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October 10, 2015


All Joel wants for Festivus

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 17th 2008 5:26PM
Kate WalshEvery year, we at the Squad put together our lists of what we want for Festivus. Most of it has to deal with what we want to see happen to our favorite shows. I try to go for the gold every year, however; I wish for certain phone numbers to make their way into my cell phone's speed dial. So far, though, I'm striking out big time. However, I have met all three of my desired phone pals (Anna Friel, America Ferrara, Sarah Chalke) in my various reporting travels. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Anyway, here's my wish list for 2008:
  • Some way to record and watch Big Bang / HIMYM, Chuck, and House (all airing at the same time starting in January) so I don't have to resort to watching one of them on my laptop.
  • Speaking of Mother, please let them end the season with a bang. And please keep Britney as far away from the set as possible.
  • More web series as well-written and funny as Dr. Horrible and Children's Hospital.

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Bernadette Peters checks in to Ugly Betty

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 11th 2008 4:38PM
Bernadette PetersOkay, now that it's behind us, we can say that Lindsay Lohan's turn on Ugly Betty was pretty lame. However, I have hope that other guest stars will do much better. Therefore, the news that Broadway star -- multiple Tony winner -- Bernadette Peters will appear on Ugly Betty is a good thing. Just the name of the character she's playing, Jodie Papadakis, is funny.

Please, please, let this be a sign of good things to come, because Ugly Betty could use an injection of good stuff. So far this season, the show has lurched around searching for its comedic soul.

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Ugly Betty: East Side Story (season finale)

by Julia Ward, posted May 18th 2007 1:50AM
I can't stop crying.

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Ugly Betty: A Tree Grows in Guadalajara

by Julia Ward, posted May 11th 2007 1:19AM
Ugly Betty Guadalajara
Before we get started, I need to get something out of the way.

"A boy like that. He'll kill your brother."

Who wants to live in America? Rita Moreno does! I'm just one big fag haggis experiencing her inner theater queen. We all know that there's a Betty musical episode in the works, but I think we might be in for a preview next week. The episode is called "East Side Story," guest stars Kristin Chenoweth and is timed perfectly for Justin to save the day for middle school-aged thespians everywhere. Until then, let us reflect on tonight's mystical Mexico tour.

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Ugly Betty: Secretaries Day

by Julia Ward, posted May 4th 2007 1:55AM
Ugly Betty Secretaries Day
I wish Ugly Betty's Christina could sit down with The Office's Pam and tell her the same thing she told Betty - "You can take care of yourself, princess." How original. How wonderful. How like real life.

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Katharine McPhee is gonna get Ugly

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 12th 2007 10:34AM
Katharine McPheeAs part of February sweeps, last year's American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee is going to guest-star on Ugly Betty. McPhee will be playing herself, a celebrity guest at Mode's Fashion Week runway show, in an episode entitled "I'm Coming Out". No word yet on whether or not this hour will be Justin-centric... Oh, c'mon, don't tell me I was the only one that read the title and immediately thought of him.

McPhee's appearance will air February 1 (8:00 PM EST). Hmm... Sounds like ABC wants a little bit of FOX's American Idol glow. Also, McPhee is probably doing this to promote her self-titled debut album, which drops later this month.

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