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September 2, 2015


Muscles in Brussels on 'The Amazing Race' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 21st 2011 6:30AM
'The Amazing Race' 19There was no room to hide on this week's episode of 'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS) when the Racers visited the European Parliament Building in Brussels, Belgium. Sadly for them, they weren't there to learn about the political machinations of the European Union, or to sample such Belgian gastronomic delights as beer, or mussels and fries with mayonnaise.

Instead, the teams got a taste of the favorite pastime of Belgium's most famous son -- no, not Tintin or Jacques Delors -- Jean-Claude Van Damme: Bodybuilding! It was time to break out the shaving foam, breathe in and strike a pose wearing nothing but a smile and a ridiculously small and shiny posing pouch.

As Andy gamely applied bronzer to fellow snowboarder Tony's lower regions he sighed "Our friendship has hit a whole new level." Former NFL tight end (no pun intended) Marcus may have been the only one who actually enjoyed the experience, saying "I really got into it." He was rewarded for his efforts with some very enthusiastic whistling from the ladies in the crowd.

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'Amazing Race' Contestants Meet World's Shortest Man (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Apr 26th 2010 4:03AM
Smallest Man on 'Amazing Race'Contestants on 'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS) met the world's shortest man, He Pingping, during a "Road Block" to make one kilo of noodles. Caite Upton, one-half of the cycle's "Dating Models" team, wanted to take the 2' 5" man home with her.

Watch the video after the jump.

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'The Amazing Race' - 'I Think We're Fighting the Germans, Right?' Recap

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 15th 2010 1:08AM
Fighting the war on The Amazing Race
(S16E05) Brave soldiers marching as to war ... or maybe it's just a team from 'The Amazing Race' hoping to make the pit stop without interference from the Red Baron. The episode started off on a new and different note. After arriving at the last pit stop, the teams were taken to an undisclosed location. They didn't know; we didn't know. Mais oui, we all figured it out. It turned out that the lack of whereabouts knowledge wasn't what affected this leg. It was all about over confidence. That can end up biting you in the butt.

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Louie and Michael Face a Battlefield on 'The Amazing Race' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 14th 2010 11:17PM
The Amazing Race, Louie and Michael 'The Pacific' wasn't the only war on TV tonight. The contestants on 'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS) had to face a battlefield with explosions, barbed wire, and plenty of adrenaline-pumping action.

But here's the good news: Louie and Michael snagged first place, and each were rewarded with a 55" HD TV! All the better to watch those future 'Amazing Race' episodes.

Watch the video after the jump.

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'The Amazing Race' - 'We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt' Recap

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 8th 2010 1:08AM
The teams encounter an intersection on The Amazing Race
(S16E04) Ah, a tough decision -- 'The Amazing Race' or the start of the Academy Awards? Nah, not tough at all. If 'The Amazing Race' is on, I'm watching! I'm such an addict. I just can't get that rush of adrenalin, that perched-on-the-edge-of-my-seat excitement and more over the Oscars. With the Academy Awards, I don't have a team to cheer on, nor anyone to mock. I don't get that quick smack of cultural knowledge watching Hollywood glitz. Give me beer-drinking, bungee-jumping, bad taxi hacks, sauerkraut-eating, polka-playing, soccer ball kicking, strange metro systems, and teamwork (or the lack thereof). That's what I want for my Sunday evening. And, anyway, the best awards come late into the evening!

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'The Amazing Race 16': Which Team Will Win?

by David Hofstede, posted Feb 26th 2010 2:00PM
Caite Upton and Brent Horne Amazing RaceTwo teams are already gone, and nine teams are still running around the world in 'The Amazing Race 16.'

And while CBS hasn't exactly been generous with the airtime for a couple of teams, we've already seen enough game play in the first two episodes to boldly rank the racing pairs in order of their chances to win the $1 million prize.

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'The Amazing Race' - 'Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt' Recap (Season Premiere)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Feb 15th 2010 12:30AM
Phil Keoghan kicks off The Amazing Race 16
(S16E01) It's always hard to keep the teams straight during the first few episodes of any reality show. 'The Amazing Race' is no exception to the rule. True, as a 'Big Brother' fan, I'm all too familiar with Jordan and Jeff from last season. But that leaves ten teams to confuse me! At least the teams are diverse enough so that my main dilemma is figuring out who is whom on the same sex teams. I mean, really, which one is Jordan and which one is Dan? At least I can tell the male and female Jordans from different teams apart! And I also know Chile isn't China.

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What to Watch: February 13-14

by Kim Potts, posted Feb 13th 2010 6:00AM
'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM, CBS) season 16 premiere
The pacing is one of the reasons we love this show so much, and this season kicks off in overdrive as 11 new teams start in Los Angeles and must rely on public transportation to get themselves to the airport and onto a flight to Chile. The race is on from there, and viewers are going to recognize several faces among the new contenders, who include 'Big Brother 11' winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend and 'BB 11' housemate Jeff Schroeder, and 2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA Caite Upton, she of the rambling pageant question response that ended up as a YouTube.com sensation. The season 16 competitors also include Cleveland Indians' third-base coach Steve Smith, whose teammate is his daughter Allison, and Jody Kelly, who's competing with her granddaughter and, at 71-years-old, is the show's oldest contestant ever.

