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October 8, 2015


The CW orders full seasons of The Game and ... 7th Heaven?

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 20th 2006 4:25PM

7th Heaven CastI may get a little pissy along the way, so please forgive me in advance.

The CW Network, a amalgamation of the old WB and UPN networks, has ordered full seasons for two of its shows. The first is the Kelsey Grammer-produced comedy The Game. Network executives have been impressed with the 95% retention rate of this show from its lead-in Girlfriends, which is also produced by Kelsey Grammer. According to the press release, The Game centers on the lives and relationships among NFL wives, girlfriends and mom/managers who use their best to help their men stay on the field and on their arm.

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What's on tonight: 60 Minutes, The Wire, Dexter, Cold Case, Jon Stewart, Football

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 15th 2006 5:04PM
  • Jon StewartAt 7, ABC has a new America's Funniest Home Videos, followed by new episodes of Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters.
  • CBS has a new 60 Minutes at 7, followed by new episodes of The Amazing Race, Cold Case, and Without A Trace.
  • NBC has a new Football Night In America at 7, followed by the Raiders vs. the Broncos.
  • The CW has new eps of 7th Heaven and Runaway, starting at 7.
  • FOX has more baseball at 7:30, the Mets vs. the Cardinals.
  • At 8, Emeril cooks up some "Ballpark Foods" on a new Emeril Live on Food Network.
  • Comedy Central has The Night Of Too Many Stars, a benefit for autism. It's on at 8 and is hosted by Jon Stewart.
  • Around 8:20, TCM has the classic movie Touch of Evil.
  • At 10, Lifetime has a new Angela's Eyes.
  • There's a new ep of The Wire on HBO at 10.
  • Also at 10: Showtime has a new Dexter.

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Renewal pretty much sucks for 7th Heaven

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 29th 2006 10:11AM
7th heaven castIt turns out, coming back for an eleventh season isn't such a great thing for the cast and crew of 7th Heaven. According to this article (credited to a Wall Street Journal writer), The CW has the veteran show on a shoestring budget. When The CW brought it back from the dead last spring, CBS Paramount Television, the company that produces the show, cut salaries across the board for actors, producers and writers. CBS also ordered editing to be done in six days rather than seven and it cut all nighttime shoots, which can get expensive. Thanks to all the cost cutting, The CW pays between $1.4 and $1.8 million per episode, compared to the $3 million that WB paid to air each episode. That price is 70% below what most networks pay for an hour-long show.

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7th Heaven: Turn,Turn,Turn (season premiere)

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 25th 2006 10:40PM

The 7th Heaven cast(S11E01) I am about to incur a wrath. I have just watched the 11th season premiere of 7th Heaven. I have just one question: why was there an 11th season of 7th Heaven?

Before you start beating me up let me say that I have been a huge fan of the series since it premiered on the WB ten years ago. I loved the writing and the humor, and enjoyed watching the Camden kids grow up. I even liked the show during the seasons where they focused more on the secondary characters than the Camdens themselves (around the 7th or 8th season). With that said, the show I watched on Monday night was not the 7th Heaven I remember from even a season ago. In fact, you could actually call it an updated version of I Love Lucy, because it looks like the main focus of the show is going to be on Lucy Kinkirk (originally Camden) and husband Kevin. Well, there is another couple that will get some focus, but I'll talk about them later in this post.

So, if you dare, jump ahead to read on.

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Rich's Fall TV Schedule

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 12th 2006 7:14PM

Studio 60Believe it or not, I don't watch much TV. With two daughters, five- and three-years-old respectively, and a set of five-month-old fraternal twins (boy and girl), there really isn't much time in the schedule to sit down and watch a show on a regular basis. Heck, by the time I turn on the television some evenings it's to watch Futurama and Family Guy on Adult Swim. So, the shows I do choose are ones that I know I'll watch on the regular basis because I'm reviewing them for TV Squad, or because I've already committed years of time on them already. With that in mind, here is the breakdown of what I'll be watching this fall.

Sunday: With Sunday Night Football dominating the NBC schedule for the first half of the television season, and the fact I do not watch football (yes, I'm un-American. So deport me!), I won't be watching much this day. I will probably get back into The Simpsons and Family Guy (and King of the Hill when it returns) this year since The West Wing is no longer with us.

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What's on tonight: The Closer, Saved, Hell's Kitchen, Kyle XY, RAW

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 26th 2006 4:37PM
  • The CloserAt 8, ABC has a repeat Wife Swap, followed by a repeat Supernanny and a new episode of How To Get The Guy.
  • CBS has repeats of King of Queen's, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami.
  • NBC has a repeat Treasure Hunters at 8, a new episode, then a repeat Medium.
  • Over on FOX at 8, a repeat Hell's Kitchen, followed by a new episode.
  • The WB has two repeats of 7th Heaven, while UPN has repeats of One on One, All of Us, Girlfriends, and Half & Half. Boy, I'll be glad when I don't have to write up both of these networks in the fall.
  • Also at 8: ABC Family has the premiere of Kyle XY.
  • At 9, USA has a new WWE Monday Night RAW.
  • TNT has a new The Closer at 9, followed by a new Saved.
  • Lifetime has the 2006 TV movie Cheaters at 9.

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How 7th Heaven got its groove back

by Richard Keller, posted May 19th 2006 1:02PM

The cast of 7th Heaven -- Renewed for a 11th season on the CWWe thought the show was over. It was announced way back in November of 2005 that this would be the last season of the WB's family drama 7th Heaven. Then, The CW came along, which merged the UPN and WB networks into one, and there were new rumors of the show being renewed. The rumors became truth this past week when The CW announced an 11th season of the show during its upfronts.

