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October 7, 2015


New TV on DVD for March 23: 'Mad Men,' '7th Heaven' and More

by Scott Harris, posted Mar 23rd 2010 3:15PM
In 'Julius Caesar,' Shakespeare famously wrote, "beware the Ides of March," leading generations of students to wonder: just what the heck is an "Ide"? Technically, it's the 15th day of the month, while metaphorically it's a sign of impending doom. But for those of you wondering what a real Ide of March is, look no further than this week's random and lackluster assortment of DVD releases. Because when one of the top releases of the week is 'Krod Mandoon,' well, be very wary indeed.

Not that there aren't some bright spots in these dog days of spring. 'Mad Men,' for instance, has capitalized on the weak crop by releasing 'Mad Men: Season 3,' ensuring that the acclaimed series will get even more attention than it might otherwise have during a more crowded week. Not that we'd expect anything less form the savvy folks at Sterling Cooper.

Also on the plus side of the lameness ledger is old favorite '7th Heaven,' which turns up just when you need it like a threadbare-but-comfy sweater. The latest batch of adventures featuring the Camden clan is '7th Heaven: The Complete Tenth Season.' Ten seasons! Eat that, 'Eight is Enough.'

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Who Are Your Favorite TV Parents?

by Sandie Angulo Chen, posted Mar 9th 2010 3:00PM
Parenthood on NBC review
Since NBC's new family dramedy 'Parenthood' premiered last week, it's time to reflect on the best of primetime parents. All of us who grew up watching TV had favorites -- the kind of parents we measured the very notion of parenthood by, and sometimes even our own mothers and fathers, because they were so sweet and loving or patient and smart or fun and free-spirited -- or all of the above. Here's your chance, as Inside TV readers, to pick your favorite set of fictional TV parents. Don't see your personal faves as a choice, just tell us in the comments.

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Memorable TV Weddings

by AOL TV Staff, posted Oct 8th 2009 4:00PM
The OfficeIn the mood for a little 'Office' romance?

Tonight, Jim and Pam head to Niagara Falls to (finally!) tie the knot.

In honor of Dunder Mifflin's long-awaited union, we count down some of TV's memorable matrimonial affairs.

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Am I the only one excited about Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on Melrose Place?

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 9th 2009 3:04PM
ashlee simpson wentzI've never seen Ashlee Simpson-Wentz act. I know she played a janitor or something on 7th Heaven, but I kind of missed the entire eleven-year run of that series. I've also never purchased and Ashlee Simpson album, so while I have heard her sing, or you know, not sing, I can't say I'm a huge fan. So I don't really know why I'm excited to hear she's joining the cast of CW's revamped Melrose Place, but I am.

I watched the original Melrose Place off and on, and while it was perfect mid-90s soapy goodness, I don't really feel that there's a burning need for its return. However, the new 90210 is doing pretty well for the fledgling CW, so I certainly can't blame them for taking the next logical step in bringing back its spinoff.

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TV Athletes Quiz

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 5th 2008 11:58AM
How much do you know about TV sports stars?

Always picked last in gym class? That's OK. You don't need to be a jock to ace this game.

You do, however, need some serious TV skills to answer which position Tim Riggins plays, which sport was popular on Caprica or which Simpsons' sibling acted as goalie.

Think you're ready? Then bring it on.

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TV Dogs Quiz

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 14th 2008 6:00AM
LassieWhich TV pooch released an autobiography called 'My Life as a Dog'?

Island-dwelling heroes, martini-swilling Ivy Leaguers and autobiography-penning sitcom actors ... we're talking, of course, about TV land's most beloved canine cohorts.

How much do you know about the most memorable prime-time pooches?

Take our quiz and find out! Be warned: it's "ruff" stuff.

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Haylie Duff: The TV Squad Interview

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 2nd 2008 6:22PM
Haylie DuffI talked with Haylie Duff this afternoon. She has a new show on MTV called Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods. Ten young women from across the country will compete for a starring role in the hit Broadway show.

Read on to find about what Haylie said about the finalists, the judges, and her own stint on Broadway as Amber Von Tussie in Hairspray.

Kristin Sample: So tell me about the show.
Haylie Duff: It premieres tonight on MTV. And I'm excited about it. We've got a lot of really talented girls and there's a great prize at the end of the season. So, the stakes are high and we're all excited about it.

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TV Moms Quiz

by Kelly Woo, posted May 5th 2008 2:19PM
What's the name of the bowling instructor who almost wooed Marge Simpson away from her family?

Let's face it ... everybody can acknowledge that it's mother who knows best.

Beloved TV moms from Carol Brady to Claire Huxtable to Lorelai Gilmore have given sage advice, fixed boo-boos and given tongue-lashings for decades.

How well do you know these magnificent mamas? Take our TV moms quiz now and find out.

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Odenkirk cast as Birbigilia's bro

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 8th 2008 2:02PM
Bob OdenkirkThere's news about CBS's Mike Birbiglia's Secret Public Journal, and from the sounds of it, this may be a real sleeper -- that's if you believe in the quality of the casting. Joining Mike in the show are comic Bob Odenkirk, actress Rachel Blanchard and former deejay Phil Hendrie.

