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October 10, 2015


'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Wheaton Recurrence' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted Apr 12th 2010 11:22PM
Big Bang Theory, wil wheaton
(S03E19) Wow, Wil Wheaton really is evil. First he plays the dead Mee-Maw card, then he sinks even lower. I mean, he doesn't sink so low that he'd break up a relationship to win a bowling tournament -- or would he? I do love the fact that they used Wheaton for the majority of the episode this time, instead of just having him show up at the end, like they did in his first episode.

He had quite the impact on everyone's lives, although probably not in the way that anyone would have guessed. I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't have thought that Wil Wheaton was going to alter the entire course of the show. So what do you think about what he did?

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'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Pants Alternative' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 23rd 2010 12:27AM
big bang theory sheldon no pants
If you've ever read my 'Big Bang Theory' reviews, then you know that I always end it with some of my favorite quotes from the episode. I'm pretty sure that after this week's, my hands almost fell off. There were so many great lines to choose from-- and I didn't even get in to Sheldon's amazing speech. Were I to do that, then I'd pretty much be transcribing the entire episode instead of reviewing it.

The episode went along pretty much as you would expect it to: Sheldon has a weird problem, the friends pitch in to try and help him out. There are a couple of things I didn't see coming: The "C-Men" joke, and Sheldon's amazing drunk stand-up act at his awards ceremony. In three years, that was the loosest we've ever seen Dr. Cooper, and the results were fascinating.

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'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Precious Fragmentation' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 9th 2010 9:15AM
big bang theory
(S03E17) This was one of the best episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory' in a while, not because of all of the 'Lord of the Rings' references (I never got into those movies), but because the writers finally figured out a way to get all of the characters together in one plot. Even though Wolowitz and Raj furthered their weird relationship by snuggling during a nap (which was actually only in Sheldon's dream, which raises even more questions), they weren't shoved off to the side in a b-plot.

We got back to the season one dynamic of the four guys having a story, while Penny interacts with them on the periphery. Since Penny has become such a big part of the show, this won't work for every episode, but it's nice to see what made us love the show in the first place. Especially since we needed all the happy thoughts in the world to replace the image of Sheldon as Smeagol. Congrats to the makeup crew, but dear God, I never want to see that again.

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'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Excelsior Acquisition' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 2nd 2010 12:30AM
big bang theory, stan lee
(S03E16) I've got to say, I would have enjoyed a little bit more of Stan Lee in this episode. He didn't really get to interact with anyone except for Penny. Even though Sheldon was in the scene, he just kind of hung back before dashing into Stan Lee's house. Instead of seeing another, "what crazy situation can we put Sheldon in" scene, I would have much preferred seeing the events that transpired that ended up leading to Wolowitz and Leonard having gelato with the comic book legend.

In fact, the episode left me with more questions about Stan Lee than it answered. Namely, would he really answer his own door, and do he and Hugh Hefner go pajama shopping together? Because that is a reality show I would be interested in watching.

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Review: 'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Einstein Approximation'

by Kona Gallagher, posted Feb 2nd 2010 12:30AM
big bang theory
(S03E14) Look, I'm just going to put this out there. It may be weird, but confused, bedraggled Sheldon is a little bit hot. I've been watching this show for three seasons, and this is the first episode where I was all, "well helloooo, Jim Parsons." It's amazing what a little stubble will do for a dude. Anyhoo, I love the fact that Sheldon got a job this episode. Putting Sheldon in any situation is fantastic, but finding a fairly legitimate reason to make Sheldon a busboy is absolutely golden.

Here's my main problem: Raj. I love Bernadette, and the fact that she and Wolowitz have had a multi-episode relationship, but it kind of leaves Raj out in the cold -- much as he was when his idea to go roller skating turned into a double-date that did not include him. He doesn't necessarily need a girlfriend (although I would like to see that), but they really need to find something to do with him, so he can do more than just show up at the beginning and the end of any given episode.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Bozeman Reaction

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jan 19th 2010 1:31AM
big bang theory
(S03E13) This episode really could have been Sheldon's one-man show on Broadway. He was definitely the star this week, and everyone else was basically there to help set-up jokes. Sheldon is by far my favorite character, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. When I was writing out my favorite quotes this week, every single one of them involved Sheldon, and while he was hilarious, I love Big Bang Theory as an ensemble.

