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October 9, 2015


Jimmy Fallon and Julianne Moore Compete Playing Random Instruments (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 29th 2011 5:01AM
Julianne Moore, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Jimmy Fallon loves to play games with his celebrity guests on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), but the one he came up with for Julianne Moore was certainly one of the more challenging.

They had to randomly pick instruments to play in the hopes that someone could guess what song they were playing. In this we learned that Moore cannot get a recognizable song of any kind out of a trombone, while Fallon was only marginally better on the cello.

Fallon, though, absolutely nailed 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' on the harmonica, and still Chris Kattan could not figure out what it was. Oh sure, he knew the tune but he couldn't come up with even a part of the name in 30 seconds. Probably, it was on the tip of his tongue driving him just as crazy as it was Fallon. How often do we really hear that tune?

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Chris Kattan Shows Off Shirt That Changes Color (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 19th 2010 4:00PM
We're not quite sure why Chris Kattan appeared on 'The Bonnie Hunt Show' (weekdays, syndicated) today sporting a shirt that changes color along with his body temperature. And, apparently, neither is he.

Kattan demonstrates the color-changing power of the shirt by breathing on a portion of it, creating a patch of white. "Why did I buy this stupid thing? Like, if I'm sweating it's going to go .... " Kattan said, lifting his jacket to reveal streaks of white starting at his armpit that run the length of his shirt. Eww.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Spoilers Anonymous: 'Bones,' 'Lost' and much more!

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 4th 2010 9:03AM

This is Spoilers Anonymous, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air. We'll never put spoilers up here on the main page in order to help the reformed stay unspoiled. If you have anything to add to the group, feel free to step up and let yourself be heard, either with our tips form or by emailing us at tvsquad at gmail dot com, or call and leave a message at (775) 640-8479. Your anonymity is guaranteed, if you wish to remain as such.

This week we have spoilers for: '30 Rock,' 'Bones,' 'Castle,' 'CSI: Miami,' 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Glee,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Lost,' and 'Ugly Betty.'

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TV Casting: Chad Lowe Joins 'Pretty Little Liars'

by Andrew Scott, posted Apr 2nd 2010 12:35PM
Chad LoweChad Lowe is joining the ABC Family. According to reports, Lowe will co-star in the new series 'Pretty Little Liars,' about four teenage girls who start to receive messages from a friend who disappeared three years earlier -- or so they think. Lowe will play father to Lucy Hale's character, Aria, replacing the previously cast Alexis Denisof. [Hollywood Reporter]

More casting news after the jump.

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Amy Sedaris on 'The Middle': 'Move Some Metal!' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 25th 2010 1:30AM
The Middle, Amy SedarisAmy Sedaris guest-starred as a motivational consultant on 'The Middle' (Wed., 8:30PM ET on ABC), but came off as more of a drill sergeant when she told Frankie to "get your feet off that desk and move some metal!"

Someone's going to be fired, and it's probably going to be either Frankie or Bob, since Pete's the top seller. And Bob sleeping with the consultant may not help his case at all. How about just fire the consultant and keep all the sales people? Just sayin'...

Watch the video after the jump.

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Review: 'The Middle' - 'The Yelling'

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 4th 2010 2:45AM
Patricia Heaton, Chris Kattan - 'The Middle'(S01E14) I kind of like the relationship developing between Bob and Mike. When Mike threw him out of the house a few weeks back, I was actually a bit taken aback. Sure, Bob's a bit -- okay, a lot awkward, but he has a good heart and he's a decent guy. And he's good friends with Frankie.

It's made the writing seem a little uneven, as there are times Mike hasn't seemed nearly as bothered by Bob as he was that day. This week, we found out for certain why Mike gets annoyed by Bob. In fact, I'll take it one step further and say that we were right there with him. Good lord, how does Frankie even handle him? Oh, that's right. She's so fixated on her own messed up life, she hardly pays any attention to him. Mike should try that.

