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August 29, 2015

Bethenny Getting Married

'Bethenny Ever After' Season 1, Episode 6 Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Apr 5th 2011 6:15AM
Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel, 'Bethenny Ever After'['Bethenny Ever After' - 'Fleeing From 40']

Poor Jason, but good Jason. It was hard to empathize with Bethenny when she shuttered herself in the bathroom to cry bloody murder. Everyone around her was supportive and happy to make her happy. But there was that old chestnut, her past, latent or invisible most of the time, exploding at just the wrong moment.

So, her husband was good to weather the storm, however inconvenient or awkward it was. What are over 40 friends and family members when you've constantly got cameras in the house, anyway?

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'Bethenny Ever After' Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Mar 29th 2011 6:00AM
['Bethenny Ever After' - 'Ice Castles and Hassles']Bethenny Frankel, 'Bethenny Ever After'

How convenient ... a night in a swanky hotel with her girl posse just to talk ... about planning her birthday party? It sounds better than it ended up, especially when Bethenny's got some kind of birthday psychosis going on, unsurprisingly traced back to some pretty unsavory, sad moments from her childhood. See, she was sure the therapist had something to say. He must be convinced now, too.

Can we please get some bonus footage at the end of the season with Julie performing an extended version of her "Metro card" dance? I'm sure one of the Bravo 'Housewives' would be more than happy to take on the task of singing an accompanying song or jumping on a remix.

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Bethenny Frankel on 'Bethenny Ever After' and Coming From a Place of Yes

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 25th 2011 12:05PM
'Bethenny Ever After'It's not a stretch to say that Bethenny Frankel's life moves as fast as she talks.

Even though our interview earlier this week was via phone, it wasn't hard to paint the picture of what was going on on the other end: Bethenny, holding her ten-month old daughter Bryn, wandering around the office or living room in the small but well-appointed Tribeca condo seen in her Bravo show 'Bethenny Ever After,' conducting the interview in the vicinity of a speakerphone. Bryn was so close I could hear her cooing in the speaker near the end of the interview, so I said hi to her.

Life is non-stop for the former star of 'The Real Housewives of New York City.' In addition to the Bravo show, which is in its second season chronicling her marriage to Jason Hoppy and new motherhood, she just completed a deal to sell her Skinnygirl brand of low-calorie ready-made cocktails to Beam Global, maker of Jim Beam bourbon, among other products. And on Tuesday, her latest book, 'A Place of Yes: 10 Rules For Getting Everything You Want Out of Life,' hit store shelves.

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'Bethenny Ever After' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Mar 15th 2011 6:40AM
['Bethenny Ever After' - 'Business As Unusual']Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy, 'Bethenny Ever After'

"He's so unusual. When he saw Bryn, he said 'nice to meet you.' He wanted to give her one of his roasted red peppers and then she would die ... that would be awkward for everyone."

-- Bethenny, on Nick the foodie, her adopted blogger.

Foodie Nick on his culinary crawl, peering around with worried eyes, head upturned, hair pointing in all directions, in pursuit of a lost Bethenny. Easily this week's best moment.

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'Bethenny Ever After' Season 1, Episode 1 (Series Premiere) Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Mar 1st 2011 5:00AM
Bethenny Frankel['Bethenny Ever After' - 'Hoppy Trails To You']

"Look at how happy you are. I'm already dead and you're so excited. You're already dating some blonde, young, f**king loser who's 23 years old in, like, a pink cardigan. A**hole."

-- Bethenny, to Jason, on how fast he would rebound if she kicked the bucket

Ah, she's back. All fresh-faced and foul-mouthed. To start a new season of her renamed series, Bethenny Frankel, aka Mrs. 30 (or 32) F (or G), collided with the small-town niceties of Hazleton, Pa.

"I don't know how you found me," she told a drunk Jason at the townie bar. She was speaking to their differences, he a homegrown suburban guy and her a cosmopolitan empire.

"I can't even stand right now," he replied.

They're sweet.

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Having Sex With Food on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 13th 2010 2:20AM
Having Sex With Food on 'Bethenny Getting Married'Wow. Being pregnant apparently makes you kind of hungry. This current season of 'Bethenny Getting Married' is over. But on the latest episode (Thu., 10PM ET on Bravo) we get some "behind the scenes" footage. And through that, we learn just how passionate a very pregnant Bethenny Franklel can be about food.

