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October 6, 2015


Aaron Paul Talks 'Breaking Bad' Concussions and 'The Price Is Right' Prizes

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 26th 2010 4:00PM
He's the husband of the polygamist's daughter on 'Big Love' and he's spent two seasons getting physically and emotionally battered about on 'Breaking Bad,' but as the AMC drama's third season continues (Sun., 10PM ET), 'Bad' Emmy nominee Aaron Paul may finally be growing a tougher shell.

Paul plays 'Breaking Bad's' Jesse, a middling pot dealer who gets swept up in the dark, dangerous (and sometimes darkly funny) world of major drug dealing when his cancer-stricken former high school chemistry teacher -- Bryan Cranston's Walt White -- pulls him into a plot to cook and sell major batches of drugs and secure his family's future.

Paul lost out on the Emmy (to Michael Emerson, a star of one of his favorite shows), but, after getting a peek at the second episode of season 3, we feel safe in predicting another nomination for him next year. The actor talked to AOL TV about the big, bold changes ahead for Jesse in season three, about the 'Breaking Bad' scene that left him with a concussion and about how he was thisclose to glory on 'The Price Is Right.'

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What to Watch: March 20-21

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 20th 2010 6:00AM
'Breaking Bad' (Sun., 10PM, AMC) season 3 premiere
When last we left cancer-surviving drug cooker Walt (Emmy winner Bryan Cranston), his wife had left him, he'd dropped off his drug partner Jesse (Emmy nominee Aaron Paul) at rehab and Walt and Jesse were indirectly involved with a mid-air collision of two airplanes that left more than a hundred people dead and an eyeball landing in Walt's backyard. And the third season? Well, believe it or not, things go from tragic to worse: Skyler is more resolved than ever to become the ex-Mrs. White; Walt Jr. is freaking out about his fractured family; Jesse comes to a heartbreaking bit of self-analysis in rehab; and, just when he thinks he's out, Walt's drug cohorts make a multi-million dollar offer to pull him back in. And there are the hit men who are hot on the trail of ... well, you'll see.

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