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Review: The Middle - Siblings

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 3rd 2009 10:44AM
The Middle: Siblings
Every parent wants their kids to get along. It makes things more peaceful in the house, and you can feel like you must be doing something right. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. The Heck children are so vastly different in personalities that the three of them bonding naturally is virtually impossible.

Sue is a bit of a dork, Axl is the cool kid and, as mentioned, Brick is ... Brick.

But that's not going to stop Frankie from trying, and dragging Mike along to support her. I'm glad to see Mike's honesty trait remaining strong as he supports his wife while admitting to his kids he has no idea what she's doing or why. And while her efforts didn't necessarily work at first, Mike found a way to bring the kids together. Too bad it was exhausting for the parents.

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Review: The Middle - Thanksgiving

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 26th 2009 1:00PM
The Middle: Thanksgiving(S01E09) While I'm not ready to declare that The Middle is a superior sitcom to Modern Family, if this episode is any indication, I'm ready to say that it's every bit as good. And funny! Man, was this a brilliant holiday episode. I don't know how Thanksgivings go at your house, but ours have gone very much like this one at times. With everyone busy, and family members having to work because they have terrible bosses.

I swear, it's like these writers haven't set this in Indiana, but rather in my own Midwestern backyard. And while things were traditionally set up, as we'd expect, for the traditional "sweet comedy" outcomes, The Middle turned some of those conventions on their head.

They also showed us a new way to cook a turkey, though I'm not really sure if it would work all that well. And there's nothing wrong with Axl loving the can-shaped cranberry sauce. That's my favorite, too! Just slice it up and you're good to go.

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Review: The Middle - The Scratch

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 19th 2009 11:15AM
Eden Sher, The Middle(S01E07) Right from the beginning, The Middle had me in familiar territory. I remember rushing around the house gathering trash and trying to get it out to the curb before the trash truck finished at the neighbor's house. And I remember just missing it; what a horrible feeling that was.

From there, while I was still able to enjoy the episode for the laughs it offered, I was just as equally terrified. As a parent, I've often wondered just how close we are to having the state take our children away. How innocent a comment or statement would it take before these agencies swoop down on our lives with all their self-righteous glory and scare the living crap out of us that they're going to tear our families apart?

From the moment when the police officer told Mike he wasn't even allowed to touch Brick in the principal's office, to the social worker refusing to tell Frankie and Mike how the evaluation went until she filed her report, it just seems like way too much power for some outside entities to have over our families.

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Review: The Middle - The Front Door

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 5th 2009 1:22AM
The Middle: The Front Door
Something big is going to happen with Axl, and I can't wait for it. Yes, he's doing the same bored, sleeping, lazy teenager act that we've seen a million times before, but I like the way he works off of both Neil Flynn and Patricia Heaton. And I think there's real potential for him to break out into something unique; like when he put his clothes on for the bus in two seconds.

The writers have already crafted both Brick and Sue into wholly unique, and bizarre, children. By comparison the only thing odd about Axl so far is his name. He's just so ... ordinary! Ordinary was enough, though, for him to be part of a pretty funny storyline that pitted him at odds with his father.

It also makes me terrified of the upcoming teen years. Maybe I'll just ship mine out to some other family to deal with. Maybe he can move to Orson, Indiana and I'll just let Mike and Frankie take care of him. Better send him with an extra coat. You never know when a door might go missing.

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Tracy Morgan: The TV Squad Interview

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 26th 2009 11:00AM
Tracy Morgan: I Am The New BlackAs my Thursday afternoon time slot to interview Tracy Morgan came closer, I knew I was in for an interesting twenty minutes. As most people have seen and heard over the years, interviewing Tracy is an amusement park ride that even Busch Gardens couldn't conceive. He's blunt. His emotions rise and fall quicker than a roller coaster. And you never know what he's going to say.

