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October 9, 2015


Ellen DeGeneres Frightens Her DJ (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 2nd 2010 5:40PM
Ellen DeGeneres Frightens Her DJApril Fools' Day is over, but Ellen DeGeneres is still continuing with her pranks.

'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (weekdays, syndicated) is filming in Orlando, Fla., where DeGeneres and her DJ -- Tony Okungbowa -- got a chance to visit the Universal Studios theme park. Apparently, Okungbowa found the "Mummy" ride to be particularly frightening. "A couple of things jump out at you; I wasn't too keen on [that]," he said. "Right," DeGeneres said. "Oh, it's bad when mummies jump out at you." And then, well, maybe you can guess what happened next ...

Watch the video after the jump.

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McHale vs. Seacrest - April Fool's Edition

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 2nd 2010 10:00AM
Joel McHale on Ryan Seacrest's Web siteThe feud between Joel McHale and Ryan Seacrest heated up yesterday when the 'Community' and 'The Soup' star redesigned Seacrest's web site for April Fool's Day. The site was packed with McHale-related photos, audio clips, video clips, and links. The 'American Idol' banner ads showed McHale's photo. Even the Twitter link went to McHale's account, where he disclosed Seacrest's Twitter password to be "hairlesslittlechoirboybody."

According to Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch column, the site was crippled with traffic for a portion of the day, but was available later. McHale's Facebook update, shown on the right side of the site, asked readers to help crash the site again and to keep visiting Seacrest's Twitter account.

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Ellen DeGeneres Attacks Her Audience With Waterguns (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 1st 2010 5:27PM
Ellen Attacks Her Audience with WatergunsIt's April Fools' Day, Ellen DeGeneres-style!

DeGeneres taunted her audience on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (weekdays, syndicated) while standing behind a table lined with water guns. "Did you know that the water gun was invented by a man named ... Jim, uh, Watergun?" she said. "By the way," she said, picking up a water gun, "none of these have water in them at all." April Fool. DeGeneres then proceeded to soak down her audience and camera crew. And then, once the crowd was dripping wet, she blasted them with confetti!

Watch the video after the jump.

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Martha Stewart Pranks Jeff Daniels (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 1st 2010 4:15PM
Martha StewartMartha Stewart is known worldwide as a domestic goddess, but after today we can call her the domestic prankster.

On 'The Martha Stewart Show,' (weekdays, syndicated) Jeff Daniels was on the receiving end of many pranks. Orange soda in place of tea? Check. Styrofoam carrots? Check. Edible planks of wood? Check. "The nicest feature of all is that it is edible ... what do you think? Good, right? It has a very nice taste, it sort of tastes like maple syrup ..." We'll have to take your word for it, Martha.

Video after the jump.

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Urlesque Redubbed 'Urkelesque' For April Fool's Day

by Gabrielle Dunn, posted Apr 1st 2010 3:00PM
Steve UrkelWas Urlesque hacked?!

That might be what readers thought when they opened up Urlesque.com's homepage this morning to find the entire site had been decked out Urkel-style.

Renaming itself "Urkel-esque," the Internet trends site is celebrating April Fool's Day by tricking out its content with articles by 90's sitcom 'Family Matters' star Steve Urkel and his cooler alter-ego "Stephan Urquelle" to fool the Interwebs.

The site's logo is even changed to include Urkel's signature big glasses.

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Kathie Lee Pranks Hoda on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 1st 2010 2:30PM
Today That Kathie Lee Gifford. She's such a rascal.

You've got to hand it to Hoda Kotb, she's such a great comedy foil for Gifford. On 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC), Gifford told Kotb she set up a profile for her on a dating site called "Cougars & Co." In an effort to get her hooked up with the cub of her dreams, Gifford brought three gents into the studio, telling Kotb she had to pick one to go on a date with.

Yes, it was all a prank, but after seeing these two in action on a daily basis, we wouldn't be surprised if Gifford did something like this for real.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Mimi Bobeck Shows Up on 'The Price is Right' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 1st 2010 2:05PM
Price is RightIt's a 'Drew Carey Show' reunion!

After a series of bizarre occurrences, Drew Carey found out who was behind the dastardly doings -- Mimi Bobeck. Yes, that's right America, Mimi is back. Kathy Kinney appeared in character on 'The Price is Right' (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) to prank Carey on this glorious April 1. As the show's executive producer, Mimi instituted new policies, hired a new announcer and new models and declared she's watching Carey.

Now, when will Oswald and Ryan show up as contestants?

Watch the video after the jump.

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Who had the fake TV Squad profile picture?

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 2nd 2008 11:01AM
who is itYesterday we revealed the TV Squad bloggers page, complete with profile pictures of everyone. However, one person had a fake profile picture. The guesses were all over the place, with a majority of folks going with the red herring, Brett Love (yes, that is really Brett's awesome beard). Lots of folks picked me for having the fake picture (yes I'm wearing a goofy hat), or Wil Wheaton (yes, he really is a pimp). The answers from there were all over the place.

The real profile picture we replaced with a fake one is to the right. Read on to see who it is.

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April Fools contest. No, really!