Beth eats some fancy doughnuts while hanging out with event planner Shawn. And here are a few things that she says while eating dessert:

1) "Kill yourself. Kill ... yourself." (By the way, it makes no sense that she says this, but whatever.)

2) "It's like sex." (That is -- eating doughnuts is apparently like having sex. Okay then, Bethenny.)

3) "If I were you, I would stick my penis right in the middle." (This being Beth's expression of pleasure at eating doughnuts, and her recommendation to Shawn at what he should maybe do the doughnuts.)

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Sex-Starved Jason and Bethenny Are Going Crazy (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Aug 6th 2010 5:14AM
Sex-Starved Jason and Bethenny Going Are Going CrazyOn 'Bethenny Getting Married' (Thu., 10PM ET on BRAVO), it's been five weeks since Bethenny Frankel gave birth, and her husband Jason Hoppy is going crazy.

"I just wasn't aware that the deprivation of sex would send Jason into a complete tailspin," says Bethenny. "You cannot have sex for six weeks after you give birth. Doctors orders."

But weeks of abstaining could be affecting Bethenny too, as she becomes practically delirious. She turns the word "Montauk" -- on the eastern tip of Long Island -- into a sexual joke and becomes hysterical with laughter. Jason is not amused.

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The In-Laws Weep Over Baby's Name on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 30th 2010 8:25AM
In-Laws Cry Over Baby's Name on 'Betheny Getting Married'On 'Bethenny Getting Married' (Thu., 10PM ET on BRAVO), it's the day after Bethenny Frankel has had a lengthy labor and eventual C-section. Husband Jason Hoppy's parents stop by the hospital.

"We have a baby girl, and her name is Bryn Hoppy," announces Bethenny. Jason's mother Carol begins to cry. "I told my husband, Bryan's going to get worked into that name somewhere."

Bethenny later explains: "To say to them that we named our firstborn child after their son that passed away -- I think it was really emotional for them."

After they leave, Jason helps burp little Bryn. He tells her, "We can go to dance classes and stuff, but can you go and play basketball with me sometimes, and hit gold balls?" Awww.

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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Welcome Baby Girl (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 23rd 2010 8:20AM
Bethenny Frankel Has a Baby on 'Getting Married'Roughly 25 hours into labor, Bethenny Frankel says to husband Jason Hoppy, "I wanta know how high school girls give birth in the bathroom stall."

Hoppy can't imagine it either. Not much is happening in their hospital room, as evidenced by the home-video footage shown on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (Thu., 10PM ET on BRAVO). So at the 27-hour mark, the couple opts for a C-section.

Hoppy dons the "jumpsuit" he must wear during the surgery. "You're like a member of the pit crew!" says Frankel. Check out the video for the baby's name.

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Naked Belly on 'Bethenny Getting Married?' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 16th 2010 5:55AM
This week on 'Bethenny Getting Married?' (Thurs., 10PM ET on BRAVO) Bethenny Frankel decides to celebrate her pregnant body and give her fiancé Jason Hoppy a real treat by doing a nude maternity photo shoot. Apparently it's the perfect gift for Jason who, says Bethenny, "as we all know, has a warped and twisted pregnancy fetish."

So wearing nothing but white undies, Bethenny lies across a bed and tries to get comfortable. It doesn't go great at first as the photographer starts taking photos before Bethenny's ready, and she's pretty tense in front of the cameras. But she gradually starts to loosen up and jokes that, "I feel like I'm in the doctor's office ... I feel like I'm in stirrups!"

Ever the trouper, Bethenny eventually gets into the groove and relaxes, even though "the last time I was naked with a camera was PETA and I was a whole lot different.".

And at the end of "the easiest photo shoot ever!" Bethenny says that she's really pleased with the results. After weeks of feeling tired and swollen she's got a set of pictures commemorating "this beautiful, beautiful time of my life."

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Bethenny Frankel Pees in a Bucket at Her Wedding (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 9th 2010 8:31AM
Bethenny Frankel Pees in a Bucket at Her WeddingThe big day has finally arrived on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (Thu., 10PM ET on BRAVO). And as the old adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. On her special day, Bethenny Frankel has a deep necessity to pee. Immediately.

