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October 13, 2015


Bruce Campbell injured on Burn Notice set

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 27th 2008 5:43PM
Bruce Campbell cutieIn case you didn't know it, Bruce Campbell is my new BFF. Ever since my visit to the set, I have a new appreciation for the man. So, it pains me to report that Bruce recently was filming in Miami when he came up lame.

While chatting with Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, creator Matt Nix was talking about the new season of Burn Notice -- more on that below -- when he casually mentioned Bruce Campbell was hurt on the set. "He actually just pulled his hamstring doing a stunt, I just got a call, he's on the way to the hospital."

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Lost: What Naomi really said

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 27th 2007 9:11AM
Marsha ThomasonNaomi, the mysterious parachutist, said some mind-blowing things to the crash survivors in "D.O.C." Besides the bizarre news that someone had found the 815 wreckage and its dead passengers, she revealed that she's multilingual. Over the course of the episode, she spoke Chinese, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. She also had a secret conversation with Mikhail.

Lost fans have been busy translating Naomi's statements from Wednesday's episode. TV Squad's Brigitte Dale and many others have pointed out that Mikhail lied about Naomi thanking him. She actually said "I am not the only one." As if the plane crash news wasn't strange enough! Her statement could be interpreted several ways, depending on who she's working with. At the very least, it sounds like someone else could have landed on the island.

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Lost: D.O.C.

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 26th 2007 12:55AM

Andrew Divoff(S03E18) I don't know about you, but the last scene in that episode kind of freaked me out. Naomi the parachutist had better do some talking next week. Creepy revelations aside, how incredible was Yunjin Kim's performance? Between Sun's overall awesomeness and Jin's fighting skills, those two deserve their own spin-off. I haven't loved the Sun-Jin episodes in the past, but this one was amazing!

The Flashback

A long time ago, Sun and Jin were the cutest newlyweds ever. I couldn't stop grinning as they flirted and declared that they loved each other "madly." Their early happiness only makes their later troubles more depressing. The couple barely had time to enjoy moving into their first apartment before dealing with their first crisis.

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Lost death pool update: Week six

by Erin Martell, posted Mar 15th 2007 2:21PM

Emilie de Ravin, LostThe death pool gets more interesting with each new episode. "Par Avion" featured another unexpected death, and a few pool participants have moved ahead of the pack as a result. I will wait to name names until after the jump, but I can say that this death qualifies for the "awesome death" bonus points. The death scene was so cool that I actually watched it a couple of times.

Two people marked this person for death, so no one receives double points this time around. The final total for this week is 21 points (5 for a correct pick, 11 episode points, and 5 bonus points for a cool death). Check out the updated pool standings and death specifics below. Stop reading now if you want to avoid "Par Avion" episode spoilers.

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