next morning in its regular Saturday 9:00 a.m. timeslot.

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