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October 7, 2015

Corey Haim

Oscars 2011: 'In Memoriam' Recognizes Dennis Hopper, Lena Horne But Forgets Corey Haim (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Feb 28th 2011 5:30AM
'In Memoriam': Halle Berry Honors Lena Horne at the OscarsThis year's "In Memoriam" feature provided a sober moment in the middle of 'The 83rd Annual Academy Awards' (Sun., 8:30PM ET on ABC) to remember those in the industry who passed away last year. As Celine Dion sang 'Smile', images of editors, directors, composers, designers, publicists and producers flashed on a screen.

Tony Curtis, Gloria Stuart, Leslie Nielsen, Lynn Redgrave, Pete Postlethwaite and Dennis Hopper were among the actors honored. Halle Berry then offered a special thanks to African-Americann entertainer Lena Horne. But where were Corey Haim, Peter Graves and Betty Garrett?

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Corey Haim's Mother Remembers Son on One-Year Anniversary of His Death (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 16th 2011 12:30PM
Corey Haim's Mother Remembers Son on One-Year Anniversary of His DeathAs the one-year anniversary of Corey Haim's death approaches, the actor's mother, Judy, remembers her son on 'Good Morning America' (weekdays, 7AM ET on ABC),

"I just want to honor his memory ... It's extremely hard to even believe that he's not here," said Judy, pointing out that her son's death from complications due to pneumonia occurred nearly one year ago on March 10.

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Corey Feldman Explains Cause of Corey Haim's Death on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Oct 11th 2010 1:15PM
While promoting 'Lost Boys: The Thirst,' Corey Feldman said the death of Corey Haim was not due to a drug overdose as initially reported in the press. Instead, Haim died from a heart condition and from complications due to pneumonia, Feldman said on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC.)

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Dr. Drew Could Have Helped Corey Haim, Says Dr. Drew

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 11th 2010 5:09PM
Corey HaimNot sure which TV doctor/psychologist/superhero has a bigger ego, Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil, but this week I'm going with the former. Dr. Drew Pinsky says that he and people from his show 'Celebrity Rehab' reached out to Corey Haim several times over the past few years and every time Haim angrily rejected their pleas for him to be on the show, saying that he didn't need help.

Now, beyond the fact that Dr. Drew is assuming that Haim died of a drug overdose before autopsy results are even complete*, I think he doesn't quite understand (or maybe he does and doesn't care) how much of an exploitative guy he is. So Haim didn't want to appear on your show where you get celebrities to look awful while they live in a house and try to break their addictions? Is that surprising? If I was an addict I wouldn't want to do that show either.

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Corey Feldman Discusses Corey Haim on 'Larry King' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 11th 2010 12:01AM
Larry King Live, Corey Feldman on Corey Haim's DeathWe were saddened to hear the news of Corey Haim's passing earlier today. Corey Feldman appeared on 'Larry King Live' (weeknights, 9PM ET on CNN) to talk about his best friend. The two co-starred in several projects, including 1987's 'The Lost Boys,' a vampire flick that developed a cult following.

While Feldman appreciates the good wishes of everyone, he wonders where they've been for the past ten years of Haim's life. He also encouraged people to stop jumping the gun on his death.

"They need to stop saying it's a drug overdose, because at the end of the day, until the coroner's report comes out, until we have specific evidence, until we know exactly what the toxicology reports say, nobody knows."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Corey Haim's TV Legacy: 'The Two Coreys'?

by Scott Harris, posted Mar 10th 2010 11:25AM
The Two CoreysFormer child star Corey Haim, who rose to fame in the '80s with such big screen hits as 'The Lost Boys' and 'Lucas,' was found dead this morning of an apparent drug overdose. He was 38.

The news, which was first reported by Fox's Los Angeles affiliate KTLA and has been confirmed by the LAPD, brings to a sad close the life and career of what was once one of Hollywood's most promising young actors. While Haim is best remembered for his film collaborations with best bud and fellow-'Lost Boys' star Corey Feldman, his talent first became apparent on two now-forgotten TV shows, 'The Edison Twins' and 'Roomies,' both of which starred Haim as a regular cast member.

But for most television viewers, the lasting image of Haim will not be one of youthful promise, but instead of a burnt-out actor trying desperately to salvage his career and put his life back on track in A&E's 'The Two Coreys.' The reality show, which profiled Haim and Feldman discussing their lives and frequently arguing over Haim's substance abuse, debuted in 2007 and was subsequently canceled after two seasons.

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Corey Haim Dead at 38

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 10th 2010 9:55AM
Haim'Lost Boys' star Corey Haim is dead.

Haim was found by his mother at his apartment near Burbank, CA. There's no word yet on cause of death, but TMZ is reporting that he died of an overdose.

While it's too bad that he might be remembered for all of his recent activities, including drug use, fights, and the unfortunate reality show 'The Two Coreys' that he did with frequent co-star Corey Feldman, he was actually in some good movies when he was younger. 'Lucas' and 'The Lost Boys' are great flicks. Haim also starred in two short-lived TV shows, 'The Edison Twins' in 1984 and 'Roomies' in 1987.

