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October 9, 2015


The latest about the Arrested Development movie

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 5th 2009 11:02AM
Does it seem like every other month there's some talk about the proposed Arrested Development movie? Perhaps that's because it's an idea that simply won't go away until the film is actually in theaters and fans of the Emmy-winning Fox series will finally be satisfied. Well, satisfaction may be just around the corner. The Arrested Development movie is really developing now. Creator Mitchell Hurwitz is at work on the screenplay -- working with co-executive producer James Vallely -- and the Bluths are creeping closer to big screen reality.

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Arrested Development movie update: not much of an update

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 27th 2009 12:29PM
Arrested DevelopmentIt's been a while since we heard any news about that Arrested Development movie that might be happening, might not be happening, was being written, was being thought about, etc. Now comes word from Jason Bateman that the movie is still a go and it's still being written as we speak.

Bateman tells Collider.com that Mitch Hurwitz is still writing the script, and once that's done they have to get the scheduling of the filming down (which won't be easy with so many cast members).

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I didn't even realize there WAS an Arrested Development documentary

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 19th 2009 5:25PM
Yup, there's an Arrested Development documentary, and the trailer is below. I didn't even know this film was coming out, but it looks like it's the ultimate drug for hardcore AD fans (at least until the movie comes out). Besides the cast and crew being interviewed, we also see comments from people like Andy Richter, Keith Olbermann, and many other fans.

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G4 to show Arrested Development marathon on Christmas day

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 23rd 2006 5:08PM
Arrested DevelopmentLet's face it; TV in Christmas day blows, especially if you're not a fan of football, basketball, or constantly burning logs. Yeah, the various networks tend to have marathons, but many of them are holiday related, and by the time you've unwrapped the presents and drank your weight in egg nog, you're pretty damned sick of holiday cheer.

Our friends at G4 might have the perfect antidote to that: a marathon of everyone's favorite cancelled comedy, Arrested Development. According to Newsday, the network will air the entire first season of AD, starting at 9 AM Monday morning. That's eleven hours of Bluthian fun and games to help you forget that your aunt gave you socks for the tenth year in a row. Unlike a lot of comedies, the first season of AD hits its creative stride pretty quickly (I became a fan after watching the second episode), so there are no real growing pains to see here, just smart comedy. It's a heck of a lot better than hearing about Shaq and Kobe for the three billionth time.

[via Pop Candy]

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Arrested Development season 3 DVD coming in August

by Bob Sassone, posted May 9th 2006 1:18PM
Arrested DevelopmentFirst FOX said the third season of the show was going to be released in June, then they canceled that release and said that they didn't know what day the set would be released. But now it looks almost certain that the show isn't coming back, to FOX or Showtime or ABC or the web or anyplace else, so FOX is going to release the third season set on August 29.

There were 20 episodes this season? I didn't even realize that.

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Live chat with Michael Cera at 3PM at boston.com

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 21st 2006 2:25PM
Michael CeraArrested Development star Michael Cera will chat live at boston.com to promote his new indie flick Darling Darling. Cera is in town for The Independent Film Festival Of Boston.

Not sure if you have to be a member of boston.com or not, but it looks like you can just enter a name and chat away.

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FOX screws Arrested Development. Again.

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 13th 2006 7:07PM

Arrested DevelopmentIt's official: FOX hates Arrested Development.

How else to explain this scheduling decision? They've scheduled the final four episodes to run in a 2 hour block (so far, so good...) on Friday, February 10...against the opening night of the Olympics. [Insert heavy sigh here.]

This is bad on so many levels. First of all, even without the whole Olympics thing, it's a Friday night, one of the least-watched nights of TV during the week (next to Saturday). And it's also up against NBC's coverage of the Olympics opening ceremonies. It's as if FOX said, "you're a really funny, high quality, critically-adored show that we won't support, and now we'll kick you in the genitals!"

I can understand cancelling a show because it doesn't get good ratings. That's a business decision (though I would think the network would understand the value of critical success, fan fervor, and buzz). But why do they treat the show like it has cooties and they have to keep it away from other shows, or hide it like it's they're embarrassed by even having it on the schedule?  

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