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October 8, 2015

Atom Films

Trek Yourself and other Star Trek tidbits

by Brad Trechak, posted May 6th 2009 1:02PM
Star TrekAdmittedly, I haven't seen anything from Atom Films in a while, but someone brought my attention to this cute animation they did for a supposed "missing" Star Trek pilot from the 90's that deals with Kirk's years at Starfleet Academy. All the high school movie clichés are present and accounted for.

Actually, there's a lot of Trek stuff that's been brought to my attention floating around the Interwebs in anticipation of the Star Trek movie opening this coming Friday. There is this beauty of William Shatner serenading George Lucas. Or this lovely Christmas ornament. Or this great article about Shatner being the one, true Kirk.

I have my trepidations about recasting these television icons. In the new cast, as far as I know, neither of the actors who play Kirk or Spock are Jewish. Chris Pine isn't even Canadian, for Spock's sake.

Despite all this, I'm still seeing the movie opening weekend. In the meantime, Trek Yourself is after the jump.

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