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October 10, 2015


Dane Cook Says He Never Stole Jokes From Louis C.K. on 'Louie' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 5th 2011 6:56AM
Dane Cook, 'Louie'Say what you will about the controversy, but it was pretty bold of Dane Cook and Louis C.K. to address it directly and to each other within the context of 'Louie' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FX). The meeting was necessitated by Louis' desire to score Lady Gaga tickets, and Cook being with the same agency as her.

C.K. goes to ask for this favor, so he can maybe make his daughter happy for her birthday, and Cook confronts the controversy directly.

"Everything I read about me was about how I stole jokes from you, which I didn't," Cook said.

"I kind of think you did," C.K. responded. When Cook asked why he would risk his reputation to do that, C.K. said, "Because they were funny jokes."

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Comedy Central's holiday weekend Stand-Up Blowout

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 3rd 2009 9:32AM
Katt WilliamsSince programming anything new is probably a waste on a holiday weekend, Comedy Central is programming roughly 4,000 previously aired stand-up specials (okay, just 40, but that's a lot) from some of the biggest names on its rosters, including Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham, Katt Williams, Louis C.K., Lewis Black, Brian Regan, Demetri Martin, Ron White, Lisa Lampanelli, and Jim Gaffigan. They'll also sprinkle in some of their Comedy Central Presents half-hour showcases. It's called the Stand-Up Blowout Weekend.

The first special is at 3 PM - Aisha Tyler is Lit: Live at the Fillmore and end, officially, with Drew Hastings: Irked and Miffed at 3 AM Monday morning. Sunday at 10PM is the network premiere of Dave Attell: Captain Miserable, which originally aired on HBO on December 8, 2007.

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Dane Cook steps forward

by Nick Zaino, posted May 18th 2009 7:32PM
Dane CookThis is the Dane Cook quandary. Around his second album, Retaliation, he became so popular that the inevitable backlash began. He was touring huge arenas. Retaliation was a three-disc package that should have been a two-disc package. Some people mentioned that, and the die-hard Dane fans, flashing Cook's Su-Fi sign, wouldn't tolerate it on his chat boards. Just about everyone weighed in, from magazines to fans to other comics. And it got to the point where you couldn't defend Cook without being an apologist, and you couldn't criticize him without being a "hater."

That's the environment that Cook is working in now, the water he had to tread thinking about his new special, last night's ISolated INcident. And there were already conflicting ideas surrounding the hype for the show. There were the constant commercials hyping how unbelievable the show is, setting an unfair standard from the very beginning. We were told this would be unlike anything we have seen from Cook, an innovative, groundbreaking special.

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Reaper: Greg Schmeg

by Paul Goebel, posted May 7th 2008 7:41AM

Not your typical backseat driver(S01E16) "Trust, honesty, integrity...I don't like those words, not one little bit. - Jerry

I found it funny that Sam and Andi were comparing scary demons when they got attacked, because for my money, very few things are scarier than an chainsaw wielding dude in a mask. It's like Leatherface, Michael Myers and Casey Jones all rolled up together.

I really wish we could see more of Gladys. I find her to be really funny. I think it would be great if she had one small scene in every episode ala Carlton Your Doorman. Just the idea that the DMV is where demons do the work of the devil still makes me laugh.

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Last Comic Standing: Season Finale

by Jay Black, posted Sep 20th 2007 12:25AM
Free at last, Free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last!(S05E15) When I used to teach high school English, one of my biggest pet peeves was reading a paper from a student who was obviously stretching two pages of ideas into the required four pages of the assignment. I actually preferred it when students came up short in page count instead of insulting my intelligence with superfluous words, plodding pacing, and ridiculous font and margin tweaks.

Watching the two hour -- that's right two hour -- finale of Last Comic Standing, I couldn't help but be reminded of my teaching days. Tonight's finale was like an essay written using Comic Sans 16 point font...

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 27th 2007 6:29PM
  • Outer Limits DVDBeyond Belief - Season 1
  • Dane Cook - The Lost Pilots
  • Danger Mouse - Complete Series
  • Dark Shadows - The Beginning
  • Flight 29 Down - Vol. 2
  • Friday Night Lights - Season 1
  • Heroes - Season 1
  • I Shouldn't Be Alive - Season 1
  • Masters of Horror - Season 1 Limited Edition Set
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide - Field Trip Edition
  • The Odd Couple - Season 2
  • The Outer Limits - Season 1, Vol. 2 (original series)
  • Samuari Jack - Season 4

