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September 1, 2015


President Obama Talks College Hoops with Matt Lauer (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 30th 2010 4:00PM
President Obama Talks College Hoops with Matt LauerBarack Obama appeared on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC) to talk a little college basketball with Matt Lauer. There, it was revealed that the President had picked none of the Final Four teams correctly.

"How's your bracket look?" Lauer asked Obama. Obama replied, "It is completely blown up ... It is a sign that I was paying singular focus on heath care." "That's your excuse and you're sticking with it?" asked Lauer.

Since Obama's college basketball picks have all lost, Lauer asked the President for his revised choice for the team that will win it all. Obama's choice? West Virginia. Changing your college picks in the middle of the tournament? Is this what was meant by "Change You Can Believe In?"

Watch the video after the jump.

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Don Cheadle's March to Madness bringing college basketball to FX

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 26th 2009 1:02PM
Don CheadleThe title March to Madness is almost too clever for it's own good. How did it take this many years for someone to come up with that one? I love the pitch for this one, too: "a corrupt college basketball program ... cheats its way to the 'March Madness' NCAA basketball tournament." If it's on FX, of course it has corruption.

March to Madness and FX are a match made in heaven. Nobody does the darker side of humanity better than FX. The Shield, Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy ... even It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia tackles the lowest forms of people. It's a beautiful combination of amazing writing and gut-wrenching acting that make these dirtbag characters teem with life and humanity.

And what a great subject to tackle. There's so much at stake with the NCAA Tournament for the kids and the schools, the drama practically writes itself. The story, we're told, will be from the point of view of an idealistic coach who's struggling with the compromises he makes with his own integrity to get his team where he needs to be. Too bad Don Cheadle's only executive producing, I'd love to see him tackle that role.

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What to Watch Feb. 5 - 11

by Kelly Woo, posted Feb 5th 2007 8:41AM

Rules of Engagement and LostThe best way to recover from a Super Bowl hangover? February sweeps! This week features plenty of guest stars, premieres and the return of heavyweight 'Lost.' Here are AOL Television's top picks for what to watch this week.

Rules of Engagement (Mon., 9:30PM, CBS) series premiere
Is the sitcom dead? Not if CBS has anything to do with it. Consider this: In the battle between heavyweights '24' and 'Heroes,' the winner was none other than 'Two and a Half Men.' Clearly, the audience still wants to see sitcoms, so CBS takes another shot with 'Rules.' It takes elements of the excellent 'How I Met Your Mother (two couples, one Barney-like single guy) and mashes them up with the premise of Fox's 'Til Death' (one new, one longtime couple) to make comedy comfort food.

Gilmore Girls (Tue., 8PM, The CW)
It's started. Yep, the train to Luke-and-Lorelai-ville has left the station and going full speed ahead. First, she wrote a beautiful, heartfelt letter for his custody trial. Now, Luke's there for her and the entire Gilmore family after Richard's classroom collapse. He even runs errands for Emily! And Logan borrows a helicopter to lend Rory his support. And where's Christopher? Nowhere to be seen. Not even a phone call. Choo-choo, folks, choo-choo.

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Veronica Mars new tonight, but not for Boston

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 25th 2006 12:17PM
marsI've had a love-hate relationship with Wednesday night television. I love that there are two great shows to watch, Lost and Veronica Mars, though I hate that they both air at 9PM. I actually had to give up reviewing Lost for TV Squad because of my love for Veronica Mars. So, when I saw that VM was set to air a new episode tonight, I was thrilled . . . until I looked at my TiVo and saw that it wasn't set to record. Why? Because our local UPN station, UPN38, has decided that the Boston College at North Carolina game is better TV. Hey, I'm not dissing college hoops, but what's with not being able to see the new episode until Saturday night?!

Well, on the bright side, I get to watch Lost at its scheduled time again. One of the other TV Squadsters will be reviewing VM for you tonight, one who's able to catch it on time.

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