Mike Birbiglia's Secret Public Journal, based on his stand up comedy, includes Blanchard (7th Heaven) as his significant other, an aspiring doctor and the sensible one of the couple. Phil Hendrie, best known as a popular radio talker but was also on The Unit in a supporting role, has been cast as Mike's abrasive doctor. But perhaps the best news for this CBS project is adding Bob O to the company as Mike's big brother. In everything I've ever seen him do, Odenkirk is a riot. He's a two-time Emmy winner for his comedy writing.

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Hallmark books Newhart, Bisset and more old faves

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 27th 2008 9:02AM
Bob NewhartThe buttoned down mind of Bob Newhart is coming back to TV. In August, Hallmark Channel will present Newhart in Herb's Murders, a two-hour original TV movie. And that's not all. Hallmark, which yesterday announced Jane Seymour in a detective movie called Dear Prudence, has other old TV favorites slated for original telefilms.

There's former 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins will star in The Ride of Her Life; Jacqueline Bisset has a holiday pic in the works called Thanksgiving Reunion, which will air in November; and Pam Grier, Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch) and Donna Mills (Knots Landings) will headline Ladies of the House, about three women from the same church who team up on a home renovation project.

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7th Heaven: And Away We Go (series finale. We're serious this time)

by Richard Keller, posted May 13th 2007 10:27PM

Eric Camden in the 7th Heaven finale

(S11E22) For some reason I have a case of deja vu right now. That must be due to the fact that 7th Heaven already had a series finale last year. We all thought that was the last we would see of the Camdens, at least in first-run episodes that is. However, by some miracle (or greed, you take your pick) the executives over at the brand new CW network decided to bring the show back one more time.

It was probably the biggest mistake they could've made. The 7th Heaven that premiered on the CW back in September barely resembled the show that was one of the most popular on the old WB. Other than Lucy and the twins (whose acting skills made the Olsen twins look like master thespians while they were on Full House) there was barely a Camden left. The rest of the cast was filled out with Martin and Sandy, and three new teens who became part of the extended family.

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What's On Tonight: 60 Minutes, King of the Hill, 7th Heaven, Entourage

by Bob Sassone, posted May 13th 2007 5:01PM
  • Survivor logoAt 7, CBS has a new 60 Minutes, followed by the season finale/live reunion of Survivor.
  • ABC has a new America's Funniest Home Videos, followed by new episodes of Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters.
  • NBC has a new Dateline at 7.
  • At 7:30, FOX has a new King of the Hill.
  • At 8, The CW has the series finale of 7th Heaven.
  • At 9, FOX has a new Family Guy, then a new American Dad.
  • Emeril goes food shopping on a new Emeril Live, at 9 on Food Network.
  • TNT has an NBA playoff game at 9, the Jazz vs. the Warriors.
  • HBO has a new ep of The Sopranos at 9, then a new Entourage.
  • At 10, Lifetime has a new episode of Blood Ties.
  • MSNBC has this morning's Meet the Press at 10, if you missed it.
  • Comedy Central has a new Mind of Mencia at 10, then a new Reno 911.
  • Showtime has a new episode of The Tudors at 10.
  • Also at 10: FOX News has a new episode of The 1/2 Hour News Hour.

Check your local TV listings for more.

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TV Squad lists your May finales

by Richard Keller, posted Apr 4th 2007 10:01AM

7th Heaven comes to an end on May 13thWow, time sure does fly, doesn't it? It seems like only a few short months ago that we were talking about a new television season that was full of promise and good fortune. Yeah, right! And now, we look towards May, a mere three or so weeks away, and the end of the official television season.

That being said, we've gone ahead and updated our current list of season/series premieres and finales with the latest information on when your favorite shows will be coming to an end for the summer, or forever. Most of the shows will be ending between May 14th and May 20th. Also, mark your calendars for May 21st thru May 23rd because this is when the latest winners will be announced for both Dancing With the Stars and American Idol.

Also updated is the return of One Tree Hill to The CW schedule (May 2nd) as well as some changes that were made to other premieres/finales over the last few weeks. So, review at your leisure and remember that dates are subject to change at a moment's notice.

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7th Heaven canceled, again (really)

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 3rd 2007 1:21PM

7th HeavenIt looks like The Show That Would Not Die has actually died. For real this time.

As Isabelle mentioned last week, there was a rumor going around that the cast and crew of The CW's long-running drama 7th Heaven were told that the show had been canceled. And now the network confirms it. The show will air its last episode on May 13 at 8pm.

Last season it looked like the show was canceled, but the new CW network decided to give the show another season, suprising not just fans and other networks but I'm sure the cast and crew as well. No one really knows why the show was given another season, and I would have liked to have been in on the meeting where execs said "another year for 7th Heaven? Sure, what the hell."

So, for you fans who are still watching the show, how should it end?

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7th Heaven cancelled?

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Mar 30th 2007 8:02PM
7th HeavenI'm sure most fans of the series expected this news since The WB had already canceled 7th Heaven last season before The CW decided to resurrect it so it would have some long-time running shows in its launching schedule. According to the Watch With Kristin column at E! Online, the cast and crew of the series have been told today that the series would not return for a twelfth season.

7th Heaven stars Stephen Collins, Beverley Mitchell, Catherine Hicks, Mackenzie Rosman, and many more. It also introduced us to Barry Watson and Jessica Biel just to name two.

No matter what we think about the series, it made TV history when, in its 10th season, 7th Heaven became the longest running family drama on TV.

New episodes (and possibly the final episodes of the series) will resume on Sunday April 8 on The CW.

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