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Talk Talk: Kevin Spacey, Dane Cook, Silversun Pickups

by Bob Sassone, posted May 25th 2007 5:59PM
  • Dennis MillerCharlie Rose: Al Gore
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Kevin Spacey and Alexis Bledel
  • Jay Leno: Dennis Miller and Dwight Yoakam
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: David Spade, John Ratzenberger, and Kaiser Chiefs (repeat)
  • Tavis Smiley: Jonathan Demme, Chick Corea, and Bela Fleck
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Dane Cook and Apolo Ohno
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Bob Saget, Jade, and Guy Torry
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Silversun Pickups and Hi-Fidelity

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The Onion sticks it to Dane Cook

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 7th 2007 12:02PM

dane cookI don't like Dane Cook's brand of comedy, but hey, I don't have to like everything. There are plenty of other comedians more suited to my palate on the comedy salad bar, so while I personally feel his "material" is all delivery and no punchline, it doesn't mean other people can't enjoy him with croutons.

CC Insider points to a funny satirical piece from The Onion about Cook's new HBO special, Burgasm, in which the young comedian riffs on Burger King's Texas Double Whopper for a full hour. In the article, Cook explains his plans for the special:

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Mad TV spoofs Dane Cook - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 4th 2006 1:02PM

dane cookIf you've been sitting around all day waiting to see footage of someone from an unfunny sketch show make fun of an unfunny comedian, your wait is over. In the clip after the jump you can watch Ike Berenholtz of Mad TV throw down on the comedy stage as he does his impression of comedian Dane Cook.

I've never been a fan of Dane Cook, and I think the best description I've ever heard of him came from comedian Michael Schmidt on Jimmy Pardo's "Never Not Funny" podcast: "Dane Cook is KISS. He's the KISS of comedy. Just like, crazy, wild, bombastic phenomenon with the most pedantic, pedestrian content ever."

Berenholtz's Cook impression isn't too bad, and heck, I give him credit for trying to make people laugh by being unfunny on purpose, but I only laughed maybe once during the whole thing, which is still more than I've ever laughed at Dane Cook.

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Again with the Dane Cook: comedian hosts SNL premiere

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 20th 2006 6:04PM
Dane CookIn the press release announcing the cast for the 32nd season of Saturday Night Live (which, of course, by process of elimination, announces who isn't coming back), NBC has also announced that ultra-hot ("hot" as in popular) comedian Dane Cook will host the season premiere.

This is the second time that Cook has hosted the show; he hosted last December, making this as quick a turnaround between hosting stints as I can remember. But there's three good reasons why Cook is back so soon: 1) He's even more popular with SNL's current college-student demographic than he was last year, 2) He's starring in a movie with Jessica Simpson called Employee of the Month, and 3) He was in one of the more memorable sketches from last season's forgettable run. If you remember the line "It's like a wookie raping me!", you'll know which sketch I'm talking about.

The season premiere, with musical guest The Killers, will be on September 30.

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Best Actors and Worst Reality: Entertainment Weekly in 60 seconds

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 14th 2006 8:55AM

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Live-action Underdog coming to theaters

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 2nd 2006 3:28PM

underdogMan, I loved watching reruns of Underdog when I was a kid. The fights! The rhyming! Those Native American gopher dudes! Anyway, when I found out they were making a movie based on the beloved cartoon series, I was thrilled. Then I found out it would be done with live actors and not animated. Now I'm not so thrilled anymore. There is one glimmer of hope I have, and that's actor Peter Dinklage (he played Arthur Ramsey on Threshold), who will play the evil villain Simon Bar Sinister. If any actor is deserving of more exposure, I think it's him. His portrayal of a gay wedding planner in The Baxter was brilliant.

As far as Underdog himself, he'll be portrayed by a real dog with a CGI mouth. According to reports, bland flavor-of-the-month Dane Cook may voice the character. Well, if the guy can affect a decent Underdog voice, that's fine, but I'd rather see it go to someone like Billy West who's actually known and respected for his voice work. Sadly, they forgot to cryogenically freeze Wally Cox after his death, so we can't revive him to do this movie. Curse you, modern science.

The film, which is being produced by Disney, begins shooting this month.

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Dane Cook's very own HBO special

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 14th 2006 7:04PM
Dane CookDane Cook just revealed a big secret to his fans on his MySpace and website: he's going to have his very own HBO special! In case you didn't know, an SNL guest spot (which Dane has already conquered... in fact, his appearance created the highest ratings for the show in two years) and an HBO special are two huge milestones in any comedian's career. Dane will return to his hometown of Boston on April 15, 2006 for the taping (in the massive TD Banknorth Garden) and, as of right now, you can take advantage of the pre-sale by coming here and using the password SUFI (Su-Fi is short for "super-finger"... learn more about it here).

Mister Dane Cook, I offer you a hearty congratulations and a fully-deserved "rok on" Su-Fi.

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