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October 9, 2015


'The X Factor' Searches for Its Soda Sponsor

by Jean Bentley, posted Dec 13th 2010 1:00PM
Simon CowellBefore the voting begins on the U.S. version of 'The X Factor,' there's another very important decision to make -- Coke or Pepsi?

According to Deadline, the two soda companies are battling it out for a $50 million to $100 million sponsorship deal for Simon Cowell's new singing talent competition. The show is scheduled to debut in the fall of next year, and both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are extremely interested in landing the contract.

Coke was an early supporter of 'American Idol,' which paid off for the company -- the deal, which Pepsi passed on, cost just $10 million. One year remains on Coke's contract.

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Did Coke Copy Another Ad For Their Super Bowl Spot?

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 12th 2010 4:01PM
Coca-Cola had a Super Bowl commercial last Sunday titled "Sleepwalker," and it showed a guy getting up in the middle of the night and sleepwalking to a fridge with Coke in it. Now some people are saying they copied an ad for Yotvata (another drink) several years ago.

Here are the two ads, both using the same music, same plot, and even a moon in the background. Coke says they didn't know about the other ad. We report, you decide.

[via AdFreak]

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The Super Bowl Commercials: The Best

by Kona Gallagher, posted Feb 7th 2010 11:22PM
betty white super bowl snickersLook, I knew as soon as I saw the promo for 'The Late Show with David Letterman' that featured Letterman, Oprah and Jay Leno, that nothing was going to top that. There was just no way anything could be better than that 15-second ad. While I was correct, there were some commercials for non-CBS products that put a smile on my face. Of course there were many others that made me groan, wince or sigh, but Bob's handling those.

The videos below are from Hulu, because they were the first ones available. If you can't view them due to location restrictions, they will all be up at Fanhouse.

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New Coke wasn't it

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 16th 2009 3:03PM
So I hate summer and I spend most of the hot and humid days of June, July, and August sitting in front of a fan and drinking Diet Coke (and Diet Pepsi - yes, I like both). And that got me thinking about New Coke.

Remember that? It was the disastrous reformulation of the Coke taste that people didn't really like and it came and went rather quickly in the mid-80s (though you could still get it in some areas as recently as 2002!). Wikipedia has the history of New Coke (long, but very much worth the read), and here are the commercials that introduced it to the world.

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The Office: Night Out - VIDEO

by Jay Black, posted Apr 25th 2008 12:19AM
Dwight is so money!(S04E11) Writing Office reviews for TV Squad has certain perils. For instance, if I write a negative review of an episode that the vast majority of our readership enjoyed, I am treated to dozens of emails asking me which kind of poop is it, exactly, that has replaced my brain (for the record, it's lhasa apso poop). When I complain to my wife about these comments -- I handle criticism about as well as Steve Martin's son from Parenthood -- she says I'd be better off just writing a positive review of every episode. For some reason, positive reviews don't seem to warrant the same vitriol as negative ones.

Now, while I might cheat on my taxes or steal from the elderly, I would never sell out my integrity when it comes to television blogging. If an episode is bad, I promise you I'll write a negative review. Unfortunately for my integrity, however, it doesn't seem like the producers of The Office plan on airing a bad episode any time soon...

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FOX announces Idol sponsors like it's the Super Bowl or something

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 14th 2008 3:19PM
Coca-Cola Polar BearI get that American Idol is the biggest thing on television besides the Super Bowl, but do people really get that excited about who's going to sponsor the show? Apparently someone does because FOX sent out a press release today, with great fanfare and a ticker-tape parade with Ryan Seacrest as Grand Marshall decked out in a blue and white sequined tux complete with top hat and a monkey on his shoulder, that Ford, Coca-Cola and AT&T would be the official sponsors of Idol this year.

What does this mean for you, the viewer? It means more retarded Ford commercials. It means more awkward Coca-Cola "moments" where Ryan asks a contestant a random, generic question and gets a confused and empty answer. And it means Ryan will get to say the words AT&T twelve times per contestant as he gives out their phone and text numbers.

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Welcome back, Max Headroom - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 29th 2007 4:24PM

Max Headroom

It's rather comforting, if a little scary, to see that even computerized icons can age a lot.

Britain's Channel 4 has brought back Max Headroom, the 80s TV character that everyone thought was just a computer creation but was actually actor Matt Frewer, for a series of TV commercials. The ads (or are they called adverts or something over there?) will show Max insulting Channel 4 for ignoring his idea of a digital TV world.

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Maureen McCormick admits she was a coke addict

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 23rd 2007 4:02PM

Maureen McCormickI'm sorry, but the line that keeps going through my head is "Oh my nose! Oh my nose!"

Former Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick (aka Marcia Brady) has admitted that not only was she bulimic after the show ended in 1974 and she went back to high school, but that the guy she was dating at the time introduced her to cocaine. She says that she became an addict because of her addictive personality, and actually went through several relapses before getting clean through "therapy and faith." I sense a book coming from this.

Good for her for getting through it, but she should have listened to mom, because mom always said, don't do coke in the house.

[via TV Tattle]

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Coca Cola: "Mr. Hadley"

by Brett Love, posted Feb 4th 2007 8:52PM

I like to think of this commercial as Coke does Cocoon. It was an interesting idea. Mr. Hadley's Coke inspired adventure which found him calling the woman he'd always loved, jumping off the high dive, getting "Mi Vida Loco" tattooed on his chest, running with the bulls, and racing a sport bike down the freeway was fun.

It was very well made, but another entry for the good, but not great, pile. I'd put it above Coke's animated "Give a little love" spot, but it still falls short of being included in the best of 2007.

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Coca Cola: "Give A Little Love"

by Brett Love, posted Feb 4th 2007 7:38PM

I think I saw this during the trailers down at the local cineplex, but this is the first time I have seen it on TV. At first, it's a pretty convincing video game commercial. I suspected to see something about the latest Grand Theft Auto ripoff for the XBox 360 or PlayStation 3.

The tables quickly turn as it is another in Coke's "make the world a better place" line of ads. It goes right back to buying the world a coke and all that jazz. This one won't reach those classic commercial levels, but it's solid. I like the buildup as things get more and more chaotic right up to the grand finale, complete with dancing mice and motorcycle cop pyramids. Not even in the running for best commercial, but cute.

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Check out some TV ads from the 50s and 60s

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 1st 2006 3:10PM

60s Coke canA lot of people collect things: stamps, baseball cards, snow globes, coffee mugs, T-shirts. I collect old advertisements. Whether it's print, radio or video, I'm fascinated by the ads of yesteryear, especially the 1950s and 60s.

So imagine my delight when Keith sent me a link to this, 25 minutes of TV commercials from the 50s and 60s on Google Video! Some great ads here, from vintage ads for Colt 45 (that's a beer) to cigarettes. A few ads for an oddly creamy shampoo for women, and there's a Coke ad in there too, and I swear the women doesn't just "like" Coke, she's thoroughly addicted (there's even an address to write to her - I wonder if we wrote something it would get to her, assuming she's still with us?). And that Heinz pickle ad with the old lady has instantly become one of my favorite TV commercials of all-time.

Oh, and if you wait til the very end? The last ad features a young Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) from The Facts of Life...naked in a shower! Woo-hoo!

Take a look at the retro advertising goodness after the jump.

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