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October 9, 2015

David Morse

'Treme' Actor Michael Showers Found Dead in Mississippi River

by Alex Moaba, posted Aug 25th 2011 10:20AM
'Treme' is a show that portrays the struggle and hardship that befell New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday, a real-life tragedy struck 'Treme.'

Michael Showers, who played New Orleans homicide Captain John Guidry on the HBO drama, was found dead in the Mississippi River Wednesday morning. The actor was 45 years old.

A steamboat captain saw Showers' body floating in the river near New Orleans' French Quarter and called the authorities. The police told the New Orleans Times-Picayune his body had been in the water for nearly two days. No official cause of death has yet been determined.

The death is eerily reminiscent of on-screen suicide that occurred in Season 1 of the show, when John Goodman's character Creighton Bernette killed himself by jumping off a steamboat into the Mississippi.

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House: Words and Deeds

by Tom Biro, posted Jan 10th 2007 10:18AM
House - Words and Deeds
(S03E11) Let me say that I couldn't be happier about the resolution of the Tritter plot line this season, because it was definitely getting under my skin, and based on comments that TV Squad readers have been leaving here for the last few episode reviews, that was the case for more than just me. That said, I can't say I was pleased with how Tritter handled things at the end, but we'll get to that later.

I'm also starting to feel - and not just with this particular show, but all of them that I watch - that DVDs have spoiled me, because the whole waiting over the holidays, and then two weeks off here, three weeks there, is a bit draining. But at least FOX isn't pulling a Lost with us, and we only have to wait until January 30 for the next installment.

Back to the brass tacks, though. I think that our level of frustration with Tritter and how that situation was going down was completely emulated in how Cuddy decided to end it all by perjuring herself and coming up with a solution to get House out of court and Tritter off the cases of her staffers. For a minute there, I almost believed her while she was in the witness box, but that would have been too perfect, wouldn't it? The court scene was definitely one that I was looking forward to, as we got a pretty good promo showing House answer his phone, which you knew wouldn't go over too well.

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House: Merry Little Christmas

by Tom Biro, posted Dec 13th 2006 12:02PM
house(S03E10) For weeks now we've been hearing that the Detective Tritter storyline might be coming to a close, and people have been exclaiming in the comments here, and elsewhere, that they were kind of sick of it. Part of the issue with the whole issue he's brought to light is that it has a longer-term bearing on the whole picture, as opposed to some of the other mid-season plotlines (Stacy, for instance), so I'm seeing more and more why it's become more integral to what's going on, rather than just something that goes by the wayside. After a two-week wait for a new episode, I was not only happy to see some solid story progress, but for a pretty cool case to solve as well.

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House: Fools for Love

by Tom Biro, posted Nov 1st 2006 10:01AM
House - Fools for Love
(S03E05) After quite a bit of leaving us in the cold for Major League Baseball, FOX has finally brought House back for our viewing pleasure. And, just as House smacks us in the face regularly with his obnoxious behavior, the show hits us hard by showing the good doctor shoving something where the sun doesn't shine on David Morse, who will apparently become a new character on the program. This week's tough situation to deal with is a young husband and wife who end up in the hospital after an attempted robbery is foiled by the husband in a diner. After Jeremy, the young husband, takes out the assailants, his wife Tracy has trouble breathing, and she's rushed to the hospital's care.

Of course, just before the re-premiere of the season, we hear about how House seems to be, pretty much, based on Sherlock Holmes' character traits, and you just can't miss that. I've gotta say, that I watched this show a bit differently last night just to see if I could keep track of anything that might be Holmes-like. Howabout you?

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St. Elsewhere coming to DVD in December

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 30th 2006 1:09PM

St. ElsewhereThat's the word from a retailer anyway (no word from Fox yet). The first season of the critically-acclaimed drama will be released on December 12.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how groundbreaking this show was. The topics they covered, the writing. And the cast! Denzel Washington, Howie Mandel, Mark Harmon, Ed Begley, Jr., David Morse, Eric Stoltz, and Tim Robbins were all regulars on the show at one point or another, along with many others.

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Short Lived Shows: Hack

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 27th 2006 8:54AM

Hack stars David Morse and Andre BraugherAll right, kiddies, let's continue our review of Andre Braugher's television shows in preparation for his new show, Thief, which premieres on FX laster this week. As we mentioned, after Braugher left NBC's Homicide: Life on the Street, he headed for New England and donned the role of Dr. Ben Gideon on ABC's Gideon's Crossing. While that show was a critical success it only lasted one season.

He returned to series television again in 2002, this time co-starring with David Morse (St. Elsewhere) on the CBS drama Hack. In the series Morse played Mike Olshansky, a disgraced former Philadelphia police officer who now drove a taxi while attempting to rebuild his life. Braugher played his friend and former partner, Marcellus Washington, who was still on the force.



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