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October 7, 2015


Sundance Channel reality show to dispel American Arab Myths

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 4th 2008 8:04PM

The Sundance ChannelLeave it to the Sundance Channel to broadcast a reality television program that may actually benefit world society. The show is called On The Road In America and is about four Arabs in their 20's on a road trip across America, seeing different aspects of American culture.

The show is backed by Layalina Productions, a Washington nonprofit group that wants to use television to foster better understanding between the two worlds. When the series was shown in the Middle East, it attracted 4.5 million viewers per episode from countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Algeria.

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Independent Lens: Shadya - an early look

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 9th 2007 6:04PM

shadyaIf ever a subject of this PBS documentary showcase series lived up to the title "Independent Lens," it's eighteen year old Shadya Zoabi. Shadya is a Muslim Arab living in Israel, a beautiful, athletic and headstrong girl who loves karate and who has very little interest in following the typical Muslim path of becoming a servant and housekeeper. Throughout the film, Shadya's feminist views clash with those of her older brothers, the eldest of which insists Shadya must give up karate and behave in a manner more fitting to Muslim customs and laws. Shadya, meanwhile, flaunts her independence at every turn. She even gives up praying because she says she hasn't got the time.

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Al-Jazeera misses US debut

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 13th 2006 1:03PM
al jazeeraAl-Jazeera International, with offices in Qatar, London, Washington, and Kuala Lumpur, was supposed to debut in the United States back in May, but several issues caused the Middle East network to miss its target date, and no new date has been set. Four hours of the broadcast day would have been dedicated to news out of Washington with a focus on such things as environmental and human rights issues. Besides some apprehension over the network due to current US involvement in wars in two Islamic countries, Al-Jazeera International also faces the obstacle of not having any carriers in the United States willing to show it. Dish Network currently carries Al-Jazeera, but has not agreed to show Al-Jazeera International.

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