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October 8, 2015

According to Jim

New TV on DVD Releases for May 4

by Elizabeth Chan, posted May 3rd 2010 6:09PM
In curating today's New TV on DVD, this week is definitely one for the comic fans. New DVDs are out for classic Iron Man, Super Hero Squad, Voltron, Wolverine & The X-Men -- just in time for fans to bring to Comic Con for autographs.

However, for those unaffected by animation, don't forget what happens if you take the good and take the bad this week -- you get the complete 4th season of 'The Facts of Life.' Another 80's classic coming out on DVD this week is the complete series of 'Kate & Allie.'

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Jim Belushi Cast in CBS Legal Drama

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 23rd 2010 11:06AM
Jim BelushiMichael Ausiello calls the casting of Jim Belushi in the pilot for the new CBS drama pilot 'Defenders' an "unusual casting decision." It's not that unusual. It's not like Belushi has never done anything serious before. Comics can often do drama too. Belushi will play a Las Vegas lawyer who helps those down and out and those fighting the system. (Not sure if this is the same legal drama that we reported on last year but it sounds similar.)

Since this show is set in Vegas, I'm sure we'll see the inevitable crossover episode(s) between 'CSI' and 'Defenders,' especially if one of them needs a ratings boost or it's a sweeps month. Belushi's character will need help on a case and the only people who can find the evidence he needs is the 'CSI' team.

If 'Defenders' lasts half as long as 'According to Jim' it will last nine years.

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Twelve Days of Festivus: Two series finales

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 22nd 2009 2:02PM
er cast
On the second day of Festivus, TV gave to me... two series finales.

Shows end all the time. Sometimes shows purposefully bow out to end on a high note, and sometimes shows unexpectedly get axed. Some pack a punch in their short lives, some get drawn out over several decades and end amidst a chorus of "Finally!" Seriously. Shows end all the time.

Which is why it's absolutely cruel that I was assigned to pick only two 2009 series finales to write about. Come on! Two. That's a lot of pressure to put on a girl.

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Worst TV Shows of the 2000s (10-1)

by Kim Potts, posted Dec 11th 2009 6:00AM

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ABC Buys 'Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid' Sitcom

by Liane Bonin, posted Nov 13th 2009 11:20AM

What we have always feared to be true about men and women is now being turned into a sitcom. According to Variety, the book 'Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid' by 'Samantha Who' writer Jenny Lee and 'According to Jim' executive producer Howard J. Morris is getting the small screen treatment from ABC.

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Jim Belushi goes dramatic

by Brad Trechak, posted Nov 3rd 2009 3:04PM
According to JimFormer According to Jim star Jim Belushi is moving to a drama series. He's been tapped to star in a legal drama created by Murphy Brown mastermind Diane English and Homicide and Oz exec-producer Barry Levinson. The show is loosely based on the memoir "How Can You Defend These People?" by TV commentator and lawyer Mickey Sherman.

This is an excellent way for Belushi to wash the stench of According to Jim from his person. If presented as a dramedy (much like many of the popular dramas today), this could be a winner.

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'Til Death: The new According to Jim?

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 28th 2009 7:01PM
Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher of 'Til DeathEvery year, there's a show that's on the top of viewers' "You mean that's still on the air?" list. Whether the show was good or not, it was one that hung on in obscurity for years and years, getting just enough of an audience to keep it going. You know the shows I'm talking about: The Facts of Life. Wings. Yes, Dear. Matlock.Just Shoot Me. George Lopez. King of the Hill. JAG. Heck, even the great Scrubs was at the top of this list for many people for awhile (still might be for some).

But for the last five years or so, the reigning champ of that list was According to Jim, both because of its inexplicable longevity and its questionable quality. Now, with Jim Belushi's vanity project finally gone, it looks like another show has taken its place: FOX's 'Til Death.

The network just doesn't want to let the show die. Every time the show is in a low-rated slot, the network moves it to one that's higher-profile in an attempt to boost ratings. Case in point: the Brad Garrett sitcom will be replacing Brothers on Sundays at 7, starting January 10, after football's regular season is over.

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TV 101: Do we have more TV channels than we do TV talent?

by Jay Black, posted Jul 15th 2009 2:05PM
Geico CavemenIn the 90s, one of the most popular (and annoying) memes that circulated through the geekier magazines was that we were only a few years away from having "500 channels" on our cable systems. Unlike most tech predictions, this one actually came true. Sure, it took 1200% longer than they thought it would, but that's still pretty good considering most of the stuff Wired talked about in the 90s was made up by the editorial staff after downing a couple of those schizophrenia-inducing Transformers 2 pot brownies.

Having recently installed Verizon Fios, I've spent the last few months ignoring my wife and young son so I could explore what the 500 channel landscape looks like. Like Charlton Heston in the Forbidden Zone, I was shirtless, on horseback, and ready to uncover some sad truths about the world.

Here's the question I've come back with: what if there isn't enough talent for humanity to adequately fill 500 channels?

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Guess why David Cross hates Jim Belushi

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 18th 2009 3:02PM
David CrossOK, I'm going to trust you not to read this piece in the New York Daily News where David Cross explains why he has dumped on Jim Belushi so much over the last ten plus years. Before you read it, vote in the poll below. What happened to make the Mr. Show/Arrested Development star dislike Belushi?

And no, it's not because Cross wanted to be the lead on According To Jim.