The (pregnant) bride has already donned her gown, and traipsing to the bathroom means walking through her wedding guests in her dress. Sean suggests a bucket. "Pee in a bucket at my wedding? That's so sleazy!" says Bethenny.

But there's no other choice. Sean and Julie maneuver her over the pail. Julie has the task of taking off Bethenny's underwear, while Sean is holding up the dress.

"Outside, I was like, 'Sure, whatever you want, sweetie.' Inside I was like, 'Whaaat?!'" says Sean.

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Bethenny Frankel Inflicts Her Own March Madness on Fiancé Jason (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 2nd 2010 7:10AM
Bethenny Inflicts March Madness on Fiancé JasonPlanning the wedding-day menu is the final straw for Bethenny Frankel. No, technically, seeing fiancé Jason Hoppy watch college basketball while she pores over wedding logistics is what drives her over the edge on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (hu., 10PM ET on BRAVO).

"Jason's knee deep in March Madness right now, horizontal on the couch, hand in the pretzel bowl," says Bethenny. "And I am ripping my hair out having a full-on internal nervous breakdown planning this damn wedding."

She asks Jason about beef tartar several times before he hears her correctly. "If you want to see March madness, you'll see a pregnant woman light her friggin' hair on fire and go crazy right now," says Bethenny. "You're not getting this. I'm seven months pregnant, and I'm planning this thing, and you have been MIA."

"You can't hang over my head all the things that you take on," says Jason. "That's your choice ... I don't want to lose what's important about this ... Are we getting married for us, or are we getting married for the production of this?"

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Fans Fall Down on 'Bethenny Getting Married?' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 25th 2010 10:25AM
Bethenny FrankelBethenny Frankel took some time to relax from planning her wedding and hit Atlantic City for a bachelorette party. All this was documented on 'Bethenny Getting Married?' (Thu., 10PM on BRAVO).

However, what Bethenny probably wasn't expecting was the interesting people she'd encounter in the casino. While walking, two women stop the reality star and ask her if she knows "Larry, the medium." Bethenny said she doesn't, but the women insist that he knows her.

Bethenny dismissed the ladies and continues on her way and then all of a sudden ... splat. The fans just fall down. "Man down ... that was a lot of woman," Bethenny said.

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The Difference Between Dancing and Grinding on 'Bethenny Getting Married?' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 18th 2010 10:15AM
Bethenny FrankelSure there's an age gap between Bethenny Frankel and her new assistant, Max, but it is to the extent he thinks?

On 'Bethenny Getting Married?' (Thu., 10PM on BRAVO), Bethenny and her wedding planner discussed whether Bethenny and her fiancee, Jason, would share a first dance. Max chimed in saying he knows how to slow dance and he and Bethenny put on a little show. Then, Max asked if Bethenny's generation grinds at weddings.

"What's grinding?" Bethenny asked. "When your ass is in somebody's balls when you're like going to the floor? Crotch to crotch? ... My generation grinds if they're sh--faced at a night club."

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'Bethenny Getting Married' - 'In-laws We Trust' Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Jun 18th 2010 1:15AM
(S01E02) - It's only the second episode and Bethenny's already imposing to-do list of baby, book and wedding has massively ballooned. Max, drop the Depp and get on it!

Jason is still absent due to canceled flights. Bethenny must nonetheless make a frittata for Jason's father. Go hopping for a wedding dress with Jason's mother. Mold the coiffed Max into someone who is on-point. Assess a new wedding planner. Decide if she's the type of person who would serve coffee to potential guests after dinner. Would it be decaf? She doesn't want to stay up late. Is anyone else getting slight chest pains?

If the premiere last week was sweet, this installment is pure frenzy. We learn how rushed everything really is when Bethenny tells us the time frame: four weeks till wedding. Jason's visiting parents, Carol and Bob, provide a refreshing spot of Pennsylvania cuteness. It's understandable that after looking for wedding dresses with Bethenny at several shops, Carol is exhausted. It's exhausting just watching Bethenny try to tackle everything. So when Max fails to have a car waiting after one of Bethenny's speaking engagements, it's hard to argue when she lays down the law. She already has yet another place to be.

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