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 1st 2006 1:29PM
Mr. TThe TV Squad team and I were discussing what, if anything, we should do to celebrate April Fools day. While sacrificing Ryan to the Norse god Loki sounded like a swell idea, we turned our attention to something more traditional this year, but with a little twist. Rather than fill your day with a bunch of fake posts (like everyone and their grandma's blog is doing), we decided we'd go ahead and fill previous days with fake posts and make yet another contest out of it.

Within the past six months are several posts that are reporting, in different ways, on the same completely made up story. Your job is to find all of these stories and send us a link to each of them in an email to tvsquad@gmail.com. The first three people to send all correct story links will win three stars to their names! As soon as we have all of our winners, I'll let you know in a follow-up below.

Read on for more info.

[UPDATE: All the winners are in! For those of you bummed that the contest wasn't paying out more, really, you should have clicked the "Read on" link above...Fools. See the full list of fake posts after the jump.]

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Kayla McIntyre admits she has a problem. . .Well, Duh!

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 22nd 2006 11:11AM

The Beach House made Kayla do it.It looks like Kayla McIntyre has finally woken up and smelled the coffee, or, as she comes from England, tea. After being charged with a DUI, proposedly having an affair with the producer of the U.K. hit The Beach House, and losing her hosting gig on the U.S. version of the show to housemate Riddick Ulose, Kayla is finally telling her side of the story to the London tabloids.

Her side of the story? She has a drinking problem. No kidding!

According to the tabloids McIntyre has been a functional alcoholic for several years now. She was in control (as much as an alcoholic can be in control) until she joined the cast of The Beach House. Once she got chummy with her housemates her control began to slip, which led to some of the more wilder escapades on the show and her eventual problems once she left. She also addressed the rumors of her so-called affair with The Beach House producer. She explained that it was a one-time fling and there was no additional favoritism given to her during the show's vote out sessions. The producer had no comment.

As to her dismissal from the U.S. version of the show, Kayla wishes both Ulose and the show the best of luck and believes that it's a good thing to distance herself from any form of the show while she works to cleanse herself of the addiction.

(UPDATE: This is a fake post, created for the purpose of our April Fools contest)

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Kayla McIntyre out as Beach House USA host

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 13th 2006 10:20AM

The Beach House comes to the US -- without KaylaWell, as the Hollywood version of the Good Book says 'The producer giveth, the producer taketh away'. What comes as no surprise to anyone anywhere whatsoever, Kayla McIntyre, bad girl star of the British reality show The Beach House, has been let go as the host of the U.S. version of the show, which is currently under production.

Producers of Beach House -- California have reported that McIntyre left the show under good terms. However, according to tabloid accounts (which we know are the foundation of fair and accurate reporting), Kayla was let go due to her recent DUI charges and her alleged affair with the executive producer of The Beach House while it was filming across the pond. Replacing McIntyre as host of BH-C will be another Beach House alum; the more subdued Riddick Ulose.

As per routine, McIntyre's lackeys people had no comment on the dismissal.

(UPDATE: This is a fake post, created for the purpose of our April Fools contest)

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The Beach House producer Nigel Marvin denies all, of course

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 21st 2006 11:33AM
nigel marvinAs Adam recently mentioned, one of the members of the U.K. show The Beach House was apparently caught on camera doing the deed with the show's producer, Nigel Marvin. The video was up on YouTube for some time, and has recently resurfaced, yet to be taken offline. Marvin is of course denying that he's the man in the video, stating to reporters that, "she's a cute doll and all that, and I can see that it's her in the video, but the other bloke looks more like (co-producer) Ken."

You be the judge.

(UPDATE: This is a fake post, created for the purpose of our April Fools contest)

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Rumors of affair rock The Beach House

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 19th 2006 10:29AM

beachWell, we knew she was naughty and had a proclivity for shedding her blouse, but Kayla McIntyre, everyone's favorite topless lush on the British reality series The Beach House, may have finally gone too far. During a recent taping, McIntyre, sloshed as usual, let it slip that she had spent the night alone with the show's producer, Nigel Marvin. This segment was never shown on the air, but footage did make it to YouTube, only to be removed before the end of the day. I was unable to catch it before they snatched it away, but apparently the footage was taken on a digital camera and not by one of the show's camera crew. Did one of her fellow cast members shoot the clandestine footage? It's tough to say, but Kayla the Flasher's days may be numbered.

Wisely, everyone involved has remained quiet about the ordeal, but it does bring up the question as to whether McIntyre, who some are saying was the first choice to host the possible US version of the show, may have shot herself in the foot. I guess we could always try to contact her and ask her, since apparently it only takes a couple glasses of wine to get her talking.

(UPDATE: This is a fake post, created for the purpose of our April Fools contest)

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The Beach House star arrested for DUI

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 30th 2005 12:53PM
The Beach HouseKayla McIntyre is crazy drunk... again. Clearly, her vodka-induced debauchery did not end at The Beach House because McIntyre has just been arrested for DUI charges while filming a new series in the States. No one was injured, but McIntyre will have her license suspended for 90 days and has to pay a $420 fine. No word on whether she had her top on or off (five bucks says it was the latter). Is driving under the influence in Hawaii the hot thing to do now? I'm looking your way, Michelle Rodriguez, you wicked trendsetter.

(UPDATE: This is a fake post, created for the purpose of our April Fools contest)

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