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August 29, 2015


Lily Punches Out Jenkins on 'How I Met Your Mother' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 19th 2010 3:30PM
Marshall sets out to make Lily jealous by revealing he shared a kiss with a hot coworker named Jenkins on 'How I Met Your Mother.'

However, Lily refuses to believe the truth until Jenkins, played by Amanda Peet, confesses to Lily herself. Then, a bar brawl breaks out and Jenkins becomes the recipient of Lily's vicious right hook.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Review: How I Met Your Mother - Jenkins

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 19th 2010 1:02AM
How I Met Your Mother: Jenkins
This was one of those episodes that seemed like it would be more fun than it actually was. The stories seemed to be potentially amusing, and there were some funny moments. But this was definitely on the lower side of the ledger as far as this season's episodes are concerned.

Which one of the stories did I like better? Hm... the Jenkins one, but only by a little bit. It was fun seeing Amanda Peet playing someone who was even more alpha male than Robin, and envisioning Peet doing some of the things Marshall described Jenkins doing wasn't exactly unpleasant. Oh, and it introduced us to Big Fudge, who I hope plays more Skee-Ball as the seasons go on.

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Amanda Peet to Guest on 'How I Met Your Mother'

by Michael D. Ayers, posted Nov 24th 2009 2:15PM
Mother Watch 2009 continues: the CBS Twitter feed confirmed that '2012' actress Amanda Peet is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of 'How I Met Your Mother.' The L.A. Times reports that Peet's episode will air in January, but her role hasn't been revealed yet.

As previously reported, Rachel Bilson is also slated for a guest spot on a January episode, but before that, Joanna Garcia will appear on the December 7 episode as a former college buddy of Ted's. Peet isn't necessarily known for her comedic roles – or appearing much on television for that matter, but has recently done both as a guest spot on Comedy Central's 'Important Things With Demetri Martin.' Her last major television stint was in 2006, she played Jordan McDeere on the short lived Aaron Sorkin drama, 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.'

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Best X-Files trailer so far

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 6th 2008 7:01PM

This latest trailer for The X-Files movie, coming out July 25th, actually has some meat to it. The past teaser-trailers haven't shown much except some snow and a lot of flashes of black. In this trailer, we actually get to see some of Mulder and Scully's co-stars -- namely, Amanda Peet and Billy Connolly. Peet appears to be an FBI agent who is a bit of an outsider because she's a believer in the paranormal, which is why Mulder is brought on to the case. Connolly plays an unusual man, a psychic, who may or may not be nuts.

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Do the pregnancy problems of Studio 60's Danny and Jordan have an ER connection?

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 18th 2007 9:31AM

Bradley Whitford from ER's Love's Labor Lost episodeEither the following is an extraordinary coincidence, a homage to another NBC drama, or another plot rip-off by Aaron Sorkin. One of the storylines that is running through the remaining episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is the problem pregnancy of Danny Tripp's (Bradley Whitford) new fiance Jordan McDeere. When we last left Danny, he had learned that she was facing placenta accreta as well as disseminated intravascular coagulation (please don't ask me to explain what they are). And, while the doctor said not to worry there was quite a bit of concern.

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A baby girl for Studio 60's Amanda Peet

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 24th 2007 10:04AM
amanda peetStudio 60 actress Amanda Peet gave birth to a baby girl this week. According to People magazine, the baby's name is Frances Pen. She weighed in at 6 pounds. 10 ounces. The father is Peet's husband and Troy screenwriter, David Benioff.

Amanda first announced her pregnancy on Letterman last fall. Her pregnancy has been written pretty predominantly into the script for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. NBC recently replaced Studio 60 with The Black Donnellys on Monday nights and a return date for Studio 60 is unknown.

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Hey America, are you talking about Studio 60 today?

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 6th 2007 10:33AM

Amanda PeetThe previews hammered it home a thousand times this past week: this episode of Studio 60 would be the one that "America will be talking about." So I have to ask America: are you talking about it this morning?

I don't bring this up to dig into the episode specifically (though the two-part "Harriet Dinner" episode was certainly the worst so far). I like the show. I bring it up to point out that network promos these days are overdone, overhyped, misleading and/or confusing. They usually don't make sense or are disappointing when it comes to everything from ER to Lost, but this one was truly odd. Why would America be talking about this episode when America hasn't really been talking about the show so far? The moment they were talking about, I assume it was the kiss between Danny and Jordan? OK, nice moment, and the second part of this ep was better than the first by a longshot, but I hardly think it's something that we're talking about in any major way. Danny and Jordan aren't Sam and Diane yet, or Dave and Maddie.

