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October 13, 2015


All-time scariest TV characters -- #10: Gorgan

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 24th 2007 12:00PM
The 'friendly angel' Gorgan before his deformityCharacter: Gorgan
Show: Star Trek
Episode: "And the Children Shall Lead"

Out of all the original Star Trek episodes there were two alien beings that scared the poop out of me when I was young. One was those freaky flying parasites from the season one episode 'Operation: Annihilate' and the other was Gorgan from the season three episode 'And the Children Shall Lead'.

Really, to get technical, both Gorgan and his followers freaked me out. To paraphrase Hank Hill: "Those kids ain't right." Well, why should they be "right" when they were being controlled by their "friendly angel" Gorgan so he could find a planet to control? Plus, the fashion sense of those kids was just out of control. Lord, the late '60s was just a nightmare for clothing!

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