Why does David Cross hate Jim Belushi?
Belushi wouldn't sign an autograph for Cross' friend287 (23.3%)
Belushi beat him out for a movie role62 (5.0%)
They both dated the same woman69 (5.6%)
He overheard Belushi saying nasty things about him93 (7.6%)
According To Jim was on way too long199 (16.2%)
He doesn't, it's a gag between the two521 (42.3%)

OK, go read the article now.

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According To Jim: Heaven Opposed To Hell (series finale) - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 3rd 2009 9:02AM
According To JimI'm guessing that people who never liked According To Jim or understood why it remained on ABC's schedule for so many seasons think that this is an appropriate title for the series finale. Me? I never hated or loved the show. It was just "there," an innocuous family sitcom that a lot of people seemed to like. Also: Courtney Thorne-Smith is really hot.

Did you happen to watch this episode? What did you think of this show being on for so long, in general?

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What's On Tonight: According To Jim, Hockey, Web Soup, Paris Hilton

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 2nd 2009 4:03PM
  • Law and Order: SVUAt 8, ABC has two new episodes of According To Jim (including the series finale), followed by Earth 2100.
  • NBC has a new I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Outta Here at 8, then Inside The Obama White House: Brian Williams Reports and the season finale of Law and Order: SVU.
  • Versus has the Penguins/Red Wings game at 8.
  • TCM has It Happened One Night at 8, then Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.
  • At 9, FOX has a new Mental.
  • The CW has a new Hitched or Ditched at 9.
  • G4 has a sneak peek at Web Soup at 9.
  • Discovery has a new Deadliest Catch at 9, followed by a new Man vs. Wild (with Will Ferrell).
  • At 10, FX has a new Rescue Me.
  • Bravo has a new Real Housewives of New Jersey at 10.
  • History Channel has a new Life After People.
  • Sci-Fi has a new ECW at 10.
  • Travel Channel has a new Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern at 10.
  • Also at 10: MTV has the season premiere of Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Does she get a new best friend every year?

Check your local TV listings for more.

After the jump, the late night talk shows.

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What's On Tonight: According To Jim, Reaper, ECW, Deadliest Catch

by Bob Sassone, posted May 26th 2009 4:03PM
  • Rescue MeAt 8, ABC has two new episodes of According To Jim., then the continuation of the miniseries Diamonds.
  • The CW has the series finale of Reaper at 8, followed by the series premiere of Hitched or Ditched.
  • TNT has the Magic/Cavaliers game at 8.
  • At 8:30, Food Network has a new Good Eats, then a new Dear Food Network.
  • At 9, FOX has the series premiere of Mental.
  • PBS has a new Frontline at 9.
  • Discovery has a new Deadliest Catch at 9, then a new Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment.
  • At 10, FX has a new Rescue Me.
  • History Channel has a new Life After People at 10.
  • Sci-Fi has a new ECW at 10.
  • Travel Channel has a new Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern at 10.
  • Also at 10: Bravo has a new Real Housewives of New Jersey.
  • At 10:30, TBS has the season finale of My Boys.

Check your local TV listings for more.

After the jump, the late night talk shows.

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My eulogy for According to Jim

by Brad Trechak, posted May 20th 2009 3:01PM
According to JimThis will be the last season of According to Jim, and I will miss it. Not because I liked the show, or even watched the show (I did see one episode while waiting on line at UPS and then decided to never watch it again), but because According to Jim has been the target of all my jokes about the lack of quality network television for virtually as long as its been on the air.

If you care about such things, then spoilers follow about the series finale.

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ABC Cancels Five Shows

by Andrew Scott, posted May 19th 2009 1:00PM
According to Jim CancelledABC is saying goodbye to a whopping five series.

Absent from the network's fall schedule launch this morning (see the full schedule at Variety) were a number of freshman series, including 'Cupid,' 'In the Motherhood' and 'The Unusuals.'

'Motherhood' faced a number of hurdles early on, including poor ratings that subsequently caused the series' episode order to be sliced in half. ABC also tried numerous ways to promote 'The Unusuals' -- even airing it twice a week -- but the show never caught on.

Also getting the boot are 'According to Jim,' which finally ends its eight season run, and the previously announced 'Samantha Who?' 'Samantha' was reportedly cancelled when the show failed to come up with appropriate budget cuts.

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What's On Tonight: According To Jim, Fringe, Deadliest Catch, ECW

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 14th 2009 4:02PM
  • 90210At 8, ABC has two new episodes of According To Jim, then new episodes of Dancing with the Stars and Cupid.
  • NBC has a new, two-hour Biggest Loser.
  • FOX has two new episodes of American Idol and Fringe.
  • The CW has a new Reaper at 8, then a new 90210.
  • There's a new Nova on PBS at 8, followed by a new Frontline/World.
  • TCM is showing Gone with the Wind at 8.
  • At 9, Discovery has a new Deadliest Catch, then a new Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment.
  • Food Network has a new Food Detectives at 9.
  • BBC America has a new Last Restaurant Standing at 9.
  • Also at 9: Sci-Fi has a new ECW.
  • At 10, CBS has a new Without A Trace.
  • FX has a new Rescue Me at 10.
  • Bravo has a new Real Housewives of New York City at 10.
  • HBO has a new Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel at 10.
  • Travel Channel has a new Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern at 10.

Check your local TV listings for more.

After the jump, the late night talk shows.

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