This, of course, led everyone else to the most logical question to ask about this whole situation:  What the hell?

It turns out that the executives at The CW were probably asking the same question themselves, since they didn't know the status of the show until the last minute. According to statements made at Thursday's upfronts the renewal decision was made sometime between the promotion of and airing of the series finale and the upfront presentation. After looking at the show's ratings (7 million for the finale and 5.2 million during the rest of the season, making it the most-watched show on either the WB or UPN) the cost of the show, and the rest of the new CW schedule, the decision was made to bring back the Camden brood.


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The Upfronts: The CW

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 18th 2006 7:58AM
the cwThe CW (formerly known as UPN and The WB, its official logo to the right) officially announces its 2006-07 prime-time schedule today, though there was a preview given last night. Some favorites from both old networks have made the cut, while there are some fans of old shows who will likely feel disappointed. The changes in brief:

Returning: 7th Heaven; Gilmore Girls; Smallville; Beauty and the Geek; Supernatural; One Tree Hill; All of Us; Girlfriends; Veronica Mars; WWE Smackdown; America's Next Top Model; Everybody Hates Chris.

Out: The Bedford Diaries; Blue Collar TV; Everwood; Living With Fran; Modern Men; Pepper Dennis; Reba; Related; Survival of the Richest; Twins; Cuts; Eve; Get This Party Started; Half & Half; Love, Inc.; One on One; South Beach; What I Like About You; Charmed.

New: Runaway; The Game; Palm Springs.

Everbody Hates Chris
(to Sundays at 8); All Of Me (to Sundays); Girlfriends (to Sundays); The Game (Sundays); One Tree Hill (Wednesdays at 9).

Check back here later in the day for any updates that may come from the official Upfront presentation. Detailed descriptions of the new shows are after the jump below.

[Thanks to The Futon Critic for the info.]

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Remember that 7th Heaven series finale? Nevermind.

by Anna Johns, posted May 12th 2006 8:40PM
7th heaven castWhat is the deal with all the on-again, off-again news about 7th Heaven? I'm really sick of the show and I don't even watch it! The latest, coming from Mediaweek, is that The CW has ordered up 13 episodes of an 11th season of 7th Heaven (which Bob says had a crappy finale earlier this week). We'll know for sure on Thursday when The CW announces its fall schedule. As of now, The CW is refusing to comment.

In case you're keeping track, last November WB announced this was the final season of 7th Heaven. The cast even had a big series wrap party after shooting the last episode. But, now that WB and UPN are no more, The CW reportedly wants WB's highest-rated show on its network. It makes sense. But, why all the back and forth about whether the show is over?

[Grazie, Vito]

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7th Heaven is over. Probably.

by Anna Johns, posted May 6th 2006 1:37PM
7th heaven castVariety is reporting that Monday night's episode is in fact the series finale for 7th Heaven. I guess all those rumors that the show was getting an 11th season were really just rumors. WB had previously announced that this season was the final one but when WB and UPN caved, things weren't so clear with new network The CW.

The show will wrap up with the return of Jessica Biel and Barry Watson, just in time for Simon Camden's marriage to Rose. "We think it will be pretty satisfying to people," said Stephen Collins, who plays Eric Camden.

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Season finale schedule! Come on, get happy!

by Richard Keller, posted May 2nd 2006 4:40PM

Lost's 2nd season finale on May 24thAh, spring! Warm days and cool nights, the sounds of children playing. Short pants and short dresses as the first wisps of summer arrive. It is a time of renewal; except, of course, for the television networks. For them, spring, and particularly the month of May, represents one thing only: season and series finales.

Yep, after a long, hard year it's time to say good-bye to some of your favorite characters and shows as they leave for the summer, or perhaps for good if they are not renewed or are ending their series runs. In place of them will be endless reruns, summer replacements, and Big Brother. May the Lord help us all!

Being the networks, who want to maximize the most viewership and advertising dollars, these finales are not just during one week in May, but are staggered throughout the whole month. Some even leak into the first week of June. This can be very confusing to keep track of and may cause your DVR to have a meltdown. However, fear not true TV Squad readers, because we are here to list the finales of the shows you watch the most. I mean, gosh, we would be remiss if we didn't provide information on the last episode of Lost for the year (May 24th) or the series finale of Alias (May 22nd). It would be just scandalous.

Oh, one more thing before you make the jump . . . if you don't see your favorite show on this list, or want to see when some of the famous May special events are being broadcast (such as The 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards) click on this link for a full listing from AOL Television. Okay, all ready? Then, let's get this show on the road.

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Resurrection for 7th Heaven?

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 10th 2006 8:52AM
7th heaven the cwThe CW is reportedly thinking about giving 7th Heaven an eleventh season, even though The WB announced its cancellation back in November. According to the Los Angeles Times industry blog, called Channel Island, talks are underway to keep the family-friendly soap on the air for at least one more season.

The big question is why The CW would want to do this? When it canceled 7th Heaven, The WB said it's because the show will lose $16 million this year. I doubt these actors would agree to bump down their salaries for one last go.

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Don't Forget! Surface, Out Of Practice, Just Legal, How I Met Your Mother, and Kitchen Confidential start tonight

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 19th 2005 3:23PM

Not to mention the return of Arrested Development, Two and a Half Men, The King of Queens, 7th Heaven, Las Vegas, Medium, and CSI: Miami. Whoa. That's quite a night of shows, so make sure you TiVo, VCR, and/or court transcriptionists are all set.

We'll have reviews of many of the above later tonight, so don't forget to check back.

So...what are you watching tonight?

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