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October 10, 2015

Dallas Cowboys

NFL to try 3D football broadcast live on Sunday

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 9th 2009 10:03PM
3-D_viewing_50s_glassesImagine if you will that you have a ticket to the amazing new monolithic football megaplex, Cowboys Stadium, this Sunday to watch the Dallas Cowboys play the San Diego Chargers. It's two probable playoff teams. It's a potential offensive showcase with two strong-armed quarterbacks. It's got everything to recommend it and you have a ticket.

Now, how excited are to learn that you can watch the game in 3D? That's right, when you enter the venue, you'll be handed 3D glasses. The Cowboy-Charger game will then be broadcast on the huge HD screen in 3D. That's the big screen that hangs over the field. Every play will immediately be converted from HD to 3D with some exciting new technology created in Edison, New Jersey. If you're at home, you won't see 3D, but if you're there, you can wear glasses just like these folks in the picture.

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Fox to air new Avatar trailer on NFL broadcast Sunday

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Oct 30th 2009 11:28AM
Avatar will replace Tony Romo on this huge screen on November 1.Fox will use football this Sunday to help tall, blue aliens take over our televisions.

On November 1, Fox is shooting for the "world's biggest live trailer viewing" when it airs the new preview of James Cameron's Avatar live on TV and in the Dallas Cowboys' home park on the world's largest video display -- the Cowboy Stadium's Diamond Vision Screen before the Lone Star State's heroes take on the Seattle Seahawks.

A Fox press release explains that the Fox Sports NFL Sunday pregame show will present the new trailer live on the network. Meanwhile, those Cowboy fans still sober enough at noon to enjoy the brief glimpse of the sci-fi epic will take it in on a screen larger than some Far Eastern countries.

Putting the TV network's football viewing figures to work is the kind of bold step Fox needs to take to publicize Cameron's $300 million dollar movie. Though obviously ambitious and technically groundbreaking, special previews of the 3D fantasy flick left some viewers less than thrilled. While the film will be 3D in theaters, the trailer will stick to a simpler 2D TV image for the big event.

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Oh no it's The T.O. Show

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 7th 2009 3:38PM
For those of you who just can't get enough of Terrell Owens on The Superstars, he has (wait for it) a reality show coming to VH1, because they're aren't enough reality shows with celebrities in them on TV right now. It debuts on July 20, which happens to be the 40th anniversary of men landing on the moon. Now history will have two important events to celebrate on that date.

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Uh oh... T.O. has a reality show

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 11th 2009 7:05PM
Terrell Owens at a Buffalo Bills press conferenceOne of the biggest names and egos in the National Football League will try to cram his big life (and mouth) into 30 to 60 minutes of weekly programming for VH1.

Terrell Owens, the Buffalo Bills' new star receiver, will star in a new reality show called Playing the Field.

The show will give one of the league's most vocal stars a chance to show his fans and haters what life is like on and off the field, and could start with his firing from the Dallas Cowboys.

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Reality TV and football working in harmony

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 23rd 2009 1:02PM
Dallas CowboysIt's been done for business executives, wrestlers and singers, and now potential professional football players will be getting their chance to compete for their dreams. Michael Irvin is hosting a reality television show on Spike in which the winner will get a spot on the Dallas Cowboys training camp roster. The judges are going to be former football players and coaches.

I'm surprised someone at the NFL didn't think of this earlier. Perhaps they did but they were afraid fans would take the sport less seriously. The candidates will need a football background, but not much (more than high school). This is definitely on the right network for this particular type of reality television.

I'm not a football fan, so I'd like to ask anybody out there that is one: what do you think of this? Is this something you would legitimately be interested in watching or is it a waste of a spot in the roster?

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Time for the NFL to end a Thanksgiving tradition

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 28th 2008 2:32PM
NFL LogoIf you're like a lot of other American families, Thanksgiving dinner included not only turkey, cranberries, stuffing and pumpkin pie. You also had the TV on and the football game playing.

Every year there are two games that are locked in -- by tradition -- to the Thanksgiving game, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. Well, it's time to end tradition and end it now. While Dallas has remained a national favorite -- whether you like them or loathe them, they're relevant -- the Detroit Lions are not. There aren't many times a year when family gets together and TV viewing is a big part of it. It's fun to watch the NFL with family and friends, but the game has to be potentially a good one. Some of my favorite memories are of watching football on TV on the holidays.

This season they are winless and looking at their schedule, not likely to notch a single victory the rest to the way. They are awful and unwatchable. Yesterday the Detroit Lions were trounced 47-10 by the Tennessee Titans and the game was over in the first quarter, ruining the viewing for the entire nation. It had to be an embarrassment for the people of Detroit!

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Masi Oka and Terrell Owens are ready for some football

by Kevin Kelly, posted Sep 23rd 2007 10:05AM
Terrell Owens and Masi Oka
Please tell me that Heroes is not going to jump the shark one day before it's second season premiere. Please, please, please. If this happens, I will be so upset and forced to make up my own version of the season using action figures, some Play-Doh, and a 1980s cassette recorder. To be honest, I don't really have that kind of time, so I'm pleading for the TV gods to make this something whimsical rather than cringe-inducing.

Apparently Masi Oka will be appearing as Hiro Nakamura on Sunday Night Football tonight. NBC was tight-lipped about the content of the ad, but based on the pictures they sent out, you can only assume that it involves Masi and Terrell Owens (maybe he's the new Sylar) in front of ... something. Maybe Owens gets Hiro's ability to bend space and time, lord knows it would have helped with his receptions last year.

That green screen leaves a lot to the imagination. So tune in tonight when the Cowboys play the Bears and see what happens. It'll air right before Faith Hill's opening number. Yow.

One more photo for your enjoyment, after the break.

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