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Corey Haim Found Dead at 38

by AOL TV Staff, posted Mar 10th 2010 9:43AM
Corey HaimCorey Haim died early this morning of an apparent accidental overdose, the LAPD has confirmed. He was 38.

Local news station KTLA is reporting that Haim was found in his Oakwood, Calif., apartment, and that his mother was at the home at the time that emergency responders arrived. TMZ is reporting that police were later called to the hospital to investigate.

Though he was better known for his work on the big screen, Haim did make a number of appearances on television, including 'The Edison Twins' and the short-lived 'Roomies.' He also appeared in the 1985 TV movie 'A Time to Live,' starring Liza Minnelli, which won him a Young Artist Award.

More recently, he co-starred in the A&E reality series 'The Two Coreys,' which documented the often rocky friendship between Haim and fellow-'80s heartthrob, Corey Feldman. The show was canceled after two seasons.

For more on the death of Corey Haim, visit PopEater.

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Corey vs. Corey online

by Kristin Sample, posted Jul 9th 2008 8:02AM
Corey Haim The Two Coreys just started its second season on A&E. To celebrate, A&E has put together a Mortal Kombat-esque game at their site. You can play as either Corey Feldman or Corey Haim. I choose Feldman and mastered his signature move "Dreamt of Success Smackdown." If you hit forward, down, back, and Z, you blow this pink dust with purple stars right into Corey Haim's face. I won by performed the move about eleven times. Then I finished Haim with a punch. Nice, right?

After I won, I unlocked the "Wooden Stake Attack." I've yet to unlock the "Gas Pedal Crunch" or the "Voodooie." That last one sounds awesome. You can also play as Corey Haim. His signature move is the "Dirty Sock Slap." You have to register at the site for it to record your progress (that is, unless you plan on playing for the rest of the evening and beating the game).

Check out Corey Vs. Corey over at A&E's site. The Two Coreys airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET / PT.

[via PopCandy]

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Haim and Feldman return to A&E

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 2nd 2008 1:02PM
The Two CoreysAt the end of season one of The Two Coreys, we left off with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman at odds, their friendship still severely damaged. This season the cameras will follow the 80s icons again as they try to rekindle the bond they once had and move past their trust issues.

According to the press release, this season will be even more "no-holds-barred" than last, "Corey Haim & Corey Feldman give deep, personal access to their storied friendship like never before which lends the show rare honesty and candor." We will see the friends go to therapy sessions together and deal with the Lost Boys 2 reunion. Sounds like they're more of a married couple than two old friends. Therapy sessions? Seriously?

The second season of The Two Coreys premieres June 22nd at 10 p.m. on A&E. Will you be tuning in to watch these lost souls hash it out?

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Another season for the two Coreys. Try to contain your excitment.

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 7th 2008 9:00AM

The second season of The Two Coreys will move ahead -- broken friendship or notReady for a darker, edgier, and more real version of The Two Coreys? Too bad if you're not because that's the way the A&E reality show may turn out when it returns with new episodes.

The reason? It all stems from the falling out between 80's kid stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. According to an entry at Feldman's weblog, The Feldman Journal, the break-up of their friendship came after filming of the show's first season ended. Now, negotiations are underway to find a solution on how to carry on with the show.

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Out of the Blogosphere

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 11th 2007 1:01PM

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The Two Coreys: Reunited (series premiere)

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 30th 2007 1:02PM

the two coreys(S01E01) It's finally arrived: the reality series absolutely no one was asking for.

I'm not interested in snarking at the likes of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. They each had success a lot of folks only dream about, and Feldman was involved in some of my favorite movies growing up, most notably Stand By Me and The Goonies. The movies in which they appeared together, such as Lost Boys and License to Drive, were "just okay" by my standards (and, being about twelve years old at the time, my standards didn't mean much).

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Corey Haim vs. Corey Feldman

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 20th 2007 2:10PM

Haim and FeldmanI don't know what's sadder, the fact that two C-list stars are starring in their own reality show in another bid for attention, or the fact that this reality show (The Two Coreys, which starts July 29) is being aired on A&E. Where is the "arts?" Where is the "entertainment?"

It's not even good in a "this is so bad it's good" way, because I don't believe much of what will happen if the rest of it is like this video over at TMZ. It shows Haim arguing with Feldman's wife, using the F word about 70 times, and then going over the line to the point where Feldman threatens to punch his head in. The acting is right up there with...well, Haim and Feldman's last film, whatever that was.

Remember The Lost Boys? That was a great flick.

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The Coreys are back

by Brett Love, posted Sep 26th 2006 1:27PM
Corey Haim and Corey FeldmanTrust me, I'm really not making this one up. Apparently, A&E has ordered eight episodes of something called The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys. The half hour show aims to update viewers on just what Corey Haim and Corey Feldman have been up to over the last twenty years.

The 'Arts & Entertainment' network has also ordered 13 episodes of Paranormal U. This show will follow a research group at Penn State University which studies and debunks paranormal phenomena. I could see myself watching this. I like that real world X-Files theme.

All this does make me wonder though, is it time for a name change for the network? With a slate that includes Dog the Bounty Hunter, Driving Force, Family Jewels, SWAT, Paranormal U, and,
The Coreys I'm just not sure A&E really represents the programming.

[via Cynopsis]

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