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October 10, 2015


Chris Rock Didn't Think 'The Motherf***er With the Hat' Would Make It on Broadway (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 17th 2011 6:00PM
Bobby Cannavale and Chris Rock on 'The View'Bobby Cannavale's performance in 'The Motherf***er With the Hat' earned him a Tony Award for Best Actor. Tuesday on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC), Cannavale and his co-star Chris Rock talked about the show's humble beginnings, and Rock's initial doubts that the show would have a significant run.

"Early on, people weren't showing up," said Rock. "They couldn't advertise the name and all that stuff, and we thought we were going to close in April." Cannavale said Rock had predicted on opening night that, "We're probably not going to be here tomorrow."

The show did find its footing, in part because of the cast-member's energy. How do they get up for a performance? "Crack," joked Rock. Cannavale gave more credit to the cast's chemistry and their pre-show routine.

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Bobby Cannavale bounces back to Cold Case

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 24th 2009 11:10AM
You think Bobby Cannavale has felt the sting when all those episodes of the failed second go-round of Cupid have been burned off by ABC this past few weeks? It's got to be a shot to the ego, even for an established, successful Emmy-winning actor. Well, here's some news that should puff him back up again. Cold Case is bringing Bobby Cannavale back for the new season.

Cannavale appeared last season on Cold Case as Detective Eddie Saccardo, an undercover narcotics cop -- think Serpico with a sense of humor -- who had a brief romantic fling with Lily. It was one of the only happy things in Detective Rush's life last season, so the return of Eddie could be just what the doctor ordered for Kathryn Morris's character.

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Cupid: The Great Right Hope

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 15th 2009 10:29AM
Cupid ABC Bobby Cannavle(S01E03) This episode really lacked the charm and spirit of the first two. We did get to see the kooky Julie Hagerty as Claire's kooky mom. That was a plus. But you know a show isn't winning you over when the star's designer T-shirts are more interesting than the plot.

Only three episodes in and the Cupid cancellation rumors are swirling. According to some sites, the show is already dead. I might have been upset about Cupid going bye bye two weeks ago. Today, not so much.

I won't weep for a show that delivers warmed over fluff instead of compelling stories and interesting characters week after week. The first two episodes weren't amazing, but the charming cast, some great guest stars and the show's optimistic spirit managed to make them watchable. Tonight's ep dragged, the story and the couple of the week were straight outta dullsville, and Trevor and Claire's banter is getting old fast.

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Cupid: Live And Let Spy

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 8th 2009 1:07PM
Cupid ABC 2009
(S01E02) Like I wrote last week, the success of Cupid 2.0 will hinge heavily on the guest stars. Luckily, this week's guest stars were great.

Erik Palladino and Julie Ann Emery (as Mick and Riley) gave me the warm fuzzies as Cupid's latest couple of the week. I enjoyed their chemistry so much that I was able to forgive the stock "surprise twist" that reared its witless head in the third act.

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Cupid: Pilot (series premiere)

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 1st 2009 1:00PM
Bobby Cannavale Cupid ABC(S01E01) Call me a hopeless romantic, but I was charmed by the series premiere of Cupid 2.0.

ABC's original Cupid from 10 years ago, also headed up by executive producer Rob Thomas, was a smart, playful and quirky hour of television that looked and felt like nothing else on the air at the time. ABC's promos for Thomas' remake made this new show look silly and the quirkiness look forced. Thankfully, that's not the case – for the most part.

Bobby Cannavale plays Trevor (played by Jeremy Piven in the original), a New York City bartender who claims he's Cupid, the god of romantic love. Expelled from Olympus, he's given the task of bringing one hundred couples together here on Earth. Trevor goes about his plan under the watchful eye of Sarah Paulson's Dr. Claire McCrae (Claire Allen in the original), a psychiatrist and best-selling self-help book author assigned to monitor Trevor's release from a psychiatric hospital.

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Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson talk about the return of Cupid - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 30th 2009 1:11PM
Sarah Paulson and Bobby Cannavale of CupidTen years after ABC prematurely cancelled Rob Thomas' dramedy Cupid, the alphabet net has decided to give it another go. The new version of the show, which premieres Tuesday at 10 PM ET, now stars Sarah Paulson and Bobby Cannavale in the roles originated by Paula Marshall and Jeremy Piven, respectively.

The premise is the same: Trevor Pierce claims to be Cupid, exiled from Mt. Olympus, and he needs to find true love for 100 couples before he is allowed back home. After Trevor is arrested for one of his stunts and sent to a psychological hospital, singles self-help guru Dr. Claire McCrae is assigned to keep track of him as he makes his way in the outside world. This time around, the show is set in the fast paced and cynical world of New York, complete with all the modern touches of dating in the late '00s (Maybe Cupid will have a Twitter account).

