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September 4, 2015


Will there still be a Ripper?

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 3rd 2009 6:03PM
Anthony Stewart HeadAnthony Stewart Head, who played the character of Rupert Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer a long, long time ago, has hinted that the British spin-off Ripper (which would star the character of Giles) is not outside the realm of possibility.

Granted, there are a few pitfalls in the way. Creator Joss Whedon is busy with his series Dollhouse and his upcoming movie Cabin in the Woods. Plus there may be some confusion regarding the character if they get that Whedon-less Buffy movie made.

There is definitely still life left in the Buffy franchise (look at all the successful series and movies out there involving vampires with a female protagonist). I'm sorry Joss didn't use that Eliza Dushku contract to make a series about the character of Faith rather than Dollhouse, although I understand his creative need to spread his wings. In my mind, there is only a matter of time before they make a feature film that is a direct spin-off from the television series that involves Joss Whedon and doesn't suck. Fingers crossed.

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Merlin season two coming this fall, while season one hits the US in June

by Jason Hughes, posted May 26th 2009 8:02PM
MerlinWhile the second season launch of Merlin is set to debut on BBC One this fall, in the UK, we're still waiting for the first season on NBC in the US. Finally, it's coming to NBC starting June 21 with a two-hour debut. Considering this went from a winter premiere in the states to a summer debut now doesn't make me feel NBC has a lot of faith in it.

Or maybe NBC is actually seeing Merlin as a quality scripted summer program and truly embracing a twelve-month programming schedule. The shorter thirteen-episode run fits better in the three-month season between seasons. So maybe that second season will make it to NBC in summer 2010? Or at least BBC America if NBC loses faith in it completely.

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BBC's Merlin gets second season

by Brad Trechak, posted Dec 16th 2008 12:05PM
MerlinThe effects of the writers' strike still linger (as well as the possible impending SAG strike). More foreign shows are being licensed by American companies. For example, NBC has purchased the fantasy BBC series Merlin which has just been greenlit for a second season.

I haven't seen Merlin yet (it hasn't yet been broadcast in the States), so I can't comment on its quality. It's shown in a lot of different countries and has been renewed, so how bad can it be? Plus it has Anthony Stewart Head in it, who can even save shows like Little Britain from mediocrity.

Given the fact that British dramatic seasons are slightly shorter than their American counterparts (13 episodes as opposed to 22), I do wonder what they'll fill the other half-season with. Despite the shortened season, I have faith in the show's quality. BBC productions with American backing have produced big hits. For good examples, see Rome or Extras.

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Iconic ads ... and Giles - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Jun 26th 2008 1:07PM

Maytag RepairmanOur pals over at AOL have a fun new list up featuring their picks for the Top 25 ad icons of all time. As with any list, you can debate the results. I'll not spoil the list for you, but my pick was bumped all the way down to number nine. I bring it up here for two reasons. First, it's a fun trip down memory lane watching all of the old commercials. Seeing a young David Naughton singing and dancing about Dr. Pepper, or David Leisure pitching for Isuzu, is certainly a better use of your time than anything your boss had planned for today.

More importantly, given that this is Buffy week, a familiar face pops up on the list -- it's the one and only Anthony Stewart Head. If you're not of the Hanna Montana generation, you probably recall the series of spots for Nescafe from years gone by. They featured an ongoing story about a couple, Head and Sharon Maughan, tracing their relationship. It had all the classic bits. There was another woman, jobs getting in the way of their courtship, and even a Three's Company-style misunderstanding that gave him all the wrong ideas. In the end ... well, you can watch it all unfold, after the jump.

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Tony Head updates us on Ripper

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 28th 2008 3:35PM
tony headLately when people discuss Joss Whedon, it's having to do with his comic book writing and, of course, the upcoming new series, Dollhouse. What seems to have slipped off the radar is any discussion about the made-for-BBC Rupert Giles-centric, Buffy spin-off, Ripper. We get bits and pieces and clues here and there regarding the show's current state, but nothing seems very concrete.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Anthony Stewart Head discusses his newest project on BBC One, The Invisibles, but he also drops an update on the state of Ripper and posts his thoughts on the Buffy Season Eight comic.

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Comic-Con: Joss Whedon panel report

by Julia Ward, posted Jul 28th 2007 9:35PM
Joss CC

Who's the King of Comic-Con? Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon? Kevin may have pulled ahead with this afternoon's Heroes announcement, but Joss' fans come bearing gifts. Seriously. At least half the people asking questions had gifts to lay at the master's feet. Fortunately for us, Joss came equipped with a gift or two himself.

If you don't want one Buffy Season 8 spoiler, don't follow the jump.

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Showtime orders pilots for three new comedies

by Brett Love, posted Sep 5th 2006 8:56PM
Manchild's Anthony Stewart HeadDespite what has been a rather lackluster track record with original comedies, Showtime is set to try try again. The premium network has ordered pilots for three new shows, Manchild, Californication, and Insatiable. Darren Starr (Sex and the City, Melrose Place, 90210) will team up with Robb and Mark Cullen (Lucky, Heist) to adapt the BBC comedy Manchild. It is the story of four 40-something men trying to navigate through various mid-life crises. Think, Sex and the City plus ten years and testicles. The original starred Buffy alum Anthony Stewart Head.

From Tom Kapinos (Dawson's Creek), Californication, revolves around a single father trying to raise his child while dealing with sex and drug addictions. And finally, Insatiable tells the story of a small town where everyone has an addiction. It will be headed up by Linda Wallem (The Comeback, Jake In Progress).

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