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'Survivor,' 'Amazing Race' Renewed

by Scott Harris, posted Jan 25th 2010 2:20PM
Fans of 'Survivor' can breathe a little easier today, as CBS announced they have renewed the pioneering reality series for two more record-breaking seasons. But will Jeff Probst still be around to see it? Or has his torch been snuffed out?

On 'Survivor,' of course, fire represents life, and if that's the case then the producers of 'Survivor' are likely to suffer spontaneous combustion today, because it turns out there's still plenty of kick left in the series: Despite uncertainty over Probst's contract (he is currently unsigned past the upcoming 'Heroes vs. Villains' series, which debuts on February 11), Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the network has given the go-ahead for the show's 21st and 22nd seasons.

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'Amazing Race' Season 16 Cast Revealed

by Scott Harris, posted Jan 21st 2010 2:15PM

Jordan Lloyd had to overcome a number of obstacles on her way to winning 'Big Brother' last fall, avoiding backstabbers, coup d'etats and secret coalitions. But how will she fare when she has to deal with a broken ox?

Well, fans of reality TV are about to find out, because CBS has announced that Lloyd and her 'Big Brother' boyfriend Jeff Schroeder will be among the teams competing in the new season of 'Amazing Race,' set to premiere on February 14.

This isn't the first time that CBS has indulged in a little cross-promotion; America's least favorite sweethearts, "Boston" Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, also made the jump to 'Amazing Race' following successful stints on 'Survivor.' The strategy is part of the network's ongoing efforts to secure an audience for 'Race,' which despite winning the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition in each of the seven years it has been awarded still trails 'Survivor' in the ratings. After a relatively weak effort from 'Big Brother' last summer, however, this time around the stunt may be designed to help both sides of the equation.

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Jaime Edmondson Is Playboy's Miss January 2010

by Scott Harris, posted Dec 17th 2009 3:30PM
Over the course of 15 seasons, 'The Amazing Race' has become famous for its lush photography of exotic locales around the world. But for the most lush, exotic photos of all, it now appears that fans of the show won't have to do more than take a trip down to their local adult book store.

Yes, according to a press release issued by Playboy, former 'Amazing Race' contestant Jaime Edmondson will be appearing in the famed skin show as Miss January 2010. Edmondson, who, along with race partner Cara Rosenthal, finished second on the 14th season of the show earlier this year, is a former police officer and Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

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Review: The Amazing Race - Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound!

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 7th 2009 1:12AM
Teams race to Las Vegas to win The Amazing Race
(S15E12) And, so it ends. Yep, the season finale of The Amazing Race tends to sneak up pretty quickly on us, doesn't it? Each season, the adrenalin rush builds up, builds up, then comes crashing down in one fell swoop back in the United States after a warp speed cruise through foreign cultures and faraway lands. I like to think of this show as a thinking man's (or woman's) reality show. Not only do I get to mock or enjoy the contestants, I learn about people and places. Oh, and I learned not to blow the finale results on the main page before the jump. Read on.

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Will a Time Swap With 'Cold Case' Save CBS' 'Three Rivers'?

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Nov 17th 2009 1:50PM
The cast of 'Three Rivers' Can CBS transplant some hope into its Sunday night lineup?

The network is about to find out after announcing a one-time scheduling swap between 'Three Rivers' and 'Cold Case.' The swap will take place next week, according to the Live Feed.

'Three Rivers'' current 9PM time slot makes it the beneficiary of a traditionally strong lead-in from 'The Amazing Race.' But so far this season, 'Rivers' has failed to 'Race''s audience, and is also being blamed for offering a weak lead-in for 'Cold Case.'

There is speculation that CBS is deciding whether or not to pull the plug on 'Three Rivers' altogether -- that is, unless the network can find the heart to order more episodes after this last-ditch programming attempt.

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Review: The Amazing Race - Do it for the Hood! Do it for the Suburbs!

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 26th 2009 12:34AM
Maria and Tiffany on their way in The Amazing Race
(S15E06) One of the many things I learned tonight on The Amazing Race is that Dubai is probably hotter than anyplace I really want to visit. Every team was sweating; every team was complaining. At least those teams who didn't have a clue about where the Persian Gulf is or whether it's a country in and of itself will remember it now. If nothing else but for the heat. Oh. And the way cool six-story water slide into shark infested waters. At least one team will really remember that water slide.

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Review: The Amazing Race - I'm Like Ricky Bobby

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 19th 2009 12:40AM
Flight Time Lang studies the map in Dubai on The Amazing Race
(S15E05) Once again in the NYC viewing area, The Amazing Race suffered a huge delay in airing due to football. Tonight, it started an hour and fifteen minutes late. And, after all of that, the Jets lost! It's a miracle this show keeps receiving Emmy awards when the CBS Sunday night schedule is so fickle due to every sport under the sun or inside a stadium. Speaking of sports ... who are the Brinkley Tigers on Flight Time's t-shirt? They can't be Christie Brinkley's ex-husbands, can they?

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