With that said, I did enjoy this episode a lot. Sheldon is the best when he's put in stressful situations, and there aren't very many situations that are more stressful than being robbed. Although he took everything to a quirky extreme, Sheldon behaved in pretty much the exact same way I would think I would behave if I found myself in that situation. I would be afraid of every noise, barricade myself in my room, and failing all of that, I would totally pick up and move-- although I doubt I would ever attempt to move to Montana.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Psychic Vortex

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jan 12th 2010 4:00AM
big bang theory
(S03E12) The TCA panel for CBS was on Saturday, and Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre brushed off talk of a Penny/Sheldon hookup by basically saying that Sheldon is asexual. He's chosen not to play the relationship game at all, and the writers aren't planning on changing that. This is quite evident in this week's episode, as Sheldon meets a lady who totally wants to do it to him, and he instead spends the night in Leonard's room accompanied by his Green Lantern lantern.

Despite the fact that Leonard and Wolowitz are double dating and Raj is trying very hard to find a girlfriend (who he will never be able to talk to? I'm still a little confused as to how that would work), Sheldon remains perfectly content to backup all of his data and reinstall his operating system. And since it's Sheldon and not Wolowitz we're talking about here, that's not even a euphemism for anything.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Maternal Convergence

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 15th 2009 6:40AM
big bang theory christine baranski
Christine Baranski is back! I loved this episode, but it was way too short. It was so fast-paced, that it seemed like it was over before it even got started. They really picked up where they left off the last time she guest-starred. In that episode; they established how she and Sheldon were basically the same person and hinted at a Mrs. Robinson-type relationship. In this episode, they totally went there.

Sure, she was drunk and didn't really mean it, but when she pulled Sheldon in and kissed him, my jaw dropped. It's been a while since we've seen her, and they spent the first half of this episode establishing basically that Sheldon had replaced Leonard in his mother's life. He's sending her get-well flowers, he knows about Leonard's dog dying, he's giving Beverly notes on her papers; so when she kissed him, it was jarring -- like she was kissing her own son.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Gorilla Experiment

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 8th 2009 1:55AM
big bang theory
(S03E10) Do you think it's weird that Sheldon and Penny seem to be having more and more storylines together, but I can't actually remember the last episode in which she and Leonard shared a scene alone? When I did a poll a few episodes ago asking if you think Sheldon and Penny are going to get together, nearly half of you said "yes." I don't necessarily agree, but is it a problem when your character has more chemistry with her boyfriend's friend than her actual boyfriend?

Right now, it's still working for the show, but I'm not sure how much longer they can continue having Leonard and Penny involved in a "relationship" in which they barely speak. However, if they break up, then it would be more difficult for Sheldon and Penny to have so many scenes together, and a great deal of the comedy would be eliminated right there. It's an interesting place where the writers find themselves right now.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Vengence Formulation

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 24th 2009 9:29AM
big bang theory
As soon as I read the episode info and saw that Kripke was going to be making an appearance, I lost all hope of this episode coming anywhere close to matching the brilliance of last week's. I was not wrong. I don't like Kripke. I don't find a speech impediment to be funny, and with him, it's completely extraneous. Sheldon could just have an enemy (I don't doubt he had many, in fact). You don't need to give the character this extra identifying mark.

