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October 3, 2015


'Breaking Bad's' Saul Goodman Goes Viral

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 3rd 2010 7:45PM
A banner ad from BetterCallSaul.com
'Breaking Bad'
isn't just reinventing the TV drama. It's also reinventing viral marketing.

With the third highly-anticipated season of the popular AMC show just around the corner, the show has unleashed "BetterCallSaul.com," a website advertising the shady law offices of Saul Goodman, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's equally shady attorney.

Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk who also contributes to the series as a writer, appears all over the site in some hilarious videos that play with Odenkirk's trademark humor and provides some interesting teaser links to the show such as "the tragedy of Wayfarer Flight 515" and Walter's son's funding raising site, SaveWalterWhite.com.

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Shows We're Looking Forward To, Now That the Olympics Are Over

by Gary Susman, posted Mar 1st 2010 3:00PM
Now that the Olympic drama of icebound athletic competition (and tearjerking backstories) is over, TV is ready to resume airing real drama. And by real drama, we mean, of course, fake drama, scripted by writers and performed by actors.

It seems like most of television went into hibernation during the Olympics, with only 'Lost,' 'American Idol,' and a handful of other shows daring to take on the unstoppable might of Bob Costas. Now that the games are over, however, March will see the long-awaited return of some favorite series and the premieres of some anticipated new shows.

There are some big events this month, including the return of Jay Leno to 'The Tonight Show' (tonight on NBC), the Oscars (March 7, ABC), and March Madness basketball (starting March 18 on CBS). There are also reliable old favorites returning, including 'Gossip Girl' (March 8, the CW), 'America's Next Top Model' (March 10, the CW), 'The Celebrity Apprentice' (March 14, NBC), 'South Park' (March 17, Comedy Central) and 'Dancing With the Stars' (March 22, ABC). You can see a list of the whole month's notable TV premieres, finales, and specials here. Among these are a handful of new and returning shows we're especially looking forward to in March.

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'Breaking Bad' Interview With Bryan Cranston

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 12th 2009 6:00AM
Bryan Cranston"It does seem that I'm in tighty whities a lot ... I just have to come to accept that this is what America wants to see."

Some may remember Bryan Cranston's arc as 'Seinfeld' dentist Tim Whatley, most know him as bumbling but lovable 'Malcolm in the Middle' dad Hal -- but Cranston is in a whole new place these days, and has an Emmy for Lead Actor in a drama to prove it.

Cranston broke out of his comic-acting mold as chemistry teacher-turned-meth lab operator Walt White in AMC's 'Breaking Bad.' As the show's second season rolls out (Sundays, 10PM ET), Cranston talked to AOL TV about everything from how his cancer-stricken character's desperation grows in the new season, why America can't get enough of him in his undies ... and the truth (finally!) about why his 'Seinfeld' character converted to Judaism.

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