Maybe they meant Ugly Betty star America Ferrera?

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On the set of Studio 60 -- VIDEO

by Richard Keller, posted Nov 13th 2006 8:30PM

Matt PerryNote to TV Squad's Bob Sassone: You said you would be jealous if Ryan Budke visited the set of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Well, Bob, let the jealousy flow because we have new video of Ryan's recent visit to the Studio 60 set.

In this second go-around, Ryan speaks with cast members Matthew Perry, Steven Weber, Amanda Peet, and Timothy Busfield on how hard it is to speak "Aaron-ese" on the show. He also talks to Perry and Bradley Whitford about the the relationship of their characters Matt Albie and Danny Tripp.

You can view the video after the jump.

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Studio 60 needs a makeover, according to Robert Bianco

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 23rd 2006 2:50PM

Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet of Studio 60I thought it was just me.

I've tried to get into Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip like I did with Aaron Sorkin's two other network creations . . . The West Wing and Sports Night. I wanted to like Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford in their roles as the saviors of a long-running, comedy sketch show. I really did. But, there's just something missing; a last piece of the puzzle that would make this show very enjoyable. However, I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

Fortunately, I'm not. Not only do many of you feel the same way, but we also have Robert Bianco, USA Today's television critic, in our court as well.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Long Lead Story

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 16th 2006 11:59PM
Christine Lahti(S01E05) So let me get this straight. Sting has been around so long that he can just decide to make an album of songs based on the writings of a 15th century poet, play it with a lute (!), and get a guest star gig on a major network TV show? Nice. I can't wait for the day when Keith lets me write just about obscure game shows from the 1960s, in Latin.

I was wondering if Sting was going to play one of his classic songs after he played his new song at rehearsal. I wasn't the only one: Harriet says the same thing at the end to Matt, and he tells her that he wasn't going to but Matt asked him to play it and he did. (Oh, and curse you NBC once again for tricking us into thinking that Matt and Harriet were going to get back together. Damn previews!)

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Amanda Peet gets married and pregnant, but not at the same time

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 3rd 2006 9:30AM

Amanda PeetGosh, Amanda Peet sure is busy these days. Not only is she starring as NBS president Jordan McDeere on NBC's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but she is also newly pregnant. And, this past weekend, she became a newlywed. Tomorrow she will be announcing the cure for the avian flu (as usual, just making sure you're paying attention).

Peet married screenwriter David Benioff on Saturday after a year engagement. This was the first marriage for both (which surprises me in today's 'married today, divorced tomorrow' Hollywood society) and it took place at Friends Seminary, the Quaker school that Peet attended while a teenager. Last week, on The Late Show with David Letterman, Peet revealed that she was pregnant and was due early next year.

In addition to her current role on the Aaron Sorkin drama, Peet has starred in Syriana and The Whole Nine Yards, with Studio 60 co-star Matthew Perry. Benioff is currently working on Wolverine, a spin-off of the X-Men movie series starring Hugh Jackman.

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Studio 60 trailer now on YouTube

by Richard Keller, posted May 16th 2006 1:07PM

matthew perry; bradley whitford; studio 60 on sunset strip; aaron sorkinAt the end of Sunday night's series finale of The West Wing, NBC premiered a 30-second preview of the new Aaron Sorkin series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which I am calling Studio 60 from now on whenever I mention it.). The trailer can now be seen on YouTube in all its glory (or here, after the jump below).

Matthew Perry appears in a scene at the beginning of the trailer, and Bradley Whitford appears in a scene at the end. In between, a list of the show's stars is rattled off. If you notice, there are a number of people who have worked together before. Whitford, Perry and Timothy Busfield all appeared on Sorkin's The West Wing. Perry and Amanda Peet worked together on the film The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel.

Take a gander at the trailer. I think it will get you pumped up for the premier this fall.

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Amanda Peet signs on to Sorkin's latest project

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 3rd 2006 8:37AM
amanda peet sorkinAmanda Peet will play Matthew Perry's nemesis on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a new series that Aaron Sorkin is creating for NBC. Peet and Perry co-starred in The Whole Nine Yards and its awful sequel, The Whole Ten Yards. Studio 60 is set behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show, and Perry plays the genius head writer who butts heads with the newly appointed president of the network. Peet plays the new president.

Also signed up for the show are Steven Weber and D.L. Hughley. Nate Corddry is also listed as a cast member, he'll play one of the actors. He's currently working as a reporter for The Daily Show and is fellow reporter Rob Corddry's younger brother. This is looking to be a damn fine cast.

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