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October 10, 2015


Craig Robinson to Host 'Last Comic Standing'

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 26th 2010 6:29PM
Craig Robinson of 'The Office'Maybe it's because NBC needs programming, especially during the summer. Maybe it's because the network needed a companion to 'America's Got Talent.' But it does seem like 'Last Comic Standing' has become the 'According to Jim' of reality shows, doesn't it? The show just doesn't die, no matter how much NBC and its producers have tried to kill it.

The folks who brought us the genius idea of Jay Leno at 10PM has decided to resurrect 'Last Comic,' which they canned in 2008, for a summer run, according to Joe Adalian at The Wrap. Craig Robinson of 'The Office' and the forthcoming comedy flick 'Hot Tub Time Machine' has been tabbed to host.

At least the new host gives me hope for this new version. Robinson has a great comic presence, whether he's intimidating Michael Scott as warehouse foreman Darryl Philbin, or just doing his stand-up at a local club. He'll be funnier than Bill Bellamy and more confident than Anthony Clark, two of the show's previous hosts (Jay Mohr was the original host... and quite good).

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NBC in Talks to Bring Back 'Last Comic Standing'

by Chris Jordan, posted Dec 30th 2009 6:57PM
'Last Comic Standing,' the resume embellisher of nightclub comics everywhere, might be doing a double take.

NBC is in talks to bring the series back and Paul Telegdy, the network's head of reality programming, wants to have a new host and format changes, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider.<

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My Name is Earl: Our Other Cops is On (parts 1 & 2)

by Paul Goebel, posted Nov 2nd 2007 11:58AM

Emmy winner Jamie Pressly(S03E07/S03E08) Crazy ho! - Earl Hickey

Seeing how the first Cops episode was my personal favorite I was psyched to see another one. I love seeing all the gang back together again; one-legged girlfriend, now-deceased kidnapping victim, throat cancer survivor, gay Kenny and the addition of Billy Gardell as Officer Hoyne was a smart casting move.

The great thing about these kind of episodes is that they seem like a bunch of random jokes and scenes strung together documentary style but when it's over, you realize that an intricately woven plot has just unfolded.

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Last Comic Standing: Adam Carolla and a surprise

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 27th 2006 10:52PM
Last Comic Standing(S04E05) What the hell? I used to think that once the choice of who stays and who goes is put in the hands of the audience and not the producers -- who, let's face it, used other factors besides talent to see who made it in -- the choices would make more sense. I mean, everyone's tastes are different, but the audience in that "Last Comic Theater" can clearly tell who's funny and who's not, right?

I guess not.

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Last Comic Standing: The first five finalists are chosen

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 7th 2006 11:05AM
Meadows, Griffin, Marshall: LCS judges(S04E02) Ever since Season Two, I've taken a bit of a cynical view of the first rounds of Last Comic Standing. During that year, Drew Carey and Brett Butler went to the press complaining that Ant was chosen by the producers to go to the house over their objections. It seems that it doesn't matter what the celebrity judges say, the producers are going to pick who they want to pick to go to the house, whether it's because they have a good story, they'll cause trouble, or that they just owe the comic's agent a favor.

This first "semi-final", in which five comics were chosen to go to the house, didn't make me any less cynical. The choices really did smack of compelling story over comedic ability, at least in a couple of cases.

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Anthony Clark will host Last Comic Standing

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 3rd 2006 5:00PM
anthony clarkIf you tune into the new season of Last Comic Standing, you won't be seeing the sly smirk of comedian Jay Mohr. Instead, Anthony Clark, an okay stand-up comedian and star of the horrendous CBS groanfest Yes, Dear will be taking over hosting duties on the fourth season of Last Comic Standing when it kicks off this summer. I watched the first couple seasons of the show but ultimately gave up on it when I could no longer justify watching a bunch of mediocre comedians arguing over who sucked the least. Having another lame comedian host the show pretty much keeps it off my "must watch" list permanently.

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