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October 4, 2015


Why You Can't Watch Food Network and HGTV on Cablevision

by Gary Susman, posted Jan 4th 2010 2:30PM
The price battles between TV channels and cable service providers continue. While Time Warner Cable and Fox have called a truce and reached a temporary agreement that allows TWC subscribers to keep watching 'House' and weekend football, the dispute continues between Cablevision and Scripps over fees for Food Network and HGTV, leaving 3.1 million subscribers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut without access to Bobby Flay or 'Design Star.'

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Is cable killing free TV?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 29th 2009 12:38PM
Here's a scary thought. One day, you might have to actually pay for all that free quality programming beaming through the magic picture box in your living room.

A scary new article by the Associated Press shows that advertising revenue has not provided enough income for the free networks to support all of their programming efforts. And thanks to the rise of cable and the web, some companies are considering new business models that are cutting the "free" out of "free TV."

Given the way things are going, do you think there could come a time when free TV is a thing of the past like top 40 AM radio, Olestra chips and an ozone layer?

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Hawthorne: Pilot (series premiere)

by Michael Pascua, posted Jun 17th 2009 12:20AM
Jada Pinkett Smith as Christina Hawthorne(S01E01) I often get complaints from my registered nurse parents about the inaccuracy of hospital drama shows. Don't even get me started on how much my mother hates Grey's Anatomy. I came to Hawthorne with hesitation: can the show balance the drama with the medical cases? I was surprised how well the show balanced meetings, patients, and outlying drama.

Anyone else think that Jada Pinkett Smith deserves a better career than she's gotten? Her IMDB page screams regrettable movies that didn't showcase her acting skills. I loved watching her in Hawthorne and truly think she can handle Oscar-caliber roles.

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Dexter: Dex, Lies and Videotape

by Keith McDuffee, posted Nov 4th 2007 10:52PM
(S02E06) A couple of commenters last week mentioned they thought Harry could possibly be Dexter's biological father. Someone else mentioned that Dexter actually had a blood test done to prove who his father was, and I seem to remember that myself as well, though for some reason I can't remember the details.

In any case, Dexter continues to question how honest Harry had been with him when he was alive. In fact, he's getting pretty angry at him. It seems to me that, along with Lila's influence (whether positive or negative), Dexter not trusting what Harry taught him is just going to cause Dex to become even more sloppy.

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Dexter: See-Through

by Keith McDuffee, posted Oct 21st 2007 10:13PM
dexter's lila
(S02E04) A lot of commenters mentioned the change in Rita this season. I think it's understandable given what she went through with Paul, and then him dying in prison and her kids being affected so much. I think she maybe be finding she needs to keep her guard up more than ever now, to make sure she's doesn't make the same mistake again.

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Dexter: An Inconvenient Lie

by Keith McDuffee, posted Oct 14th 2007 11:26PM
(S02E03) As if the last two episodes weren't enough to make you realize how great this season's going to play out, Dexter's new foray into "addicts" anonymous is a brilliant storyline. And that it got Doakes off his tail is even better. Could a 12-step program really put a dent into the kind of addiction Dexter suffers from? Perhaps indirectly, it seems.

One thing that's so completely frustrating and, honestly, uninteresting to me is the Lt. Pascal storyline with LaGuerta. Obviously everything can't be about Dexter, and we need to make the other characters human, which is the only purpose I can find for this so far.

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Brotherhood: Samyutta 11:10

by Michael Canfield, posted Aug 14th 2006 10:55AM
Cast of Brotherhood(S01E06) Samyutta 11:10* The line separating the bad guys and the worse guys gets further obliterated this week. Caffe brother Michael does a favor that taints those involved. Poor brother Tommy, meanwhile, already torn up inside after having to ask his father-in-law for help last week, now has his lovely mother Rose rub his nose in it at the weekly family dinner. Just when was almost beginning to sympathize with her. Never again, she's foul.

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Blade: Bloodlines

by Michael Canfield, posted Jul 20th 2006 8:23AM
Kirk Jones and Jill Wagner (Blade and Krista)(S01E04) A big chunk of Blade's past is revealed when the daywalker gets captured by survivors of a street gang that had rescued him as a homeless kid years before. Blade then spends the entire episode chained-up, getting the bejesus beat out of him. Turns out the gang - now called the Bad Bloods - is where Blade got his signature look. His tats are gang tats.

Blade repaid his adopted bro's by turning them all into vampires. Not nice -- but remember he was just a kid. The ganstas don't let him forget that, and keep calling him "little one" which has to hurt at least as much as does the beating he takes. Also, seems getting turned by Blade makes you persona-non-grata in the undead community - so these dudes have been hunted into near-extinction by Chthon and the other vampire Houses. Now the Bloods want to trade Blade to Marcus in exchange for peace in our time. Great! Just what I needed, another faction to try and keep track of. But it's a pretty cool wrinkle added to Blade's history, and anyway, the gang looks to be history itself after tonight.

Meanwhile, Krista, for her half of the episode, is still pained, conflicted, and smoking hot.

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Blade: Death Goes On

by Michael Canfield, posted Jul 9th 2006 1:33PM
Blade(S01E02) In the opening shot of this one we see Detective Boon (Bill Mondy) yanking out one of his newly-acquired fangs and poking his way through the plastic baggie that has imprisoned him. Right away, I know we're in for more twists. Boone was a goner last week, when he awoke bagged and tagged for Aurora testing. Now, why the dude has to pull out his tooth to rip the plastic with it, I don't know. Nor do I know why House of Chthon researchers don't ship their test subjects in fang-proof packaging. Anyway, Boon is back -- doubling the tally of series regulars that are newbie-vampires.

Kirk Jones (the-artist-formerly-know as Sticky Fingaz) doesn't have as powerful a screen presence as Wesley Snipes, and sometimes disappears into the background of the show (and even to get overshadowed by his own leather get-up). But kudos to the creators for going with a guy that has his own style and is no Snipes wannabee. Blade does seem like he is only making cameo appearances in his own show so far. I guess calling it Krista: The Television Series doesn't have the same recognition factor.

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