So not only was I dismayed by Kripke's appearance, his practical joke was just mean-spirited and again, not something that I found funny. I don't like watching people getting humiliated. Sheldon dressed up for a radio interview. That's adorable, and then to not only be embarrassed for absolutely no reason in front of a national audience, but to have his friends laughing at him as well, just made me sad. Luckily, Wolowitz's uh, love triangle with Bernadette and Katee Sackhoff saved the episode for me.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 17th 2009 12:01AM
big bang theory
I'm going to just say it right up front: This was the best episode of the season so far, and is neck and neck with the Leonard Nimoy Christmas episode for title of "best episode ever." Though there were two very distinct stories going on here, they were both hilarious. Too often, when the group is separated, the B plot flounders. However, this week, while Raj, Leonard and Wolowitz in the desert wasn't quite as jaw-dropping as Sheldon grabbing Penny's boob(!), it was pretty damn hilarious.

So, about the desert: Pot cookies. It's amazing to me that something so cliched could end up being so unbelievably funny. While all three of the guys made me laugh, Raj was the real scene-stealer. From his threat to eat all of the lettuce in the world and make his rabbit subjects watch, to the American accent he uses to mock Wolowitz and Leonard, everything that came out of his mouth was pure comic gold.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Guitarist Amplification

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 10th 2009 1:02AM
big bang theory
While the actual plot points were different, didn't this episode seem a lot like last week's? You have Leonard trying to adapt to Penny's outside friends, Raj and Wolowitz marginalized and forced into a weird couples' spat, and Sheldon pretty much carrying the comedy load with his recollections of growing up in Texas.

I'm glad that they're showing Leonard and Penny in an actual relationship and not just finding contrived reasons for them to break up, but as far as relationship storylines go, this was a pretty boring one. I'm kind of on Leonard's side with this one, and believe me, I know how little fights can devolve into something ridiculous, but this whole fight thing was just really shrill and not entertaining.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Cornhusker Vortex

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 3rd 2009 12:01AM
big bang theory
So Sheldon knows football. That is amazing. I have no idea if the character of Sheldon was originally conceived as being from Texas, or they just wrote him that way because Jim Parsons was raised in Houston, but I absolutely love when his Texas comes out. The entire sequence of Sheldon teaching Leonard about football and recounting the time he spent with his father watching games was absolutely the highlight of the episode for me.

As much as I adore the cast, sometimes you just have episodes that are about Sheldon and Jim Parson's performance. If you take that out of this one, nothing really stands out to me too much. I wasn't particularly fond of the Wolowitz/Raj storyline, and Leonard meeting Penny's friends was just bizarre.

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Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

by Kona Gallagher, posted Oct 19th 2009 11:29PM
big bang theory wil wheaton
What a dick. It turns out that former Squadder Wil Wheaton, who guest-starred on tonight's episode as himself, is totally the Jonny Fairplay of fantasy role-playing card game tournaments, who broke Sheldon's poor little heart not once, but twice. I love the fact that Sheldon has this vendetta against Wheaton in the first place, because of course Sheldon Cooper would consider the guy who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG to be his mortal enemy. The only thing that surprised me about that is that Sheldon's complaint was due to a slight that happened in the real world, and not some scientific inconsistency in the show, or Crusher's anachronistic hair.

When Sheldon and Wil are skirmishing to the death, there's a part of me that was thinking that the story of Wil's grandma was a lie, but he's Wil Wheaton! They wouldn't actually make him evil, would they? But they did, and poor Sheldon nearly had the big aneurysm that Wolowitz had been wishing on his mother.

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The Big Bang Theory: The Pirate Solution

by Kona Gallagher, posted Oct 13th 2009 1:24AM
big bang theory
Wow. I'm pretty sure Raj had more lines in this episode than he's had the entire season -- and he even shared scenes with two different women! It was nice having Leonard and Penny in their relationship, but in the background. Now that they're together, I'm glad the writers don't feel as though they need to focus on them every single episode. It makes sense though: sometimes your friends are going through some things, and you're just off having sex. It happens.

I really enjoyed this episode, but I'm not sure there's much of a need to talk about anything besides the amazing "Eye of the Tiger" montages. Not since, well, ever, has staring at a white board seemed so thrilling. Sheldon, of course, should never be allowed to have employees, as he is in no position to lead anyone anywhere except, perhaps, an insane asylum. But I sincerely hope Raj continues to work with -- er, for, Sheldon for quite some time.

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