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October 9, 2015


'Two and a Half Men' Gets a Groan Track

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 23rd 2010 9:28PM
Laugh tracks always amaze me. Just what kind of easily-amused simpletons do the networks hire to laugh at crappy sitcoms? I imagine it does something like this. A bunch of actors are wrangled into a studio and are told to pretend to be an interested audience. They are each given a secret dose of thorazine through a hidden syringe in their seats. Nitrous oxide is pumped into the studio. And just before the curtain goes up, they are each whacked across the face with a cast-iron shovel. Then they turn on the applause sign.

College Humor has taken this weird TV tradition and turned it on its head by providing a "groan track" to CBS' neverending sitcom 'Two-and-a-Half Men'.

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The real reason Dollhouse was cancelled

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 12th 2009 5:04PM
Are you still losing sleep over FOX's unsurprising yet tragic cancellation of Josh Joss Whedon's Dollhouse? This may be the melatonin you need.

CollegeHumor has uncovered the true reason FOX nixed the action drama from its airwaves. It needed more room for more Seth MacFarlane cartoons about pop-culture spewing families with anthropomorphic pets and American Idol. I never thought I'd long for the good ol' days was Fox was known for quality programming like Bad Orderlies Caught on Tape 2 and When Lawn Equipment Goes Screwy 4.

[via Slashfilm]

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Grey's Anatomy - The Video Game

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 21st 2009 2:32PM

Grey's AnatomyWhile this isn't actually news about Grey's Anatomy, I did find this sketch regarding a fictitious Grey's Anatomy video game to be pretty funny. Danny already mentioned this in his TV Squad Ten list, but I thought I'd write about this one. I've known a few people (mostly women) who have liked the show and cannot help but think of the South Park opinion that the show is watched by married couples who don't really have sex anymore (feel free to inform me of exactly how wrong I am in the comments).

I view the sketch as also a commentary on the similarities and differences between the nerd culture and the Grey's Anatomy culture. I've actually watched an episode of the show a few years back and then decided that if I was ever seriously sick, Seattle Grace Hospital is the very last place I would want to be taken. A knee scrape or similar small injury would be fine. The medical staff there are nice to look at, but they're all nuts.

Video after the jump...

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What's On Tonight: Hannah Montana, Celebrity Apprentice, Jesse Stone

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 1st 2009 4:06PM
  • SimpsonsHallmark has a Golden Girls marathon all night.
  • At 7, CBS has a new 60 Minutes, then a new Amazing Race and the movie Jesse Stone: Thin Ice.
  • ABC has a new America's Funniest Home Videos at 7, followed by new episodes of Extreme Makeover and Brothers & Sisters.
  • At 7:30, Disney has a new Hannah Montana, then new episodes of Sonny with a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • At 8, FOX has a new Simpsons, then a new King of the Hill.
  • At 9, NBC has the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Food Network has a new Iron Chef America at 9.
  • HBO has a new Big Love at 9, followed by new episodes of Flight of the Conchords and East Bound & Down.
  • Showtime has a new L Word at 9, then new episodes of The United States of Tara and Secret Life of a Call Girl.
  • Also at 9: MTV has a new Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, then new episodes of CollegeHumor, Nitro Circus, and How's Your News?
  • At 9:30, FOX has a new American Dad.
  • At 12:30am, Cartoon Network has a new Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job.

Check your local TV listings for more.

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The comedic stylings of Sayid Jarrah! - VIDEO

by Eliot Glazer, posted Feb 5th 2009 5:35PM
lost sayid jarrah college humorEven if we've gone way beyond life on the island - with the plots literally weaving through space, time, and place - there was surely a moment when the characters on Lost got tired of swimming and putt-putt. Amid destruction and death, even the survivors of Oceanic 815 surely needed a laugh now and then, which gave Sayid - who apparently moonlights as a stand-up comic when not being awesome with guns and roundhouse kicks - the chance to demonstrate his comic chops for his new friends.

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