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October 4, 2015


Tony Bennett and Justin Bieber to Perform on 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 11th 2011 6:00AM
Tony BennettJoy to Beliebers and their grandparents: The original pop star, Tony Bennett, will be showing Justin Bieber how it's done when they both perform at NBC's annual live Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center' later this month.

The roster of big name performers announced by the network spans not only generations, but also genres, with singers Michael Bublé, Cee Lo Green, Faith Hill, Carole King, Katharine McPhee and 'The Voice' winner Javier Colon performing a mix of current hits and holiday classics.

NBC announced that the hour-long special on November 30 will be hosted by the 'Today Show's Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie and will -- natch -- also feature seasonal high-kickers, The Radio City Rockettes. Prior to the primetime telecast, WNBC and other NBC affiliates (check your local listings) will also air an additional live hour of the special.

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Al Roker Does Not Want to Go to Kandi Burruss' Adult Toy Shop (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Nov 1st 2011 12:00PM
Kandi Burruss is one of the ladies from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' but she's got a few other entrepreneurial ventures on the side. In addition to launching her own show where she'll give everyday people the opportunity to record music, Burruss is also opening a toy shop. A special, adult, toy shop, as Al Roker and Natalie Morales found out the awkward way in a 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC) interview.

"Phaedra opens up a funeral home, you're opening up a toy shop ... you don't want to get those mixed up," Al said, not realizing how just how correct he was.

"No ... it's a different kind of toy shop," Kandi said, laughing, as it became clear to Al and Natalie what they were talking about.

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Brian Williams Previews 'Rock Center' and His After-Hours Sardonic Style (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 31st 2011 6:45PM
Brian Williams' news magazine 'Rock Center' premieres Monday night at 10PM ET, and to celebrate the occasion, Williams gave Al Roker a tour of his new set, built conveniently a few steps away from the set of his other gig, 'NBC Nightly News.' Williams, in his after-hours slightly sardonic style, showed Roker his "conversation nook" and described what the tone of the new show will be.

As Roker sat on his couch and immediately began talking about his first career TV appearance. Williams flashed the dry sense of humor that may come to define 'Rock Center,' and asked "How much of this is gonna be about you, and how much, by percentage, will be about our new broadcast?"

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Gabourey Sidibe Hits on Brian Williams (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 28th 2011 3:15PM
Gabourey Sidibe's propensity for hitting on older men ran into Brian Williams' awkward mojo Friday on 'Today' (weekdays, syndicated on NBC). As the gang was talking about the scene in 'Tower Heist' where Sidibe flirts with Eddie Murphy, and Al Roker brought up the fact that Sidibe was standing next to one of her real-life crushes, Williams.

"I'm so embarrassed by this," Sidibe said. But Williams stepped in to save her, saying, "We've done a few charity events together, we've had our moments in the past, we've admitted this publicly." After they kissed on the cheek, Roker ended the segment with an apt sign-off. "Can't wait to see 'Rock Center,'" he said, in his best Quagmire from 'Family Guy' voice. Neither can we, Al.

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Al Roker Botches Savannah Guthrie's Name (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 19th 2011 1:30PM
'Today' (9AM ET on NBC) hosts Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie have known each other for years, and Roker apparently has a habit of making fun of her first name behind-the-scenes.

But the inside joke recently slipped out in front of the camera, albeit unintentionally, when Roker accepted a toss from Guthrie by saying, "Thanks so much, Samantha." She and the producers seized on the gaffe immediately, and Guthrie seemed delighted to rub Roker's miscue in.

"I knew you would do it one of these days! ... Finally it leaked out on air ... We caught you," Guthrie teased.

Roker could only respond with resigned laughter. "I was gonna go with Susquehanna," he joked.

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Al Roker Nurses Sore Jaw After Getting 'Punched' By Michelle Obama in Leno Bit (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 14th 2011 12:00PM
Yesterday, Al Roker interviewed first lady Michelle Obama about physical fitness at a record-breaking jumping-jack event. In their discussion about her workout regimen, the first lady revealed that she likes to sometimes mix in a little boxing.

On 'The Tonight Show,' Jay Leno had some fun with the segment, editing the video to make it appear that Mrs. Obama clocked Roker in the jaw with a left-hook.

Friday on 'Today,' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) the gang razzed Roker about getting "punched" by the first lady. Roker got a good laugh watching the clip, and joked that his jaw was still sore. "And I thought she liked me," he lamented. Now if only the first lady could do the same to Congress, the president might be able to get his jobs bill passed.

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'Today' Celebrates Oktoberfest With Beer Stein-Holding Contest (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 7th 2011 12:30PM
The 'Today' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) gang celebrated Oktoberfest by playing a classic German game called masskrug, where participants have to hold out a full, 1-liter beer stein parallel to the ground without spilling. It's a physical challenge that traditionally has accompanied a drinking extravaganza.

While twenty minutes is the world record, Al Roker, Ann Curry, Savannah Guthrie all lasted just over a minute. Guest-host Kim Kardashian tapped out first, around the 50 second mark. At one point Matt Lauer busted Al Roker's chops, asking him, "Is that a light beer?"

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Jimmy Fallon Surprises Al Roker With Hurricane Blooper Clip (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Sep 2nd 2011 2:30PM
Al Roker in a hurricane on 'Today'Next month, Al Roker will moonlight from his weatherman and anchor duties at 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC) to serve as executive producer of the A&E series 'Border Town: Laredo,' a look at the Texas town and how it's affected by the drug wars. But Thursday night on 'Late Night,' Jimmy Fallon wouldn't let him get away from the weather so easily.

