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October 4, 2015


Nickelodeon changes logo, continues to kill my childhood

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 5th 2009 10:02AM
nickelodeon logoAre you weeping, children of the late-80s and early-90s? As you may have heard, Nickelodeon is getting a new logo. Understandably, they're going for something that can be incorporated into their infinite number of other properties, but the removal of that classic splatter is certainly the end of an era. Take a look at some of the new ways they'll be using the updated logo.

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80's sitcom intros that now look like self-parodies - VIDEO

by Eliot Glazer, posted Mar 15th 2009 2:02PM
small wonderIt goes without saying that television from the 80's - as a decade - tends to stand on its own as having provided some of the oddest junk we may ever see: the glorification of cat-fights (see: Dynasty), the existence of Twin Peaks, and an alien as the star of his own sitcom (see: Tony Danza Alf).

Of course, classically cheesy schmaltz like Dancing With The Stars and American Idol continues to thrive, keeping viewers fastened to their couches amid every note sung or dance move executed by someone in a fedora or boa, respectively.

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Hugh Laurie used to be a comedian? What?

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 30th 2009 8:35AM
Hugh LaurieVariety has an excellent article up about Hugh Laurie's comedic roots in Britain, a genre Laurie excelled at long before he took the lead dramatic role of the dour doctor in House.

Being a fan of Britcoms (particularly those of the 80's), this is the Hugh Laurie I remember. He was even mocked in the Brit satire series Spitting Image in the early 90's for being typecast as a rich, stupid person (In his defense, only his two most famous comedy roles, Prince George of Blackadder The Third and Bertie Wooster of Jeeves and Wooster, were bumbling members of the upper class).

While medical dramas are not my cup of tea, House suffers from an even bigger handicap on my part because whenever I see him on the screen, I flash to Blackadder or A Bit of Fry and Laurie (or even his cameo in The New Statesman). With that in mind, I promise right now that if his old comedy partner Stephen Fry appears on House (as suggested in the article), it would be enough to make me watch the show.

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ABC's V series remake -- will it really happen?

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jan 28th 2009 9:01AM
Diana the alien from V seriesThis summer, I wrote about my love for all things V -- including lizard babies and future Freddie Kreuger aliens -- when the buzz was that there was a V movie script out and about, one that would lead to a sequel series.

Not sure if that script has become a future movie, but Jason tells us there is some more fun news on the front for V fans, and if ABC doesn't let down its fans yet again, then we could be seeing a remake of the original V series on ABC sometime soon.

Me? I say ... yay! But that's a yay with caution. Just because ABC has ordered the pilot doesn't mean it will get any farther than that. And there are pilots made every day that no one ever gets to see. Furthermore, the support that ABC has shown its quirky shows this year -- and V could be seriously quirky -- has not been stellar (Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, anyone?).

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'80s TV hunks for the thirty-something teenybopper

by Debra McDuffee, posted Nov 20th 2008 11:23AM
Jack WagnerAll this month, AOL TV is publishing their list of TV's hottest hunks of all time. That's a lot of hunks, but probably they won't all be memorable to you -- or to me.

Because when were you swooning over TV hunks? When you were a teenager, of course. Unless you are really, really immature. But seriously, I am guessing that beyond the age of 16 or so, you probably didn't plaster any Teen Magazine pin-ups on your bedroom walls.

As a teenager of the '80s, I surely had my favorite TV hunks. Yep, they were plastered on my bedroom walls, too: imagine hunk wallpaper and you've got the idea. So who on TV mingled amongst the movie actors of the Brat Pack?

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One site's early peek at the new V movie

by Debra McDuffee, posted Aug 7th 2008 3:06PM
cast of V TV miniseriesThe original '80s V miniseries is ingrained in my memory. In fact, when I was pregnant, I would get the inevitable question: do you want a boy or a girl? My pat answer was, "As long as it's not a lizard baby, we'll be happy."

If you watched V, you know my reference, and it was fun when the askers got it too.

Beyond lizard babies, lovable aliens who went on to play Freddie Kreuger (Robert Englund) and heroines imported from The Greatest American Hero (Faye Grant) -- I swear, I remember all of this; I didn't even look it up! -- V was so unique and addicting that if you haven't seen it, I suggest getting that DVD release tout de suite.

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25 awesome openings to '80s action shows (and five they missed) - VIDEOS

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 28th 2008 12:07PM

Magnum, P.I.We've talked a lot here about theme songs and how they just don't make them like they used to. The openings to shows used to be a lot longer, a real part of the show. Today we're lucky if we get a few bars of music and maybe a credit or two. Heck, one show, Lost, only plays one note and shows the logo.

The Popcorn Trick has a list of the Top 25 Opening Credits of '80s Action Shows, and you can't argue with most of the picks. Magnum P.I. is on the list, as is Riptide, Miami Vice, and The A Team. I would quibble a little bit with the choice of The Rockford Files. One of my favorites, but it was really more of a '70s show than '80s (it ended in 1980). I was 13 years old when Vegas premiered (in 1978 - it ran until 1981) and I wanted to be Dan Tanna and live in Vegas and have hot girlfriends and drive around with a lion in my sports car.