When I got to talk to him, he had been interviewing all day in support of his surprisingly emotional and inspirational memoir I Am The New Black, and he was tired. But there was a lot of stuff I wanted to ask him about, only some of which involved his well-publicized smackdowns of SNL co-stars Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan. There was also his criticism of David Israel and Jim O'Doherty, the creators of The Tracy Morgan Show, and just the general details about his rough upbringing in the Bronx and Brooklyn in the '70s and '80s. Tracy didn't disappoint.

So, buckle up folks, and get ready for a fun ride. Audio and a transcript is after the jump.

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Review: The Middle - The Trip

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 22nd 2009 1:08AM
The Middle: The Trip(S01E04) Okay, there's clearly something going on with Atticus Shaffer's legs, or leg. It's not a big deal, but at the same time I can't help but notice it when he's limping around. I wish the show would just address whatever it is, so I can stop thinking they're trying to pull a fast one over on us and pretend there's nothing there. It's like when How I Met Your Mother was horribly trying to cover up two pregnant bellies all last season.

Brick can have a medical condition, and we'll still love him as much as ever. In fact, it would make the family even more "just like the rest of us." Regardless, Brick was hilarious this week with his new girlfriend. I remember when my son was getting his first little girlfriends, and it seemed to go down about the same way. Not the point where his new girlfriend gives me a verbal beat-down on my own front porch, but maybe we're just not to that point yet.

The other main plotline had us finally finding something that Sue is good at! I'm as shocked as you are.

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The Middle: The Floating Anniversary

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 15th 2009 5:03AM
The Middle, Patricia Heaton & Chris Kattan(S01E03) We already know that Sue Heck has no discernible talent, but a ton of enthusiasm. This week we learned that her cluelessness goes even beyond physical activities. She's as earnest in her social endeavors as ever. Unfortunately, she's also as oblivious to the reality of her actions and their consequences. I love everything about it.

The moral of this episode, I guess, is that a mother is never allowed even fifteen minutes of time alone. Granted, it appears that Frankie's fifteen minutes happened to coincide with the worst chain of events possible, but the moral remains the same. A mother's job is never done, and she's never off the clock. At least she has the love of her husband to help her when the time comes, and he came through in a big way for her.

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The Middle: The Cheerleader

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 8th 2009 2:30AM
Atticus Shaffer, The Middle(S01E02) I didn't realize it as much in the first episode, but the Hecks are living the exact Midwest life that I had growing up. Okay, not exactly, but our run of luck and struggle went about like theirs did. I even remember when our dryer leaped across the room and died, though it wasn't nearly as melodramatic as theirs was.

The Middle surprised me last week by premiering with a really strong debut episode. Maybe, I thought, it's because I just watched Hank. Watching my grandmother shave her armpits would be high entertainment compared to that.

Well, Hank was so horrible I managed to convince myself that ABC's comedy lineup didn't start until 8:30 on Wednesday, so I tuned in fresh and ready to see how The Middle came out of its pilot. And it actually got better. Just about everything that happened in this episode was funny, and it was absolutely packed with things happening.

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Chris Kattan is The Greatest American Bollywood Hero

by Danny Gallagher, posted Aug 6th 2009 3:14PM
Chris Kattan with Rachna Shah and Pooja Kumar in IFC's Bollywood Hero
Landing a film like Bollywood Hero in the wake of the aftershocks that Slumdog Millionaire left on moviegoers and Oscar voters might seem like perfect timing on a scale that only a NASA pilot could coordinate.

Executive producers Ted Skillman and Belisa Balaban said the idea isn't just right for its time. It was also ahead of its time, four years ahead of time to be exact.

"The project was initially conceived of four years ago, but the script was written before we'd seen ever Slumdog," Balaban said. "When we first came up with the idea, very few people were talking about Hindi cinema and we got a lot of blank stares at first."

Now audiences across the country will get a re-education on the Bollywood machine when their three part miniseries starring Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan airs at 10 p.m. Pacific/Eastern on Aug. 6, 7 and 8 on IFC.

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