Roker explained the show earnestly, praising the local Laredo police force. "These guys are dealing with all the stuff the drug cartels in Mexico are trying to throw at them," he said. "We follow these guys in the narcotics unit, and they are rock stars."

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Al Roker and Jimmy Fallon Play Pictionary and Do 'The Sprinkler' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 2nd 2011 4:47AM
Al Roker, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Al Roker is better at Pictionary than Jimmy Fallon. The pair teamed up with two women from the audience on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:30AM ET on NBC) for their epic duel, where we also learned that Fallon can't draw a sprinkler.

After finding out what he was trying to draw, Roker suggested he do the motion of a lawn sprinkler.

"I know, I could have done that," Fallon agreed, before realizing, "It's a dance!" The pair then proceeded to to 'the sprinkler,' but the fun would only last a minute.

The winning phrase was 'Dressed to Kill,' which was a pretty tough one. Despite following Jimmy's lead through much of the round, it was Roker who pulled out the phrase with some solid drawing by his partner.

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Al Roker Discovers Alaska on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 30th 2011 2:45PM
Al Roker in Alaska on 'Today'Al Roker visited Alaska for the first time for 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC), and discovered cool glacial waters, dog mushing, bald eagles, black bears, and some tasty grilling. He called it, "an experience of a lifetime," though he couldn't resist a cheesy joke to top it all off.

In the segment, Roker was traveling down a river listing the things he'd seen, and wishing for just one thing. "We've seen a bald eagle, we've seen a black bear, now if we could just catch a salmon," he said. He got his wish, and got to eat a freshly grilled salmon burger from Alaskan chef Kirsten Dixon. "I will fight a bear for this," he said.

Roker summed up his report by saying, "It was an Alaskan adventure of ice, snow, dogs, wildlife and planes. An experience of a lifetime." Back in the studio, he said, "One of the bald eagles Twittered that he saw a bald black guy, so that's pretty good." Matt Lauer said that was a long way to go for that joke, literally and figuratively.

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Al Roker Stands In as the Fourth Monkee on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 17th 2011 2:45PM
Davy Jones and Al Roker with the Monkees on 'Today'The Monkees canceled several dates on their 45th anniversary tour last week, but not before Al Roker got to sit down with them and become the fourth Monkee for a segment on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC). Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones often tour as the Monkees without Mike Nesmith, who sticks to his own solo work. So there was an opening for Roker to join the band (at least for one show).

The three members goofed around for the cameras, as they've done since their TV show propelled them to stardom almost a half century ago. With all of the members now in their 60s, Jones joked about going from a heartthrob to a coronary. He then asked Roker to join them onstage that night, and the always-game Roker found a paisley shirt, a wig, and a knitted tuke (one of Nesmith's trademarks) and, he said, "Just like that, my childhood dreams became a reality."

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Al Roker Turns Blocked 'Today' Live Shot Into a 'Full Frontal' Verbal Gaffe (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 29th 2011 1:40PM
Joe Tersi blocks Al Roker's view of some bowls on 'Today'It was supposed to be a segment about a collection of old bowls that 'The Antiques Roadshow' recently appraised at a record-breaking value. But instead, it turned into to a blocked live-shot, which Al Roker compounded with a verbal gaffe on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC). Now we're left wondering just how close Roker and the 'Today' crew really are.

Roker was introducing the segment, which was supposed to display the valuable bowls for the cameras and the audience to see. But stagehand Joe Tersi, who last week got hit in the chest by a flying wine bottle thrown by Kathie Lee Gifford, stepped in front of them to get a better look, blocking the camera's view with the back of his head. As a stage manager moved Tersi out of the way, Al Roker shouted "That's live TV, baby!"

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Alex Trebek Describes Catching His Hotel Room Burglar on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 28th 2011 1:20PM
Alex Trebek on crutches after foiling a burglary on 'Today'Alex Trebek morphed from game show host to scantily-clad crimefighter Wednesday, when he chased after a woman who broke into his hotel room in San Francisco. As reported Thursday on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC), the 'Jeopardy' host ran down the burglar, rupturing his Achilles tendon in the process.

Trebek described the scene. "I woke up and I saw a figure in our hotel bedroom and I thought I was dreaming," he said. "And I realized immediately that someone had been in the room and I put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if I could find her." When he caught up with her, he asked her a series of questions about what she had been doing on his floor. The woman denied she had been in his room, but Trebek knew better.

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Ryan Gosling and Al Roker Try Out Their 'Dirty Dancing' Moves (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 20th 2011 12:45PM
Al Roker and Ryan Gosling showing off their 'Dirty Dancing' moves on 'Today'"The lift" is a move that took Johnny Castle and Baby a lot of practice to pull off in 'Dirty Dancing.' So imagine how successful Ryan Gosling and Al Roker were when they spontaneously decided to try it on national TV Wednesday on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC).

It all started when Roker mentioned Ann Curry had been talking about Gosling's 'Dirty Dancing' moves in the new film 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.' This prompted Gosling to suggest he try them out with Roker, who then took a couple of running starts at Gosling, who unsuccessfully tried to lift him into the air.

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Ann Curry Scolds Al Roker for Mistake During Cooking Segment (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 26th 2010 1:00PM
If there's one thing Ann Curry seemingly can't stand, it's mistakes while making chocolate cake. Curry scolds Al Roker after the weatherman spills an ingredient while baking a chocolate cake on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC).

Roker is working on a cake mixture that substitutes mayonnaise for oil when he spills mayo on the counter top. "What are you doing?! For goodness' sake!" Curry yells from offstage. "Put it in the bowl, Al! Not outside!" Roker then laughingly locks a door to the set to prevent Curry from barging in.

Watch the video after the jump.

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