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October 9, 2015

Comanche Moon

Christopher Gorham gets a new role

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 13th 2008 2:21PM
C. Gorham Ugly BUgly Betty's Henry is going to Harper's Island. Actor Christopher Gorham has been cast on the new mystery Harper's Island. Good for Chris, but what about his other character, Henry, the lovable geeky accountant on Ugly Betty? That remains in question.

On Harper's Island, which CBS is calling a Ten Little Indians/Twin Peaks-style horror mystery in which a wedding party on a Seattle island find themselves cut off from the mainland with a murderer on the loose. The killer is doing away with characters week after week and everyone is a suspect or a victim.

In addition to Christopher Gorham, actor Bill Pullman (Sleepless in Seattle) is also in the show as a jovial, drunken Uncle Marty.

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Broadway's Roger Bart lands ABC legal pilot

by Allison Waldman, posted May 28th 2008 12:02PM
Roger BartTV watchers probably know Roger Bart best as George Williams, the murderous pharmacist on Desperate Housewives. On Broadway, he's been a musical dog (Snoopy in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown -- for which he won the Tony award), a sidekick (Carmen Ghia in The Producers) and a scientist (Young Frankenstein). Now, he's slotted for a return to the tube. Roger Bart will star as a lawyer in the untitled David Hemingson dramedy pilot for ABC. The project casts Bart as Cliff, a high-strung attorney in a fancy-schmancy L.A. law firm, where one of the partners is his spouse.

Hemingson's pilot is getting a lot of attention, in part because of his pedigree. He's written for How I Met Your Mother, American Dad and Kitchen Confidential. Adding Roger Bart to the mix ups the likelihood of ABC finding a place in the schedule mid-season for this comedy. They start filming next month.

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Nielsen ratings for the week ending January 20

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 23rd 2008 5:29PM

Eli Manning passing during the NFC Championship gameHere are the weekly TV ratings, by number of viewers.

I wonder why football gets so many different parts of a broadcast to count as separate shows on the ratings list? The actual game, the pre-kick, the post game, the bridge (which I assume is...well, I don't assume anything anymore, though I would guess it's the time between the pre-kick and the kickoff, though I could be wrong), and now something called "gun." Or maybe it's "GUN." Not sure what that is, but it came at 10:16pm, just before the post game show, which started at 10:22pm.Why don't other shows get that sort of treatment? Why don't sitcoms and dramas get their shows split up like this?

1. NFC Championship (FOX)

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Nielsen ratings for the week ending January 13

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 16th 2008 9:00AM

CSIHere are the weekly TV ratings, by number of viewers.

Wow, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is really making an impact, eh? The first episode got over 18 million viewers! I don't know if that's because people were really excited about seeing what the pilot was like or because it was a benefit of the writers strike or a combo of both, but those are good numbers.

1. NFC Playoffs (FOX)
2. AFC Playoffs (CBS)
3. Allstate BCS National Game (FOX)
4. CSI (CBS)

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What's On Tonight: 60 Minutes, Terminator, The L Word

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 13th 2008 4:00PM
  • StewieAt 7, CBS has a new 60 Minutes, then a new Amazing Race and the miniseries Comanche Moon.
  • NBC has the Golden Globe Award Red Carpet Show at 7, followed by the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards Announcement Press Conference, or whatever they're calling it. It's also covered on the TV Guide Channel.
  • ABC has a new America's Funniest Home Videos at 7.
  • The CW has a new CW Now at 7.
  • At 8 (or after football), FOX has the series premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, followed by new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad.
  • At 9, PBS has a new Masterpiece Theater.
  • ABC has a new Extreme Makeover at 9, then a new Brothers & Sisters.
  • Food Network has a new Challenge at 9.
  • HBO has a new episode of The Wire at 9.
  • Also at 9: Showtime has a new L Word.

Check your local TV listings for more.

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CBS's winter schedule

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 4th 2007 9:23AM
Big BrotherTo nobody's surprise, game and reality shows will fill a large chunk of CBS's winter schedule. The network sent out a press release yesterday confirming that Power of 10, Big Brother, and Survivor would return so would fan-favorite Jericho as well as The New Adventures of Old Christine and a new comedy titled The Captain.

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Robinson joins Canterbury's Law

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 11th 2007 1:02PM

keith robinsonKeith Robinson, who was last seen in the film Dreamgirls and on the TV series American Dreams, has joined the cast of Canterbury's Law, FOX's dramatic series starring Juliana Margulies as a lawyer who is willing to bend the rules if she thinks her client is innocent.

As mentioned before, the pilot will be directed by Leaving Las Vegas director Mike Figgis and produced by Denis Leary. Combine that with an actress like Margulies, who is known for being very choosy about her roles, and you have what will hopefully be something that's more than just another lawyer show.

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