I spoke to the stars of the new Cupid last week. While I was on the phone, I asked Paulson about what happened on her previous series, Studio 60. I got a pretty interesting response...

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5 Questions With: 'Cupid''s Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson

by Andrew Scott, posted Mar 16th 2009 6:00AM
"Well, the real mythology of Cupid is that he does end up marrying a mortal named Psyche. It's the basic pretense of the thing that that's what would happen if we were lucky enough to go for 100 episodes." - Sarah Paulson

'Veronica Mars' creator Rob Thomas' other cult hit, 'Cupid,' is officially returning to the small screen -- albeit in slightly different form.

This updated version stars Sarah Paulson and Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale. Cannavale plays Trevor, (a role played in the original by 'Entourage''s Jeremy Piven), a love-struck New Yorker convinced he's Cupid, the god of love. Paulson plays his psychiatrist, Claire, whose traditional views on amour couldn't be more opposite from her patient's.

Will they continue to butt heads? Will they eventually grow to love each other? AOL TV recently sat down with Cannavale and Paulson to find out more about television's newest 'Cupid,' premiering Tue., March 31 at 10PM on ABC.

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New ABC Dramedy 'Cupid'

by Andrew Scott, posted Mar 10th 2009 6:00AM
New ABC Dramedy TV Show 'Cupid' TVWhat It's About: Trevor Pierce (Bobby Cannavale), who claims to be Cupid, the God of love, must set up 100 couples in New York City so that he can return to Mt. Olympus. Meanwhile, his actions are monitored by his psychiatrist, Dr. Claire McCrae (Sarah Paulson), who must learn to deal with Trevor despite having a much more practical outlook on love. This incarnation of 'Cupid' is a remake of 'Veronica Mars' creator Rob Thomas' late-'90s cult series starring Jeremy Piven. (Thomas is hands-on this go-round, too.)

Who's In It: Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Paulson, Rick Gomez, Camille Guaty

Where You've Seen Them: A regular fixture on television, Paulson most recently co-starred in the Aaron Sorkin dramedy 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.' Cannavale's career has spanned both the big and small screens, with roles in everything from 'The Station Agent' to 'Sex and the City'; he also won an Emmy playing Will's boyfriend Vince on 'Will & Grace.' You probably recognize Guaty, though you may not know from where. She starred in the short-lived series 'The Nine' and had recurring roles on 'Prison Break' and 'Las Vegas,' among others.

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ABC picks up five series to fill out its new season

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 29th 2008 9:07AM

Will this version of Cupid last longer than the last version? Who knows.I am about to write something that I normally don't do when it comes to the way networks program their primetime schedules. It's something that will shake your foundations, rock the world, turn Republicans into Democrats (and vice-versa) and make Amy Winehouse finally get sober. Ready? ABC is being smart with its programming schedule.

There, it's done. Now to sit back and wait for the accolades.

Seriously, after years of relying on only a handful of shows to carry the schedule throughout the year, ABC has been filling out their schedules with a number of backup shows to fill those gaps that always appear when a fall premiere tanks. Granted, some of these mid-season replacements also tank, but at least the network is letting them try. Because of that we have been lucky to enjoy shows like Samantha Who? and Eli Stone. This time around, ABC has five new series - all scripted - that will be premiering during the 2008-09 season. You'll find a brief explanation of each after the jump.

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Sarah Paulson cast in Cupid; Studio 60 fans point and laugh

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 11th 2008 11:39AM
Sarah PaulsonIt's hard to believe that we're a full year removed from the glorious mess that was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It seemed that the split between "liked it" and "hated it" was about 50-50, but everyone wanted to comment. One thing I noticed in those comments was that, even among the people who liked it, there was a strong sentiment against the performance of Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes. Most people just didn't like the chemistry she had with Matthew Perry, and she didn't manage to make us care enough about the plight of the über-religious comedian to root for her to connect with anyone.

So, for anyone who's looking forward to the revival of Rob Thomas' Cupid, the news that Paulson's been cast as the female lead on the show has to be disheartening. She's playing Dr. Claire Allen, the same role Paula Marshall played in the original series, opposite Bobby Cannavale, who is taking over the Cupid role from Jeremy Piven.

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Bobby Cannavale is the new Cupid

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 8th 2008 10:41AM
Bobby CannavaleJeremy Piven was unavailable this time around, busy as he is playing Ari in Entourage, so writer/producer Rob Thomas went in another direction. Taller, by four inches. Thomas has chosen Bobby Cannavale for the title role in Cupid for ABC.

Cannavale, an Emmy-award winner for his guest turn on Will & Grace as Vince, will be Trevor Hale in Cupid. He's described as manic and charming and firmly believing in the fact that he is the real Roman god of love, Cupid. His mission is to make 100 love matches so he can earn the right to leave Earth and return to Mount Olympus. ABC is behind this new pilot, an updated version of Thomas' 1998 Cupid that didn't make it past season one.

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