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October 8, 2015


J.J. Abrams, 'One Tree Hill' Creator Team for New CW Project and More TV News

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 7th 2011 4:30PM
J.J. Abrams The CWEverybody wants a piece of J.J. Abrams. The in-demand producer is teaming up with 'One Tree Hill' creator Mark Schwahn for a new drama project based around a hotel.

According to Deadline, the project is one of the highest-profile projects at the network. Schwahn will pen 'Maine' (tentatively title) with both men executive producing the project. 'Maine,' described as a character-based drama, will follow the staff of a hotel and its guests.

This is a homecoming of sorts for Abrams. He started his TV career on The WB with 'Felicity.'

In other TV news ...

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Giveaway Tuesday: 'Boston Legal' Joins TV Land and Someone's Winning an HDTV

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 9th 2010 10:39AM
boston_legal_TV_land_promoAre you ready for some fun stuff, like maybe winning a free HDTV? Well, get ready. 'Boston Legal' is going into syndication on TV Land, which means if you have yet to enjoy the antics of Alan Shore, Denny Crane and company, this is the chance of a lifetime to enjoy one of the best legal dramas in recent TV history. Oh heck, ever!

'Boston Legal,' starring William Shatner and James Spader, runs weeknights at 11 PM ET on TV Land. And to celebrate, you may be able to tune into 'Boston Legal' five nights a week with a brand, spanking new TV! Yes, sir. There will be one (1) Grand Prize winner receiving a 26" LCD HDTV (MSRP $349.99). The contest begins today, March 9, 2010.

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Big Shot TV Producers Aren't Straying From Familiar Territory, And Why Not?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 8th 2010 7:00PM
If you're one of the fortunate few who make it big in the television biz, shouldn't you take the opportunity to use that cushy cushion you have built for yourself and take a big risk on something exciting and new? Not if you're one of these big television producers.

Big shots like Shawn Ryan, David E. Kelley, and Shonda Rhimes all have pilots in the can that don't seem to stray much farther from the shows that made them the big shots that they are today.

For instance, Ryan, creator of the groundbreaking FX cop drama 'The Shield,' has another cop drama premiering with Fox called 'Ridealong.' Kelley, the writer/producer behind 'The Practice' and 'Boston Legal,' has created a reality drama for NBC called 'Kindred.' Even Rhimes, the woman behind ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy,' has another medical drama show for ABC called 'Off the Map.' Is ABC looking to create an all-medical soap opera cable channel in the coming year?

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TV News Daily: 'Jon & Kate' to Incorporate Marital Woes

by Thomas DiChiara, posted May 12th 2009 12:00PM
Jon & Kate Plus 8Jon Gosselin's rumored infidelities have made big headlines in recent weeks -- and now they have the fifth season premiere of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' running late, as producers scramble to incorporate the couple's marital woes into the series. Yep, Jon is on a roll.

In other news, Fox has pulled the dismally rated animated sitcom 'Sit Down, Shut Up' a week early, Lauren Graham and David E. Kelley's new pilots WON'T be picked up, and Joss Stone is set to return to 'The Tudors.'

See more of today's TV headlines, casting scoops and premiere dates after the jump.

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Kristen Chenoweth is now Legally Mad - VIDEO

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 19th 2008 12:35PM
kristin chenowethShe's been Glinda, the Good Witch (Wicked) and Olive Snook, the itty-bitty, lovable waitress (Pushing Daisies), comic strip cutie Sally Brown (You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown), a PR pro on The West Wing, and now she's going to be Skippy Pylon. Skippy the lawyer, and she's heading to the courtroom.

Kristin Chenoweth will star in Legally Mad, a new drama series for creator David E. Kelly for NBC. This is by far the smartest, best news out of NBC in months. (Could Jeff Zucker be reading TV Squad? Have we gotten under his skin?)

You can't see me but I'm doing the dance of joy and happiness about this casting. I have been in the dumps over Pushing Daisies not being picked up by ABC. The network hasn't even said whether it will air the last episodes, and Kristin Chenoweth has been the one star out there who's really expressed her disappointment that the show has come to an end. Therefore, I'm extremely glad for her that ABC's loss will be NBC's gain.