Cagney and Lacey shouldn't be on the list though. It should be replaced with one of several other shows from the '80s. After the jump, the five shows they missed.

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G.I. Joe flick is a go

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 25th 2007 3:41PM

gi joeG.I. Joe is just one of many adaptations of '80s toys/animated series that have been on deck for the last few years. There was of course Transformers, followed by rumors of bigscreen versions of He-Man and Thundercats. Now, however, the live-action G.I. Joe movie is official.

Writer/director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) will helm the project, which will envision the G.I. Joe team as an international collaboration of military forces battling the evil Cobra, as opposed to the America-centric gang most of us remember from the '80s cartoon. Fans can also expect favorites like Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Destro and Cobra Commander in this new flick. The movie could hit theaters by summer of 2009.

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Voltron movie gets closer

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 10th 2007 11:01AM

voltron toyDon't you wish someone would make a live-action movie based on a popular cartoon from the '80s about giant robots?

No, not that one, I'm talking about Voltron. Variety reports that Voltron: Defender of the Universe is finally on the cusp of getting made. Of course, the success of Transformers has helped quite a bit as far as stirring up interest. New Regency and the Mark Gordon Company are close to finalizing a deal to start production on the movie. New Regency's other live-action adaptation is Alvin and the Chipmunks. Eek.

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Classic KISS tomorrow on VH1 Classic

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 9th 2007 7:01PM

KISSDo you like KISS? Sure, we all do. I can't get enough of Gene, Paul, Ace, Benji, Maynard, Cuddle Pie, and Pooky Bear.

Okay, so I'm not a KISS fan, but if you are, you might want to tune in to VH1 Classic tomorrow evening.

As a promotion for the upcoming DVD, KISSology: Volume Two 1978-1991, band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will host KISSology: The Volume 2 Special on VH1 Classic starting at 10:00 p.m., August 10. The special will feature material from the DVD, including music videos and rare footage of the band.

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The Smurfs coming to DVD - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 4th 2007 2:01PM

smurfsChoke on hot blue nostalgia, Generation X.

The Smurfs, that popular animated program I and many of my friends watched religiously as children of the '80s, is finally coming out on DVD. The Smurfs: Season One, Volume One is a two-disc set including the first nineteen episodes of the first season, along with "The Smurfs Springtime Special" and "Smurfs: The Music Video." The set comes out December 4.

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Code Monkeys hits G4 next month

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 25th 2007 4:01PM

code monkeysBack in January, I mentioned that actor/writer Adam De La Pena (I'm with Busey, Crank Yankers, Minoriteam) was creating an animated series for G4 called Code Monkeys. Well, the series will debut July 11, and based on the seconds-long promos I've been seeing, it looks pretty cool.

The series is animated in the 8-bit style of retro video games, with blocky backgrounds and characters who move as if being controlled by some unseen entity with a magical joystick. The main characters, Dave and Jerry, are game coders who occupy this bizarre pixel-y world.

I love the idea, but I also played a lot of video games in the '80s and '90s, so I'm excited to see how many of the show's inside jokes I'll comprehend. My only worry is that the series might be too much of a "niche show," much like Minoriteam was, and it won't attract a wide audience.

Note: the theme song is "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton (used with permission). Thanks to our own Annie Wu for telling me 'bout that.

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ThunderCats, the movie

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 6th 2007 5:38PM

thundercatsOh yeah, it's happening.

Following the soon-to-be -released Transformers and the recently-announced He-Man comes yet another afternoon 'toon from my childhood making its way to the silver screen.

This time, it's ThunderCats, an animated series that aired in the 1980s and focused on a group of warriors that looked like a meld of both human and feline. Warner Bros. has optioned a script from Paul Sopocy for the live-action CGI feature-length adaptation.

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Who will be the new He-Man?

by Adam Finley, posted May 11th 2007 8:03AM

he-manVia Digg comes news that Legendary Pictures has its eyes on both Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler (300) for the role of He-Man in yet another movie version of the popular '80s half-hour toy commercial animated series.

The original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe aired from 1983 to 1985, but He-Man first appeared in DC Comics and as a line of action figures. In 1987, a live-action film was made with Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor. Updated versions of the original He-Man cartoon aired in 1990 and 2002.

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Smallville actor signs on for Teen Wolf remake

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 31st 2007 12:01PM

tom welling

Note that other sites have categorized this as merely a rumor since I first posted this. Update at end of post.

Like most people who wish for dumb things, I've been patiently waiting for someone to remake the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie Teen Wolf, or to at least film my script that re-imagines Beowulf with Scott Baio in the lead role (I call it BaioWolf). Yes, I know Beowulf has nothing to do with werewolves, but in BaioWolf, everyone is a werewolf, something I believe the original epic poem lacked.

Well, apparently it's happening, and Smallville's Tom Welling has signed on for the Teen Wolf remake, but not as the titular werewolf. In this remake, the werewolf will be female. No word yet on who will play the lead, and apparently the filmmakers are still scouting locations.

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