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David E. Kelley makes a move

by Paul Goebel, posted May 28th 2008 4:44PM

David E. Kelley and the cast of Boston legalAfter more than twenty years at 20th Century Fox TV, Emmy-winning writer-producer David E. Kelley is packing his bags.

One of the longest and most succesful collaborations in television history is coming to an end as Kelley announced that he is entering into a three-year partnership with Warner Bros. TV.

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Boston Legal: Patriot Acts (season finale)

by Paul Goebel, posted May 22nd 2008 8:02AM

William Shatner(S04E20) "Shirley, it was good that we oppose." - Carl Sack leaving himself wide open.

Shatner and Spader's celebratory dance upon learning they were accepted into the Coast Guard may have been the best acting I have seen out of the two of them all season.

When I read the synopsis of the season finale I really didn't know what to think. At first glance, of course, the idea of one city seceding from the United States seems ridiculous. However, this being Boston Legal I knew there had to be more to it.


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October Road hits its end

by Allison Waldman, posted May 12th 2008 11:21PM
October RoadLast week, it was Men in Trees. Now the end has officially come for another ABC drama series. ABC has confirmed that October Road is over. The long and winding road is no more, so to speak. ABC has no room in the fall lineup, apparently, and a plan to move October Road and Men in Trees to Lifetime never panned out. So all the die-hard fans who've been writing the network and crafting petitions can give it up. No amount of peanuts or blood drives -- oh, wait, that was Jericho and Moonlight. The Roadies had a different tack; buy the DVD, donate it to a library to get more people watching and writing to ABC. Despite the sincere efforts, the network still chose to end the road and move on to a newer, different show.

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David Kelley may bail on Life on Mars

by Allison Waldman, posted May 7th 2008 9:25AM
Life on MarsI don't know if this is good news or bad... David E. Kelley may be checking out of Life on Mars, the ABC pilot based on the hit BBC crime/time travel drama. According to Variety, the prolific Mr. Kelley -- Boston Legal, L.A. Law, Picket Fences, Ally MacBeal, The Practice, Chicago Hope, etc. -- is unhappy with the financial arrangements and if things aren't worked out, he's going to move on.

Life on Mars was a terrific show. The UK version has played on BBC America, starring John Simm and Philip Glenister. Following the British model, the series lasted just two years -- 16 episodes total. In the ABC pilot, which Thomas Schlamme directed, Jason O'Mara (Men in Trees) is playing Simm's role, Sam; Colm Meaney (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is Gene. Kelley wrote the American variation on the story of Sam Tyler, a police detective in present day who awakens from a car crash to find he's living in 1973. Has he really gone back in time or is it all in his head?

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Will Fox add more 'Idol' hours to line-up?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Jan 22nd 2007 5:00PM
AI JudgesAmerican Idol appears to be the "show-that-can't-be-stopped." At last week's Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, executives referred to it as the "Death Star" because it consistently destroys the competiton. And few expected that Amercan Idol, now in its six season, would not only maintain its monstrous ratings -- but continue to grow.

It's no wonder then that Fox executives are planning on scheduling at least 45 hours of Idol -- and possibly more -- to take full advantage of their ratings powerhouse.

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Boston Legal renewed for a third season

by Bob Sassone, posted May 3rd 2006 1:03PM
Boston LegalIt doesn't get the best ratings on television, but it's a good show and has buzz, so ABC is giving Boston Legal a third season. Creator and writer David E. Kelley has another show coming up on ABC too, next year, titled Life On Mars.

You know, I've never seen one episode of Boston Legal, even though I watched a few eps of The Practice (until it got a little silly), I'm from the Boston area, and I'm a big fan of both James Spader and William Shatner. Weird.

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Kelley says good morning, maybe

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 12th 2005 11:53AM

I'm not the biggest fan of David E. Kelley, but I'm sure he's too busy counting his stacks of money and making love to Michelle Pfeiffer to care about my opinion, so I'll just mention to any of his fans that might be reading this that he has a new show in the very early planning stages. All we know so far is that it's a comedy/drama that takes place behind the scenes of a morning show. This comes in the wake of his latest show, The Law Firm, being shifted from NBC to Bravo. 

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NBC moves The Law Firm to Bravo

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 9th 2005 2:00PM

Have you watched this show? NBC is moving the remaining six episodes over to Bravo. The article below says that they haven't found a time slot for it yet, but Bravo's site has a schedule here.

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